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All quiet on the Western Front

It has been quiet on this blog lately simply because the alarmists are presently hibernating. Many alarmists, i.e. people who are paranoid that world communism/a world government/socialized health care are threatening North American rednecks’ all our individual wealth greed, and whose absolute human rights are threatened by compromises (through others claiming human rights, too), have left their senior citizen homes and migrated down south for the winter. Our blog writers used the time off to blow some CO2 by travelling to SE Asia and central America to check the effects of global warming climate change. For example, the lower limit of the cloud forest in central America is moving upwards, and if it is lifting above the central mountain ranges the moisture will not reach the land anymore as the clouds will rain off farther out, that is over the ocean. And so goes the rain forest, which eats plant food (CO2). But since global warming climate change is merely a hypothesis, we should not take action. We have presently so much plant food but not enough eaters...a classic natural food bank but no poor people, more so than a Calgary suburb. Read More...

2011 Almanach pt.1

2011 Almanac
January: The Canadian Journal of Earth Sciences debuts publishing climate change denial with a contribution by Greg Loehle and Fred Singer.

The Friends of Science, Calgary’s notorious spin doctors, stop asking their website visitors to listen to their new radio ads as November 2009 is long gone, while ignoring another La Nina in their 10 year climate trend. An anonymous liberal drops off a bucket of Kentucky Fried Chicken at the Friends of Science’s headquarters. Two friends die from stroke, three more from heart attacks. Only one survives.

Lord Monckton is caught in flagranti in an airport washroom with National Post correspondent Lorne Gunter. Both gentlemen deny the accusations and win the debate with the police officers. They decide to run their own blog called The Climate Scum. Denial Depot has its annual spring sale: Lord Monckton acquires a new tea cosy and Dr. Roy Spencer another doctorate. Steffi McImtiresome and Rose McKritik come finally out as a bunch of dykes. Not good in an ultraconservative environment. Keith Briffa starts dating the rings around Uranus and Raymond Pierrehumbert answers his first email from FoGT. Read More...

E pluribus unum

The declaration of independence from the historic Lisbon Conference:

Judith Curry deserves to become known as the Founding Mother of the United Skeptics of Alarmism. For a while, her she
fooled the red-coat alarmist occupiers of the consensus that her offer of a parlay was an attempt to negotiate a cease-fire between the two sides. Instead it was a ruse de guerre that rallied the yeomen of the oppressed colonies, bringing together lukewarmers, magical thinkers, iron-sun theorists, ocean-oscillation promoters, photographers of tarmac and air-conditioning vents, venal billionaires, curmudgeons, principle-component-analysis obsessives, high-discount-rate advocates and one-world-government paranoids into a More Perfect Union. Read More...

Monckton Admits Defeat, Releases New Logo


Lord Monckton surrenders the field. The world is ours! (Due Feb 8 in Canada).