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FoGT Blog irregular Posting in September

Dear fellow climate change denier, dear FoGT follower,

During the month of September, FoGT’s webmaster has followed an invitation by the World Communist Government (WCG) to discuss the possibility of a ceasefire with Greenpeace and other conspiracy terrorists that attempt to redistribute the wealth of the hard working North American suburbanites following the drastic inflation of church and property taxes. For this purpose, he has travelled to the central Asian Republic of Albertistan. Since the WGC headquarters and its many departments are located in tents without electricity, internet connection, and online trading access, the timing of FoGT’s blog posting will be somewhat erratic as it can only be performed from the capital Beddbuug.

In the meantime, you may dig a bit in our blog. There are many interesting articles buried that are still very current. A good starting point is here:

FoGT will be back with their regular postings by the end of the month.

The Webmaster