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May Day: FoGT parades Calgary Red Square

The world communist government, representatives of the IPCC, the left wing of the Calgary Chamber of Commerce, the Dumb-Waiters' Union of the Calgary Petroleum Club, and the Friends of Gin & Tonic organized a spectacular 1st of May parade downtown Calgary. An enthusiastic crowd of 50,000 Red Necks along the Red Mile painted the town red.
The parade terminated at Olympic Red Square in a political exchange.

Main speaker was Anatoli Smirnoff, gold medal winner of the 1980 Summer Olympics in Moscow, on 'Exploitation of workers in Russian liquor factories: Ist gin the new vodka'?

Our socialist brothers, the Friends of Science (FoS), were conspicuously absent. According to rumours, they were seen collectively at the 'Obama Spartacus' wellness centre in Banff, recovering from their war in Absurdistan.

Yes, we all like the collective!