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People who purchased the Cold Sun also purchased…I

People who purchased the Cold Sun also purchased…'The Lie Of The Climate Catastrophy…and how the state exploits us with that'

Schweinsgruber says: 'Time that the government stops exploiting us with climate lies - the question is, which government! The communist world government?'

Short Description
According to the survey 70% of all Germans through systematic scare tactics over a looming climate catastrophe are frightened. Anyone who recognizes, however, that the underlying assets of this alleged disaster are mostly fake, can reduce their fears. This is the meaning of this book. Bachmann discovered as a result of facts that the entire structure, which is to support the climate crisis, is one of lies. Constructed of the highest international air authorities down to the provincial governments. After Dekuvrierung these facts, the author goes to the question: CUI BONO? Who benefits from this? He meets with criminal activity. This book is not only an economic and political thriller, but also a demonstration of how to manipulate and unscrupulous exploiters of selfish economic and political scare people and to exploit them.


The Little Ice Age around the World

The Daily Mail predicts a new little ice age. FoGT reviews the previous of this global event.

The little ice age in London, England
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The Cold Sun continues to misrepresent Data

The Cold Sun blog continues to equate long-term and short-term trends, i.e. apples and oranges. But: a single stair is not a whole staircase, friends. Hey, and the uppermost stair gives you a better view than the lowermost one.


We can do that, too. Here our reinterpretation:


We conclude:
  • The Nazis, not the sun, stabilized Germany's climate in the early 20th century
  • This stable period lasted for approximately 1000 years and explains the Nordic race farming Greenland
  • The Nazis concluded that CO is the more effective greenhouse gas compared to CO2
  • The bombing of Germany resulted in a steep cooling trend through the emission of particles into the atmosphere
  • Weaker cooling trends in Germany resulted from subsequent bombings of more distal regions (Korea, Vietnam, etc.)
  • Recent cooling is related to the re-unification of Germany (with a ten-year lag), all caused by cosmic rays related to the destruction of Alderaan


Denial generates Hockey Sticks in Canada

hockey stick

The hockey stick has been subject to a long controversy. The recent book "Die kalte Platte" (the cold platter") "Die kalte Sonne" (The cold sun) not only shows that the hockey stick exists, it is also responsible for its generation. That's right: climate change denial generates hockey sticks. Here an example: this hockey stick appeared by itself in the last two days following our coverage of the book. No surprise here, after all we are located in Canada, the land of ice hockey.

The Cold Sun now in English

Here the English version of the German denial book that presently generates big waves. Kind of English!

Vahrenholt's Long Denial: How the World gets Fritzled

Germany is being shattered by a climate change denial book "Der kalte Bauer" (the dry cum stain)" Die kalte Sonne" (the cold sun). The two main hypotheses are that the sun is mainly responsible for climate change and that the earth is presently cooling and has done so for the last 14 years. Nothing new here, the authors are just jumping onto the denial bandwaggon, they are "Trittbrett fahring". But Vahrenholt has a long history of denying which goes back to the 1970s. Let's review it.

wood76vahrFritz Vahrenholt 1975: The earth has been cooling for 10 years. Read More...

The Cold Sun is (C)old Coffee: An Open Letter to John Cook and Sebastian Lüning

An open letter to:
John Cook, co-author of "Climate Change Denial - IPCC proximal"
Sebastian Lüning, co-author of "Climate Change Denial - IPCC distal"

Dear Gentlemen,
We, the Friends of Gin and Tonic are concerned about you two plagiarizing our ideas in support of your agendas. It came to our eyes and ears that you use our T-t trend manipulation technique to deceive the Australian and German public on the reality of climate change.



Climate Change Denial Book rocks Germany

Is the Cold Sun (Die Kalte Sonne) a Lukewarm Copycat of North-American/Australian Climate Change Denial?

Guest chapters by old friends Scafetta and Svensmark predict the same old same old...

Schweinsgruber says: We need more brave hobby researchers challenging the broad body of climate science with zombie arguments from the ultra right wing echo chamber

Rollt eine wissenschaftliche Sensation auf Deutschland zu? Nimmt man ernst, was die beiden RWE -Manager Fritz Vahrenholt und Sebastian Lüning in ihrem neuen Buch zum Klimawandel behaupten, dann müssen zumindest in den Umwelt- und Klimawissenschaften mehrere Jahrzehnte Forschungsgeschichte neu geschrieben werden. Nach jahrelanger Arbeit haben die beiden Freizeitforscher herausgefunden: Die Erderwärmung ist zum Stillstand gekommen. Falsch, so die Autoren, sei auch der Kernbefund der weltweiten Forschungscommunity, vom Menschen emittierte Treibhausgase wie Kohlendioxid führten zu einem gefährlichen Klimawandel.