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Geophysics is a broad discipline that includes atmospheric and planetary physics, as well as the more engineering-like aspects of geophysical evaluations and mapping. The latter are commonly assumed to be the entire practice of geophysics.

When our provincial act placed geophysical practice under the auspices of APEGGA, the Association was mandated to protect the public from unprofessional and unskilled practice over the entire spectrum of geophysical endeavours. This includes atmospheric physics, and therefore APEGGA is mandated to verify that none of its members have exceeded their knowledge base and presented false information to the government on climate.

Measurements of outgoing longwave radiation made by weather satellites since their launch in late 1978 clearly demon- strate that the enhanced greenhouse effect from CO emissions never actually existed as claimed by the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change. Yet this claim was used to drive Alberta Government policy.

Essentially the entire claim that CO emissions from fossil fuels cause global warming is false. The models were driven by a CO forcing parameter designed to produce at least six times
more warming than is physically possible. The climate change issue is not trivial. Governments are wasting billions of dollars on completely worthless projects such as carbon capture and storage because of policies based on false information. APEGGA needs to examine its role in this climate issue and whether it is properly informed on matters of climate to prop- erly fulfill its mandate of protecting the public from false science.

Most APEGGA members are unaware that global warming ended over a decade ago, and that the best fit linear trend of global temperature shows that the Earth has been cooling since 2002, in spite of a 24percent increase in CO emissions from fossil fuels. Any professional member of APEGGA who actively supported initiatives to stop global warming in the past nine years is, in my opinion, in breach of professional practice and ethics. But since APEGGA itself is in breach of its own mandate to protect the public, how can these people be disciplined?

If APEGGA is to include the practice of geophysics under its professional mandate, we need a proper definition of geophysical practice that only includes aspects of geophysics that are appropriately related to engineering practice. This definition should exclude the other aspects of this discipline from regulation by APEGGA.