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Official Reanalysis demonstrates consistent Cooling of New Zealand since 1909

Official Reanalysis Demonstrates Consistent Cooling of New Zealand Since 1909

Nostalgic readers might fondly remember last November’s NIWAgate, little New Zealand’s very own miniature Climategate, in which our good Friends the New Zealand Climate Science Coalition, eager to get in on the action, accused the agency responsible for the country’s climate analysis of fudging the numbers. NZCSC ‘uncovered’ adjustments to the freely-available temperature data used to make up the country’s semi-official climate record and were outraged to discover that these adjustments made a warming trend out of what appeared to be no trend at all. That they chose to ignore station moves and equipment changes -- corresponding with the times of these adjustments and clearly documented in the accompanying metadata -- as “unremarkable” could perhaps have been seen as a flaw in their analysis, but it was nonetheless pounced upon by devious heroic politicians as evidence of a conspiracy in support of the contentious national emissions trading scheme. Read More...

Jaws of Denial

Denial Depot, our esteemed fellow skeptical climate denial blogger has a wonderful post , illustrating how alarmists scheme to manufacture scares, predatory fish in his chosen case. He shows how self-appointed experts, playing on our primal fears, jump to conclusions, ignore competing hypotheses and misrepresent evidence to promote their political agendas.

FoGT would add one more argument, based on concentrations. The biomass of marine fish is estimated at 800-2000 billion tonnes; let’s say 1.4x1012 kg. This mass can be divided by the mass of the oceans, approximately 1.4x1021 kg. This means that the fish concentration in the ocean is approximately 0.001 ppm. This should be compared with the concentration of CO2 in the atmosphere of 389 ppm—and they call that a trace gas! But it’s even worse: there are approximately 32,000 species of fish, among which only 360 are sharks and among those only four of those are anthropophagic. However you do the math, the concentration of man-eating fish in the ocean is dilute to a homeopathic degree and there is therefore no reason at all for us to suppose that sharks could in any way pose a threat.



The True Meaning of the Christmas Story

In Australia, opposition leader Tony Abbott has inadvertently revealed a deep secret the threatens the very basis of Catholicism. Mr. Abbott's comment that it was hotter in the time of Jesus was a veiled reference to a project aimed to prove this by analysing the tree rings in the true cross, once the fragments had been re-assembled. This was a particularly important paleo-record since the true cross represents a large sample covering many species of trees.

This effort to confirm the consistency of religion and Australian Liberal Party's
non-core science was seen as less ambitious than the comparable project of cloning from DNA in blood and skin from the nails of the cross, as described in Honk If You Are Jesus. [This is silly. If you want to clone Jesus, just use his lovingly conserved foreskin. Ed.] Read More...

Liberal Media Watchdog: Faux News E-mail Shows Network's Slant on Geodesy

Faux News Channel's top Washington editor ordered the network's
reporters to couple any mention of a spheroidal earth with skepticism
about the data underlying such a scientific conclusion, according to an
e-mail released by a liberal media-watchdog group Wednesday.

Flat-Earth

Climatologists cross examine Law and Economics

The Friends of Science Arts are getting desperate. One of their latest denial climatology literature recommendation includes a web release of a law school professor. Lord Monckton, leader of the Hitler Youth, would look professional next to him. In a related paper, climatologists investigate law and economics.



On Language: 1 - Denial Denial

As well as confusing the scientific and political debate, greenhouse denial is really messing with the English language [above and beyond the traditional role of the USA - Ed.].

Climate change has thrown up the phenomenon of "
non-sceptical sceptics". This language reversal follows the fictional path blazed by George Orwell in describing the Ministry for Truth, with life promptly imitating literature in the democratic creation of the Deutsche Demokratische Republik. Further complicating things is that denialists don't like being called "denialist". This is just the normal modesty that is common in innovative movements. Communist nations didn't like being called communist. While often naming themselves "democratic", as a group they preferred to be known as "Centrally Planned Economies" [Centrally Mismanaged Economies might be more accurate, but that is a story for another time - Ed]. Read More...

Wildrose Alliance Maintains Quality of Conservative Science in Alberta Political Debate

On November 1, Alberta’s Progressive Conservative government (no, it’s not a joke name, and many of them live in Valley Ridge) introduced Bill 24, the Carbon Capture and Storage Statutes Amendment Act, into the provincial legislature. The bill aims to clarify that subsurface pore space into which CO2 is injected and stored is owned by the Province, who will monitor all storage sites and perform any necessary remediations using a new fund levied from CCS operators. The bill goes hand in hand with the government’s Carbon Capture & Storage Initiative, under which $2B has been earmarked to subsidize corporate carbon storage projects -- the biggest government-funded CCS scheme anywhere.

Like climate science, Bill 24 has in its passage through the legislature been subject to much debate -- a lot of it of similar quality. Although the provincial Liberals cautiously support CCS,
they argue that the bill places a potentially large liability on Alberta taxpayers and complain that it takes away landowners’ property rights (although they neglect to mention that whatever originally filled the pore spaces the government now says it owns was never the property of the landowners in the first place). Much more opprobrium has come from the new faorce in Alberta politics, the Wildrose Alliance. Read More...