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Majority of Albertans are Religious Believers

Schweinsgruber says: the majority obviously disagrees with Danielle Smith's position on climate change - therefore the majority of Albertans must be pseudo-religious believers. Although that is steadily becoming less convincing! And while this idiot claims renewable energy is causing misery in Ontario, it has created 300,000 jobs in Germany, where the economy is doing just fine.


Don Braid states that Danielle Smith's position on climate change was a major factor in Wildrose's poor showing. He says "her stance would have fixed Alberta's image in prehistoric stone." Possibly Braid is right, since the well-financed propaganda from the climate alarmists and the media's stance have successfully cast skeptics as unscientific right-wing nuts.

Unfortunately for Smith, as an intelligent, principled individual, she is aware of the large amount of scientific data not supporting man-made climate change, and to her detriment, made the blasphemous statement that "the science is not settled."

Science is not about consensus, nor is it ever settled. The evidence for any significant man-made global warming is
steadily becoming less convincing, because of the lack of temperature increases in the last 12 years, and a much better correlation indicated between solar changes with the Earth's climate changes than due to increased CO2 in the atmosphere.

Man-made climate change has become a
pseudo-religious movement in that man has sinned by burning fossil fuels, whose continued use will destroy the world. This is why skepticism, a basic driving force of scientific endeavour, cannot be tolerated by the believers and the skeptics cast as odious deniers.

Meanwhile, the renewable energy bandwagon has
created large financial deficits and unemployment in Ontario, Britain and Spain.

We need politicians like Smith to speak up on climate science before the world is thrown into an-other recession.

Roger Edmunds, Calgary

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Climate Change Denial voted out of Alberta

Flat Tires
Wildrose Leader Danielle Smith always said that she takes her marching orders from the voters. Looks like the voters have given her clear direction — keep on marching, Danielle and the Wildrose, until you exit stage right.

Monday night’s return of a Tory majority to government should be taken as a sobering message for the Wildrose as they regroup for their post-mortem: the vast majority of Albertans aren’t interested in seeing their government run by a bunch of far right-wing ideologues. The Dani-dollars? No thank you, Albertans said, we’d rather see that money spent on infrastructure, health and education — things that benefit all of us — rather than stuff $300 into our pockets for selfish use. Albertans are not the I’m-OK-Jack types the Wildrose counted on them being. They refused to bite at the Dani-dollar bait; instead, they have a collective sense of caring for each other and of wanting to spread the wealth around so that everyone benefits from services.

Climate Change Denier to lead Province

Schweinsgruber says: The Canadian province of Alberta is about to elect the world's first government that officially denies climate change. If Danielle Smith comes to power on Monday 23 April, 2 billion dollars worth of in carbon capture projects will be cancelled. Simultaneously, alchemy will be reintroduced and bras will look like bus tires.

Earth Day: Danielle Smith, other prominent climate change deniers identified in Canada

By Andrew Radia

Ahead of Sunday's Earth Day, Alberta's Wildrose Alliance leader Danielle Smith has made headlines because of her views on the environment. Essentially, Smith, the front-runner in the race to become the province's next premier, isn't convinced climate change is real. According to the 
Edmonton Journal, she was forced to defend her position again at a leader's debate Thursday.
"We've been watching the debate in the scientific community, and there is still a debate," Smith said amid the deafening jeers from live audience.

"I will continue to watch the debate in the scientific community, but that's not an excuse not to act."
Believe it or not, Smith isn't the only right-leaning politician in Canada to discount the climate change hypotheses. In January,
Postmedia News 'outed' several deniers in the federal Conservative caucus. Read More...

Wildrose Listens to Top Scientist, Says Earth’s Shape ‘Not Settled’

HICKSVILLE, AB – In response to University of Alberta biologist David Schindler, who wondered if she believed the flat Earth debate is still going on, the woman leading a front-running party in Alberta's provincial election has cast doubt on the widely accepted scientific theory that the Earth is an oblate spheroid.

"We have always said the science isn't settled and we need to continue to monitor the debate," said Wildrose Party leader Danielle Smith. “Indeed, if scientists like Dr Schindler are using the word ‘debate’ in connection with the shape of the Earth, it’s obviously an open question.”

A Wildrose official confirmed Smith's statement reflects a longtime party policy, along with equivocation on other ‘theories’ like evolution and global warming.

Smith has always been coy about whether she believes anything but her own PR.

But during the ensuing discussion she said her party believes that not enough is known about geodesy.

In response to further questions about the level of internal agreement with her party’s official position, Smith said “Our party is open to people of all different backgrounds, and I’m not going to discriminate against anybody.” She added that thanks to the Wildrose Party’s conscience-rights plan, MLAs will be free to vote on legislation as their beliefs dictate, “as long as they recognize that if their beliefs are wrong, they will suffer the rest of eternity in the lake of fire”.

‘The lake of fire’ is believed to be a code-name for an oilsands tailings pit near Fort McMurray in which the Wildrose disposes of members who disobey party policy directives.

Progressive Conservative Leader Alison Redford was non-committal on the science.

But the Tory-led Alberta government has long officially accepted the science backing a spheroidal earth, as has the federal government. They are joined by the rest of Canada's provincial and territorial governments, the U.S. (except Fox News), Mexico, the European Union and the United Nations socialist world government organization.

