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Open Letter To FOGTS

Dear Len,
With respect to your recent note, I would suggest to include the Christian right in your target group, in particular those who do not believe in evolution. Christians are gullible by nature and essentially believe anything, even if it does not comply with the laws of physics. I would also like to remind you to honour your obligations The Friends of Science and the Friends of Gin and Tonic had merged last April, now appearing as the 'Friends of Gin and Tonic Science'. We would like you to use this name for your group.

Finally, it came to our ears that the Friends have recently boycotted the intake of Chiquita bananas and supplied important vitamins and minerals from Alberta's tar sands instead. Some of them show severe signs of scurvy. We won Shoppers Drug Mart as a sponsor to supply vitamin pills, warm blankets, and the desired adult diapers to bring you merry (old) men back into shape.

Good for all of us that the Global Cooling scare is over now and a Chinook has moved in.

Derek Schweinsgruber, PhD