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Friend of Science strikes back

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SEPTEMBER 26, 2011

Re: "Drought on Scientists " Letter, Sept. 20.

Jurgen Kraus criticizes Tom Harris because he is an engineer and not a climatologist, thus claiming he is not an authority in climate science.

Sorry, but engineers are much more capable of studying, learning and understanding complex technical and scientific information than are most politicians, especially those named Al Gore.

Len Maier, Calgary

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Schweinsgruber says: Len Maier is yet another retired engineer from the Friends of Science. He maintains their other climate change denial site climate change 101. Len is living proof for the inability of engineers to follow through a consequent argument: because engineers, in his opinion, are able to comprehend complicated scientific relationships better than politicians, non-expert Harris becomes an expert. Len proves here impressively that engineers are NOT capable of studying, learning, and understanding complex technical and scientific information. Let alone of creating such…