Letter to Alberta’s Wildrose Party - A Better Use for CO2

Dear Danielle

We, the Friends of Gin and Tonic, are an Alberta organization that has been front & centre in the “healthy scientific debate as to the extent manmade emissions of CO2 are affecting global temperatures” that is mentioned in your party’s environment policy. Indeed, we have already highlighted that policy and your deputy leader Paul Hinman’s doubts about the “validity” of CO2 on our blog, which as a politician you would do well to note is much more popular than the Facebook page of our geriatric competitors, the so-called Friends of Science. We have also promoted your eye-catching campaign photograph.

We note that a key part of your party’s environment policy is abandonment of the current government’s
carbon capture and storage initiative, so that should the Wildrose become government in the upcoming Alberta provincial election, there’ll be not only plenty of money but plenty of CO2 to go around. We’re sure your science advisors will have alerted you to the recent publication of a method for the electro-microbial conversion of CO2 to alcohol. We have already applied our Albertan knack for innovation to this new discovery: in my colleague Dr Schweinsgruber’s garage, we are in the advanced stages of constructing a demonstration plant for the conversion of CO2 to high-quality gin.


We therefore welcome your intention to give tax breaks for environment-related R&D, which we trust would include the rental of additional garage space for enterprises such as ours; and we strongly urge you to extend those tax breaks to the products of such enterprises, as long as they are intended for home consumption. We acknowledge that some in your party’s Policy Committee will be disappointed that we are not producing that good old Albertan staple, rye whisky, and therefore might not be sympathetically inclined toward our new business. In response we would note that gin’s traditional accompaniment, tonic water, not only has
potential health benefits in a warming naturally changing climate, its absorbance spectrum is such that keeping it out of the atmosphere should be encouraged.

We think our proposal should find favour with your party, which is on record as
promoting alcohol consumption before driving (and driving of course produces CO2). However, if after due consideration our proposal is not seen as compatible with Wildrose policy, we hope that your Disciplinary Committee will not condemn us to suffer the rest of eternity in the lake of fire.

Dr Roger Romney-Hughes
Executive Director
Friends of Gin and Tonic


Nobody likes the Friends of Science

In their March 2012 newsletter, the notorious Friends of Science promote their new Facebook site. They appeal to their friends and family to 'like' them.


This resulted in a landslide increase from 36 to 38 'likers' between 26 March and today. And one talks about this…probably to himself. Read More...

People who purchased the Cold Sun also purchased…II

People who purchased the Cold Sun also purchased…'Red Lies in a Green Dress - the communist background of the environmental movement'.

Schweinsgruber says: 'More mental than environmental'.

Short Description
The policy objectives of the apocalyptic climate
No other issue dominates the public debate, the political process and especially the mass media coverage in recent years as much as the environmental and climate protection. Barrage Awesome, German citizens are reminded that the planet was facing a man-made climate catastrophe that could only be averted if the Western industrialized nations would take active steps to conserve energy, protect the environment and adopt an environmentally friendly lifestyle.

Letter to Canadian Environment Minister Peter Kent


Dear Minister Kent,

We were very pleased to read that one of the reasons for abolishing the venerable National Round Table on the Environment and the Economy in the recent budget is that today, more agreeable advice can be gained cheaper and faster on the internet. We, the Friends of Gin and Tonic, an internet scientific and alcoholic advisory group of just on 2 years standing, would be delighted to be among the oracles you consult.

In our brief but illustrious history, we have offered climate-related legal advice to famous climbertologist Lord Christopher Monckton and to the British Parliament. Among our many scientific innovations, we have uncovered the influence of climate change on the performance of the Toronto Maple Leafs, developed new statistical techniques of fitting proper trends to temperature and other climate data, and demonstrated that marmots can predict climate better than expensive computers programmed by expensive ‘climate scientists’ (many of whom, despite being government employees, probably don’t vote Conservative). We have also promoted the favourable atmospheric effects of the energy mix in Prime Minister Harper’s (and our own) home province of Alberta, promoted ‘ethical asbestos’ to complement the oilsands producers’ ‘ethical oil’ campaign, and, not least, have reported your own glorious military victory against South Africa.

We’re certain that with such a distinguished record we will soon be among your most treasured advisors. We imagine that as a former journalist you, like Hunter S. Thompson, are more of a Wild Turkey man, but we would also be happy to provide recommendations for suitable refreshments to prepare you for those long sessions in the House (or, like Rob Anders, committee work). All we would ask in return is a small stipend to cover the gin required by the marmots. We expect this to be no more than the cost of a single one of Defence Minister Peter Mackay’s fishing trips. If this consideration is not forthcoming, we cannot be held responsible for any drunken marmots you might find running loose in your office and for the resulting damage to public property.

While we recognize that the interweb is fertile ground for those searching for policy advice to fit their particular prejudices, we would caution you against consulting it indiscriminately. In particular, we urge you to beware the charlatans of the Friends of Science, who these days are no longer Conservative supporters but vote for the Wildrose Alliance and who furthermore are promoters and distributors of the most egregious bullshit.

Dr Roger Romney-Hughes
Executive Director
Friends of Gin and Tonic