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Valhalla Consensus: Majority of Gods prepared to let Humanity destroy the Earth

In a hard-argued consensus statement, the first ever divine gathering announced that they were prepared to let humanity destroy the Earth. This countered an earlier unilateral announcement from Jehova through his earthly representative John Shimkus. Through congressman Shimkus, Jehova had claimed that (a) only Jehova and not humanity was capable of destroying the Earth, and (b) Jehova was not going to do so.

Both these propositions were refudiated at GoDS-1 (The first Gathering of Deities & Spirits, which was held at Valhalla under the Framework Convention on Celestial Cataclysms). GoDS-1 was larger then expected due to new members of AOSIS (Association of Small Indigenous Spirits). Many former nature gods have been
released from colonial disenfranchisement after spending centuries re-badged as Catholic Saints. However those former nature Gods who remain as folk saints were denied voting rights at GoDS-1. Read More...

2010 in Review

USA/The World
The lack of distinction between "the world" and "the USA" [think World Series baseball, Ed.] continues, with 1934 still being the hottest year on record in USA-world. This cosmopolitanism is being ably continued into 2011 by the good people at Watts Up WithThat.

The relevance of our local denier brothers the Friends of Science continued on its headlong path as their earth is cooling graph started during 2010 to show warming. We expect them to change its title shortly before they disband. FoS geophysicist Norm Kalmanovitch has continued to outdo himself in letters to the Calgary Herald and comedy spots at conferences, where he has entertained us by humorously denying not only radiative physics but also conduction and buoyancy.
Canadian denialism became mainstream with the emergence of the Wildrose
Brewery Alliance and its increasing prominence .

CO2 Denial vs. a great big new old Tax

In Australia, opposition leader Tony Abbott has repeatedly described government proposals for CO2 reduction as a great big new tax. While Mr Abbott has repudiated such a tax, up till now he has: (a) failed to appreciate that it is not a new tax idea; (b) neglected the opportunity to repudiate [or maybe refudiate, Ed.] CO2.
The way to a broader truth has come from Abbott's Alberta soulmates in the Wildrose Alliance. Paul Hinman, spokesman for the Wildrose Brewery Alliance has called for a world-class research department that looks at the validity of CO2.

Querying the validity of CO
2 is one of the greatest paradigm shifts of recent decades. To check this out, we need to go back to the original science of CO2, applying real scepticism and superficial research. [Like the denialists, superficial research is what we denial sceptics do best. We just link to wikipedia, unlike serious researchers such as Wegman, Scott and Said who make the scholarly effort to copy from wikipedia and even insert a word or two of their own. Ed.]. Read More...