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People who purchased the Cold Sun also purchased…I

People who purchased the Cold Sun also purchased…'The Lie Of The Climate Catastrophy…and how the state exploits us with that'

Schweinsgruber says: 'Time that the government stops exploiting us with climate lies - the question is, which government! The communist world government?'

Short Description
According to the survey 70% of all Germans through systematic scare tactics over a looming climate catastrophe are frightened. Anyone who recognizes, however, that the underlying assets of this alleged disaster are mostly fake, can reduce their fears. This is the meaning of this book. Bachmann discovered as a result of facts that the entire structure, which is to support the climate crisis, is one of lies. Constructed of the highest international air authorities down to the provincial governments. After Dekuvrierung these facts, the author goes to the question: CUI BONO? Who benefits from this? He meets with criminal activity. This book is not only an economic and political thriller, but also a demonstration of how to manipulate and unscrupulous exploiters of selfish economic and political scare people and to exploit them.