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Traditional Allies re-united in Australian Election Campaign

In recent days the climate change denialists spokesmen for persecuted scientists have been joined in the Australian election campaign by their traditional allies, the tobacco industry, in running advertising campaigns attacking the government.

A spokesman for the denialists innovative scientists said that he was delighted to have the tobacco people on board for this election campaign. "We have learnt so much from these folk over the years, that it didn't seem the same without them."

He went on to say that Australian denial now reflects the efficiencies of combined denial, shiningly illustrated by the
Heartland Institute in promoting tobacco in tandem with denying the greenhouse effect. It is very helpful to campaign against action on ETS, interchanging between "emissions trading scheme" and "environmental tobacco smoke".

Among the leaders in these twin campaigns are scientists such as S. Fred Singer. In between his work for the tobacco industry, Singer wrote the book Unstoppable Global Warming Every 1500 years which identifies the present as near the middle of about 750 years of natural warming trend. Singer also was part of the Heartland Institute team that explained to Australian Senator Steve Fielding how the earth is cooling, leading the Senator to vote against Australia's proposed carbon trading scheme.

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