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New York City Artsiefartsies paint Alarmist Picture

The Museum of Modern Art (MoMa) in New York City currently shows projected sea level rises until 2100 in real-size (click woman’s butt to enlarge picture). This constitutes a problem for most climate change deniers as they have never been to a museum, let alone one that exhibits modern art (other than paintings of golf courses, railways or mountains, or of golf courses with railways and mountains; the MoMa is a long subway ride away from the climate science district Wall Street). Are artsiefartsies scientists and therefore part of the IPCC conspiracy or are they not? A few hundred meters away from MoMa, John Lennon was assassinated, one of the fathers of the UN World Socialist Government. John would have certainly been a ‘believer’ in so-called science. John was also reported to have visited MoMa. This combination of facts unambiguously proves that the projected sea level rises were invented in order to boost the slumping sales of Beatles records. Home taping is killing music! Home science is killing denial!

Remains one question: did John Lennon really father Lord Monckton - in a passionate ad hominem (or even a tergo) attack on Ayn Rand? To the best of our knowledge, the Friends of Science commissioned Nicola Scafetta, who resolved this: it was not John Lennon, it was not Ayn Rand, no it was the sun. Always the sun! Lord Monckton originated as a natural hippie! Hip to be square!

Sometimes we really have it up to here!