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Petro Engineers in Climatology Pt. 1

Well, we announced it, our new series on the ignorance of engineers. Here it is...

the Peg, April 2010

The climate is ever-changing — always has been, always will be (1). Everyone has a bias (2), which is simply human nature. This is exactly why we postulate hypothesises (3) to test our thoughts. Such testing should be performed without emotions (4) . Some choose to believe (5) man is to blame for many of Earth's natural changes and attritions. Because they lack proof of their hypothesis (6), they resort to political pressure and name calling (deniers, Flat Earthers, etc.). They play to human emotions (guilt, pity, scare tactics). All of this is intended to persuade others to acquiesce and accept their unproven, ideologically prescribed remedies (7). Read More...

Global Inquisition into Spanish Warming

We skeptical deniers are now well used to the totalitarian tactics of the Stasi/Gestapo agents of the CAGW alarmists. Nobody, however, expected the Spanish Inquisition.

A recent article published in the
Proceedings of the National Academy of Science is based on the obsessive work of the shadowy Toronto-based activist Jim Prall who keeps a blacklist of climate scientists who dare question the AGW articles of faith. Prall and his coauthors categorize scientists as either “convinced” or “unconvinced” by the evidence of AGW. How does he arrive at making such loaded judgments? By raking through the muck of published petitions and looking for incriminating signatures, that’s how. Prall’s simplistic logic is that if someone expresses an opinion publically and in writing and then never retracts it, then that somehow reveals what they actually think. Hitherto unpublished citizen-scientist Prall even has the gall to categorize the distinguished Roger Pielke Sr as “unconvinced”. Contrast this, if you can, with the humble and respectful tone that Steve McIntyre adopts when he refers to “The Team”. Read More...

FIFA World Cup: Climate Change Denier denies English Goal

Uruguayan referee Larrionda, a known climate change denier and honorary member of the Friends of Science, denied England this clear goal against Germany at the FIFA world cup in South Africa. Read More...

Watts deposes Australian PM, scores Own-Goal

As reported here, radio weatherman and denialist blogger extraordinaire Anthony Watts is currently touring Australia in support of a new political party: the Climate Sceptics Party (where can we join!?). As has been widely reported, our Australian sk/ceptic siblings have been lobbying hard against their government’s proposed emissions trading scheme, with some success: it was indefinitely postponed by PM Kevin Rudd in April, to the delight of all right-thinking people (i.e., all the candidates in the Climate Sceptics) and the opposition Liberal-National coalition (Liberal-National = conservative, but two short words are easier for Australians than one long one), after stalling in the Senate thanks to the efforts of great statesmen like creationist Steve Fielding. Recently, Rudd’s Labor (Australians can’t spell Labour) government announced a hefty tax increase on mining companies, and its popularity, already hit by the ETS backdown, suffered another blow. We deniers hate taxes. Plainly, something had to change. Read More...

New York City Artsiefartsies paint Alarmist Picture

The Museum of Modern Art (MoMa) in New York City currently shows projected sea level rises until 2100 in real-size (click woman’s butt to enlarge picture). This constitutes a problem for most climate change deniers as they have never been to a museum, let alone one that exhibits modern art (other than paintings of golf courses, railways or mountains, or of golf courses with railways and mountains; the MoMa is a long subway ride away from the climate science district Wall Street). Are artsiefartsies scientists and therefore part of the IPCC conspiracy or are they not? A few hundred meters away from MoMa, John Lennon was assassinated, one of the fathers of the UN World Socialist Government. John would have certainly been a ‘believer’ in so-called science. John was also reported to have visited MoMa. This combination of facts unambiguously proves that the projected sea level rises were invented in order to boost the slumping sales of Beatles records. Home taping is killing music! Home science is killing denial! Read More...

Deniers' War in Calgary: Spy vs Spy

Calgary is presently battered by a war between deniers, waged ferociously through newspaper science in the Calgary Herald. And guess who is one of the main protagonists? Yes, no one less than our friend Norm Kalmanovitch, the guy with the fuzzy GeoCanada 2010 abstract. The key question is: is an ocean like a bucket or like a bathtub? This gives FoGT the opportunity to step in and take over control on the collection of protection money from the oil companies. FoGT says: two half-wits yield one dim wit. The two half wits are featured below.



Misunderestimating the Urban Heat Island Effect!


The 'urban heat island' (UHI) effect refers to the fact that many temperature measurement sites are located in cities. These locations are generally warmer than the surrounding countryside. This effect is maximised in the Republican Bible Belt of the continental United States owing to additional heat-generating factors: steaming anger expressed in townhall meetings, overheated unprotected sex between unmarried teenagers, friction by fingers gliding along rosaries during extended prayer, overusage of large pickup trucks in drive throughs, and the absorption of solar radiation by unprotected human necks. Many of the surface measurement stations are located improperly, enhancing this effect and hence falsifying the global temperature record of the United States. The above picture was taken in Marysville, Ca. (near Jesustown).


New Series: (Petro) Engineers in Climatology

What is the difference between engineers and scientists? The mocker might say: engineers are scientists but without the originality and imagination. Scientists think outside the box the engineers are living in. Engineers rely on equations which they look up in books. And if no simple equation exists to characterize a complicated issue, then the issue cannot exist.

Petro engineers are an even more special breed: their thinking is generally one-dimensional (vertical hole), occasionally two-dimensional (hole deviates from the vertical), and always linear. How likely are petro engineers predestined to hold two opposed ideas in the mind at the same time, and still retain the ability to function? Exactly...And, have you ever heard an engineer tell a really funny joke? Read More...

Alberta Deniers driven back by Professional Organisations

Organized Alberta oil patch climate change denial and war on science appear to be phased out by the very professional organizations they infest, the CSPG and APEGGA.
After the CSPG recently removed climate change denial propaganda (written by their past president A. Neil Hutton), members of APEGGA are now requesting the same from their organization (see letters in the July issue of the Peg below). It appears that these local Alberta organisations are slowly catching up with time and reality and are approaching the scientific opinion on global warming held by ALL national and international science academies and scientific societies. In support of this, FoGT has recently rejected the logical fallacies and deceptions of the local deniers, audiotaped and exposed their nonsense (A, B, C), explained the psychology behind their denial, and addressed the editorial board of AGU journals in an open letter to more rigorously monitor submitted manuscripts. And how do the Friends of Science (FoS) - who proclaim they are seeking the debate - respond? Not at all, they simply DENY FoGT, too, despite getting unmasked almost daily under the eyes of a local and international audience. The ice of denial is melting, the dinosaurs are nearing extinction, and not even their powerful iphone app can save them.

Here are the Peg letters in question:

Is Global Warming really caused by Coke and Pepsi?

The Climate Scum reports a 6-year old retard from Texas disproving global warming. Here in Calgary, yet another retard of unknown age (but certainly not older than 6) proves that the intake of Coke and Pepsi changes the global weather (not climate) - in the Calgary Herald.

FoGT begs to differ:  Coke and Pepsi containers, like the oceans, constitute carbon storage volumes. Read More...

Out of Context: From the Mailbag 2

Brilliant. Thanks. -- CBC Quirks & Quarks

Fantastic!! My eyes are still watering because I laughed so hard -- Anon., Calgary

The lots could be narrower and the streets darker if we built 4-storey houses - Man in the street, Calgary

Good stuff Derek - thanks for letting me know. G.M. Read More...

Science vs the Friends of Science

Mike Lockwood (2010) writes:
It is important not to make the mistake made by Lord Kelvin and argue that there can be no influence of solar variability on climate: indeed, its study is of scientific interest and may well further our understanding of climate behaviour. However, the popular idea (at least on the Internet and in some parts of the media) that solar changes are some kind of alternative to GHG forcing in explaining the rise in surface temperatures has no credibility with almost all climate scientists. Read More...

Anthony Watts getting dewormed

Tony Watts, owner of Whatsupwiththat, undergoes his annual deworming this week. “I have taken in so much rubbish since last time - and considering my body weight - that this procedure may take a bit longer than usual.”

Whatsupwiththat will be open again for the usual rubbish next week.

Satura nostra est!
Achtung Satire!
Attention Satire!

AGW Disprovers getting younger; Fetal Disproof imminent

This was in 2007, when she was 15, I think.
Now in 2010, we see that a 4th-grader has disproved AGW. I assume 4th-grade means about 10.
Defying the wrath of those that might insist that 2 points are insufficient to obtain a statistically valid trend, since others do this all the time, and since I am at least not cherry-picking, but using the entire data set:
2007 15
2010 10

I compute the slope is -1.66 year of age per calendar year, although I did no further analysis.
Put another way, in about 6 years, some unborn baby will disprove AGW just before birth…”

Now I know that many of us skeptical-deniers prefer graphic visualization to dry tables of values, so here’s a chart for you.

De Bello contra Scientiam - About the War on Science

By Baronet Pissequaffer Apeton, VP War on Science

Are we engaged in a war on science? You bet we are! On the ‘science’ that’s controlled by a small politico-scientific elite who have engineered a
conspiracy of consensus about ‘global warming’ in order to support their clandestine push for a single world government. Readers might not realize just how pervasive this conspiracy has become. Each month, hundreds – thousands, by some counts – of articles consistent with the theory of anthropogenic global warming (AGW) are published in the corrupt, stinking morass of the peer-reviewed scientific literature. Furthermore, the national science academies of over 30 countries have issued statements of affirmation, as has every major scientific society that has published a position (see here). Against this mammoth level of collusion and what its subscribers call the ‘evidence’ behind it, you’d think that we deniers have an almost impossible task. How is it, then, that we’re managing to hold our own quite as well as we are? Postatem obscuri lateris nescitis! Following is an outline of the main points of our strategy. Read More...

Friends of Science hide the Decline, too

There was a hide-the-decline extravaganza at the recent Heartland science-alarmism conference in Chicago. Deltoid reported serious decline-hiding by James M. Taylor and Don Easterbrook. Our Friends of Science had blown all their money on their radio ads. Thus they could not afford the Greyhound tickets to Chicago and had to hide the decline from home, cowtown Calgary that is. Read More...

Heaven over Huntsville: Spencer and Denser

Recently in his blog, Alabama rocket-scientist and aspiring creationist Dr Roy Spencer indulged in some more high-quality denial by purporting to demonstrate that there’s no ‘fingerprint’ of anthropogenic global warming. Using a simple climate model he’s built himself, he performed two 50-year runs: one with high climate sensitivity, the other with low sensitivity but gradually decreasing cloud cover (allowing more sunlight in); atmospheric CO2 was doubled in both. The two results showed the same surface temperature increase and the same radiative imbalance. Voila! Obviously, natural changes can’t be distinguished from anthropogenic ones, climate sensitivity could be lower than the consensus-conspiracy, and recent global warming climate change could have been caused by a gradual decrease in global cloudiness (not an increase in solar irradiance, as we’ve discussed before) that’s somehow escaped everybody’s notice. Read More...

MP3: Lord Monckton defeats the Nazis

girls hakenkraus

Over at The Climate Scum, they characterize Lord Monckton, the 3rd Viscount of Brenchley, member of the House of Lords, puzzle creator, and famous climate denier skeptic, as the victor of the Falklands war and curor of Aids and other diseases...What they miss, however, is Lord Monckton’s brilliant solo victory against the UN world socialist government Nazi Germany.

FoGT, master of the audio recording, offers Lord Monckton’s heroic fight against the Hitler Youth at the 2010 Copenhagen climate conference [Audio: mp3; 30 sec; 300 KB].


BP Oil Spill lags Natural Oil Spills by over 800 Years


  • Oils spills and oil seepage have been natural in the past, therefore BP cannot have caused the disaster in the Gulf of Mexico
  • Natural oil seepage exists and is larger in magnitude than the current BP disaster. Hence the current Gulf of Mexico BP disaster cannot have been generated by humans and is insignificant
  • People have died naturally in the past, therefore murder can always be excluded today
  • Bush fires have been started by lightning in the past, therefore arson can be excluded in every modern case
  • Climate has changed naturally in the past, therefore...


Vancouver Greenie offers Elitist Climate Smear Podcast

Dan Moutal, a Vancouver greenie and supporter of the UN world socialist government, offers his climate-science morass as a podcast. This podcast, listened to during workouts, will generate aggression and anger in us ultraconservative deniers and thus improve our fitness even more. Thank you, Dan! Asks a friend of science: “What’s a podcast?”


Australian Research Agencies hide Evidence for young Earth

Just in the last few days, a contribution to Geophysical Research Letters shows the latest effort to cover up the greenhouse deniers' innovative research that is finally being published by AGU [FoGT discussed others recently]. The original paper by Lockart, Kavetski and Franks at the University of Newcastle  [GRL 36, L24405] showed that the alleged global warming over Australia's Murray-Darling basin was correlated with reduced cloudiness. Professor Franks' key position in Australian science includes his role as a scientific advisor to Senator Steve Fielding whose key senate vote was pivotal in the defeat of Australia's emissions trading legislation.  Read More...

Alberta’s $2B CCS plan: Cash Confiscation & Sequestration

Some of you dear followers of this blog who haven’t had the benefit of a classical education--unlike his learned eminence Viscount Lord Monckton of Brenchley--may have some difficulty with the term “sequestration”. Basically it’s a word of Latin origin that, translated into Albertan, means sticking something where the sun don’t shine. The Government of Alberta has a plan to take hard-earned dollars of ordinary Albertans and give them to large corporations so that the companies can take plant food (carbon dioxide) and “sequester” it deep in the bowels of the earth, where the sun most definitely does not shine. Read More...

FoGT goes down-under and appoints GM Australia-Pacific

FoGT, in their globalization efforts, appoints Herr Professor Doktor Moritz Lorenz as General Manager Australia-Pacific. Herr Professor Doktor Moritz Lorenz works in the West Island of New Zealand in the Sarah Palin School of Geography, Economics and Quantum Computing at the University of Narbethong. He specialises in the manipulation of climate and snow-depth data, especially pre-season estimates from ski-resort operators.

The appointment becomes effective immediately. Dr. Lorenz will address Australian-Pacific denial later this week.

FoGT is seeking representatives and contributors for Eurasia, Africa, and the Americas. If you are imaginative and like writing on climate change denial skepticism, you are most welcome to contribute to this blog. If you would like to represent us in your country, please join our executive.

You find the contact information at the bottom of this blog.