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Friends of Science deny Canadian Postal Strike

End the postal strike
Re: "Opposition slams Tories for intervening in strike," June 22.
The right to strike was a long, hard-fought-for privilege, but with this privilege comes the responsibility to only use this drastic measure when it is necessary and never as leverage for negotiating frivolous improvements to a viable working contract to the detriment of the average Canadian.

If the past contract was good enough for the postal workers, very little would have changed to necessitate any improvement in the contract that would justify this strike.

The average person who does not work for the government and depends on a reliable postal service, does not have the luxury of a pension and must actually save for retirement, but the postal strike negatively affects these workers' ability to earn because income is inextricably tied to the mail service.

If the issue is so important that postal workers deem it necessary to strike, they should just quit the post office with all its benefits and work in the real world, and let those working in the real world happily take over these jobs based on the previous contract.

The government should not only put an end to this strike by whatever means possible, but should charge the union for the millions that this strike costs the Canadian economy.

Putting people first instead of pandering to unions is a socialist ideal, but somehow, the opposition is more concerned about union support than the Canadian population in spite of their socialist leanings.

Norm Kalmanovitch, Calgary

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Schweinsgruber says: Kalmanovitch, Director of the Friends of Science, returns in great shape from LaLa Land and shines once again with his incoherent garble. The only thing that is clear from between the lines is that he supports a far right-wing agenda, while not knowing the difference between socialist and social. More recent nonsense newspaper science of his is here and here.