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FoS at GeoCanada 2010: Correct the Abstract!

While none of the FoGT-submitted abstracts to the GeoCanada 2010 (Calgary, 10-14 May) were accepted, Norm Kalmanovitch of our sister organisation Friends of Science (FoS) is scheduled to speak in the session 'Cimate Change Through Time'. Read More...

CSPG pulls Hutton pdf from Website

The CSPG removed the public link to Dr. A. Neil Hutton's opus 'Climate Change' from their website, possibly in response to our suggestion of submitting it to a peer-reviewed journal, or because of a conspiracy of so-called scientists in their left wing. Read More...

The Empire Strikes Back

Congratulations on your new group. You will find plenty of friends in the Chamber of Commerce and in the Petroleum Club.
- M of B

The Viscount Monckton of Brenchley
Carie, Rannoch, Scotland, PH17 2QJ

The Friends of Science iPhone App 1.0

  • Measure your blood pressure
  • Clean golf balls
  • Calculate the local urban heat island effect
  • Image viewer: display medieval travel maps of Greenland

Out of Context: from the FoGT Mailbag

"Outstanding!  Everyone around here seems to be cheering for Bayern Munich, too." -- R.A., Penn State

"Your message could not be delivered" --
Stefan Rahmstorff, PIK Potsdam

"Wow- funny!" -- Mike Bonanno, the Yes Men [We love the Yes Men] Read More...

4th Intern. Conference on Science Alarmism

The 4th International Conference on Science Alarmism will be held on May 16-18 at the Heatland Institute, Chicago, Illinois. Book your Greyhound tickets now! Read More...

FoGT Australia: Global Singing for Ian Plimer

Our denial competitor Ian Plimer claims in his book 'Heaven and Earth' that the environmental religion has no music. We were not sure and asked our Australian chapter to write a text that goes with the melody to the left. The FoGT Bourbon Tabernacle Choir will get together in Calgary this weekend, drink too much Gin & Tonic, record the song, and post the mp3 here. Dear disciples and fellow deniers! We kindly ask you to do the same. Take your ipod or voice recorder, sing this song, and send us your recording. We are looking forward to a global choir. Push the button and try it out!

Stand By Your Scam
(from Friends of Gin & Tonic, Australia. 26/4/10)

Sometimes it's hard denying warming
Giving all your love to just one scam
You'll claim it's cooled
And hope that someone's fooled
Make it seem to hard to understand
Confuse the climate with the weather
Your stories needn't fit together
And when you get attacks
Oh just reverse the facts
'Cause after all it's just a scam

TimBall Wizzard Audio on DesMogBlog

We would like to draw your attention to a link at DesMogBlog, our warmist colleagues from the other side of the Canadian Cordillera. Read More...

Global Warming in England and Wales

From the compositions of Ken Gregory, FoS:

Warming [in England and Wales] is Good for Your Health Read More...

Spaced Out: Nimoy, Monckton

Leonard Nimoy beamed down to Alberta this weekend, highly advertized on national TV. First he visited the town of Vulcan and told the locals to "live long and prosper". Read More...

Hookergate haunts FoGT President!

Not even a week old, FoGT is facing their first scandal. Schweinsgruber's hairdresser of 9 years was arrested for running a common bawdy house. Says Schweinsgruber: "I knew she was rubbing me the wrong way". Romney-Hughes was not affected as he changed hairdresser after losing his hair completely, only returning occasionally for 'Senior's & Special Day' every Tuesday. Delicately, Romney-Hughes still holds a prepaid relaxation massage voucher. Read More...

More FoGT Executive

FoGT are pleased to announce an addition to their executive. Phylis Jones, a former sex kitten, is taking on the position of heat technician. Brighton Early, a former Pentecoastal preacher, presently in Rio de Janeiro, will be the director at Large, mainly focusing on public relations issues. For more details, see here!

FoGT on Facebook

We have received many letters in our young history, some of them asking how to leave comments on this blog. Well, science is not opinion and, as we know from newspapers, every idiot has an opinion. So we thought we'd enjoy our monopoly on wisecrack comments. Read More...

The Calgary Hockey Stick

On the first day of FoGT's website's pre-release, our fellow global warming deniers created their own hockey stick. It shows "unprecedented" website usage for the last day or so, says Michaela Mann, FoGT's rink manager! This shows that global warming in Calgary is real and that there is no need for new taxes. Thank you for your visit!


New: RSS Feed

We added RSS Feed to this blog (see button to the left). However, we are not entirely sure what it does. If you find it out, please let us know.

RSS Feed



Inaugural Breakfast

The Friends of Gin & Tonic (FoGT) launched themselves into their very own orbits in Calgary this morning with their legendary inaugural Gin & Tonic Literary Breakfast. The photo shows a selection of the 450 peer-reviewed gins books that prove that climate change is a hoax. The G&T breakfast will be a daily event from now on. "Gin & Tonic is so much more than just a breakfast drink" slurred Dr. Romney-Hughes, FoGT's director. "The photo is a hoax, there's no tonic in the picture" barked von Monckhausen, director of scientific content, from underneath the table. We learn: Always check your facts! Read More...

Monckton debunked Part II

Dear Schweinsgruber
                Many thanks for the video. And now what about Al Gore ?
                                                                                                               Douglas [Leahey]

Lord Monckton debunked Part I

Barba non facit Philosophum, Lord Monckton!


Letter to Dr. Chris de Freitas

[We have not received an answer by Dr. de Freitas]

Dear Dr. de Freitas,
In a recent paper by McLean et al. (2009)  it is claimed that climate change is largely triggered by SOI (Southern Oscillation Index). You are the second author. But you are also a scientific advisor to the "Friends of Science (FoS)" in Calgary. The FoS claim on their website... Read More...

Letter to Dr. Patrick Michaels, Cato Institute

[We have not received an answer by Dr. Michaels]

Dear Dr. Michaels,

RE: recent satellite temperature trends of the lower atmosphere

Letter to the Friends of Science

Dear Friends of Science,
The banner of your website contains an alleged statement of Sir John Houghton, the first chairperson of the IPCC.

Letter to Dr. S. Fred Singer (with short answer)

Actual letter in blue, submitted per web form. Short answer by Dr. Singer in grey, squeezed in between paragraphs.

Sehr geehrter Herr Dr. Singer,
I am wondering about recent global temperature trends.  Here a link to Dr. Spencer's most recent satellite data:

My Calgary colleagues of the Friends of Science (FoS;, claim that the earth has been cooling since 2002. They even advertised this cooling in recent radio ads. The FoS base this on a T-t plot similar to Dr. Spencer's. The difference is that theirs constitutes the average between the two principal satellite data sets (UAH, Remote Sensing LTD). While there is essentially no difference between the two, I cannot see the 0.12 C drop since 2002 claimed by the FoS. In fact, T has been shooting up recently and the long-term trend since 1979 is also clearly up. The period between 2002 and 2007 is simply a high plateau,

that's a possible interpretation, consistent with the accuracy of the data set Read More...

Letter to Dr. Roy Spencer, University of Alabama

[We have not received an answer by Dr. Spencer]

Dear Dr. Spencer,

RE: recent UAH satellite temperature trends of the lower atmosphere

Letter to the Friends of Science

Dear Friends of Science,
Please have a look a the latest satellite data from UAH: