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[Ultra-Right Wing Political] Scientists grow cool to global Warming Theory

BY Barry Cooper, CALGARY HERALD JUNE 29, 2011
The curious social movement of environmentalism is in decline. The strange little cult of anthropogenic global warming is moribund. This is good news for [political] science.

When the Chretien government signed the Kyoto Protocol, I argued they had succumbed to
moral panic. Moral panics are periodic outbursts of nuttiness similar to what some of the Vancouver rioters said happened to them. When I was a kid, they said that comic books would destroy your soul. Then it was video games. Current moral panics include obesity, especially in kids, and the oilsands. Read More...

Calgary Herald Debate: Is Hot Air natural?

Hot air
Re: "Natural warming," Letter, June 27.

Taking a case study on Greenland's climate and trying to extrapolate it into a diatribe on global warming is both preposterous and ignorant. CO2 is not the only greenhouse gas, nor is it the most common. The fact that Greenland was actually green 1,000 years ago has many possible explanations.

Also, whether or not humans are contributing to the acceleration of our planet's current warming cycle is not in dispute; the extent to which we are contributing is.

Brendan Frank, Calgary

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Schweinsgruber says: You are right, Brendan. Here is the paper that demonstrates that the greening of Greenland was a local event. And here is our own discussion of the regional vs. global issue. And here is an independent evaluation by pub climatologists. Read More...

NOOA publishes annual Climate Report


Download NOAA’s ‘State of the Climate 2010’.

NOAA Alarmist News:

  • The world is cooling warming
  • Greenhous gas emissions reached a record high in 2010
  • According to IEA, C02/gas of life emissions increased by 1.6 gigatons, the largest increase since the measurements began
  • Total C02/gas of life emissions in 2010: 30.6 gigatons (previous record: 28.3 gigatons in 2008)
  • 44% of C02/gas of life emissions from the burning of coal, 36% from oil, and 20% from natural gas
  • China has overtaken the US in C02/gas of life emissions


Heartland Anti-Climate Conference gets underway

Today, the 6th anti-climate science conference of the Heartland Institute gets underway in Washington, D.C.. Here the program, which features the finest crackpots blog scientists around. This year’s motto is “The IPCC - a bunch of warmist commies” “Greenies in NASA” “Restoring the scientific method.” And indeed their scientific method needs much restoring. Your chance to see the who-is-who of climate change denial in one location, featuring our beloved Tom Harris, Anthony Watts, Tim Ball, Pat Michaels, Roy Spencer, Fred Singer, Marc Morano, James Dellingpole, Nicola Scafetta, etc. The conference is kicked off with a mass in the nearby Baptist church and will be concluded by a joint visit of this weekend’s NASCAR race. Donations to the Republican Party are gratefully accepted.

All presenters also participate in a parallel Heartland conference “Unfeathered free market economy - how
Manchester capitalism works for us but not for all of us” in the same building complex.

Lord Monckton: Die Jugend dient dem Fuehrer

monckton_garnautDesmogblog and an Australian Website report renewed ad hominem attacks by Lord Monckton. The real challenge is how to install the swastica in his portcullis. We should ask the Motorhead management. After all, Lemmy is an avid collector of nazi memorabilia.

FoGT have uncovered
Monckton’s Nazi activities a year ago. And we interviewed his lordship in his better days! And the House of Lords commented, too. Heil Monckton!

We close with our famous Lord Monckton joke:

Friends of Science deny Canadian Postal Strike

End the postal strike
Re: "Opposition slams Tories for intervening in strike," June 22.
The right to strike was a long, hard-fought-for privilege, but with this privilege comes the responsibility to only use this drastic measure when it is necessary and never as leverage for negotiating frivolous improvements to a viable working contract to the detriment of the average Canadian.

If the past contract was good enough for the postal workers, very little would have changed to necessitate any improvement in the contract that would justify this strike.

Bronwyn Eyre shot down in the Calgary Herald

Stick with the fact

Re: "Rain, rain, go away -and take the global warming myth with you," Bronwyn Eyre, Opinion, June 21, and "Distressed oceans sign of mass extinction," June 21.

What are Bronwyn Eyre's qualifications and background to state in her factfree column that global climate change is a myth? She went on the Environment Canada website to find out the various weather events that occurred in Saskatchewan over the past few decades? Read More...

High Times for the Gas of Life Confuse Mosquitoes, Tories and Ian Plimer

Despite doubts about its ‘validity’ from the likes of the Wildrose Alliance, CO2 or as we like to call it ‘the gas of life’ has been getting a lot of press recently. First, a couple of weeks back, the International Energy Agency announced that in 2010, emissions from electricity generation were the highest ever at over 30 gigatons, eclipsing the previous record set in 2008. The IEA was set up by energy-consuming countries to track and predict possible shortfalls in energy supply, particularly in oil, so it can hardly be said to be an alarmist greenie organization (even though it is based in Paris). The same week, it was determined that the CO2 measured at the NOAA Mauna Loa observatory had the previous week (May 22) reached 394.97 ppm, the highest concentration ever recorded (data here), considerably exceeding its pre-industrial concentration of ~280 ppm.

Then in early June,
it emerged that the Canadian government had neglected to include an upward revision of its estimates for 2009 growth in emissions from the oilsands (to 20% over 2008, including a 14.5% rise in ‘emissions intensity’ or emissions per barrel produced) in a report it submitted -- late, just before the Federal election -- to the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change. It also emerged that the government has explored hiring a PR firm to improve the oilsands’ image while hosting ‘annual retreats’ for its oilsands advocacy team in London to explore ways of fighting back against foreign emissions-reduction policies. Presuming that’s England, not Ontario, we at FoGT will be volunteering our expertise. Read More...

Rain, Rain, go away - and take the Global Warming Myth With You

Some conspiracy paranoia from Saskatchewan.

I know it's futile to complain about the weather. But are weather researchers fair game?

Last week, it was reported a University of Regina project, led by Prof. Dave Sauchyn, was being awarded $1.25 million from the International Development Research Centre (IDRC) to study the role of climate change in natural disasters on the Prairies.

"Climate is a pattern. One event is weather," Sauchyn said. "But if you get a bunch of these (weather incidents) from across the Prairies and it happens again and again, we say, 'Something is going on.' And it's probably climate change."

Sounds a bit like witchcraft reasoning to me.

Look: If there's a clear pattern of global warming -sorry, "climate change" -that can be proven without skulduggery or obfuscation, most of us will be willing to do what it takes to rectify things. But increasingly, it seems, "experts" are claiming wacky weather simply to advance an agenda. Read More...

GAC-MAC 2012 Symposia: Velikovsky, Solar-Cycle Tectonics, Intelligent Design, and the Shape of the Earth

In the wake of the 2011 Geological Association of Canada -- Mineralogical Association of Canada Convention Symposium ‘Earth Climate: Past, Present, Future’, ostensibly hosted because “the scientific debate about climate change is far from over” and to present a “geological perspective” on it, we call for symposium proposals for 2012. Obvious candidates are a review of the work of Immanuel Velikovsky, a hero of Friend of Science and retired geography professor Tim Ball, and the idea that solar cycles cause great earthquakes and volcanic eruptions, a favourite of one of our own favourites, Friend of Science Norm Kalmanovitch. Ball/Kalmanovitch associates Neil Hutton, Ian Plimer, and Kalmanovitch himself featured prominently at this year’s symposium, and they’d no doubt enjoy another opportunity to expose the cover-ups of these brilliant and original scientific hypotheses by the world-socialist ‘scientific establishment’. Equally, we’re sure that GAC would be only too happy to invite them again. Read More...

Climate Science Truths abused

Re: "Nothing environmentally friendly about Conservatives' budget," column by Tom Harris, of the Climate Science Coalition -- June 9

It is time to declare war on the contemptible oil industry shills who invent the blatantly fraudulent climate change denial "science."

Their arguments are fodder for journalists such as Lorrie Goldstein and Peter Worthington of Sun Media.

How can we expect the public to see the difference between people like Tom Harris and the legitimate scientists who analyse the evidence? It is not difficult if we can start with the two basic truths that are the foundation of the science of humancaused global warming.

Climate Change is real: an open Letter from the Australian scientific Community

Today, The Conversation launches a two-week series from the nation’s top minds on the science behind climate change and the efforts of “sceptics” to cloud the debate.

The overwhelming scientific evidence tells us that human greenhouse gas emissions are resulting in climate changes that cannot be explained by natural causes.

Climate change is real, we are causing it, and it is happening right now.

Like it or not, humanity is facing a problem that is unparalleled in its scale and complexity. The magnitude of the problem was given a chilling focus in the most recent report of the International Energy Agency, which their chief economist characterised as the “worst news on emissions.”

Tom Harris endorses Science by Petition

Dear Tom,
The laws of physics do not rely on polls. And the don’t rely on opinion either. I am afraid, nature is not democratic. But, according to Doran & Kendall (2009) 97% of all publishing climate scientists [=experts] agree scientifically that AGW is real. This figure does not include the scientific opinions of mechanical engineers.

Geological Association of Canada solicits Cimate Change Denial and turns into Carnival Club

ottawa program
The joint annual meeting of the Geological Association of Canada/Mineralogical Association of Canada, better known as GAC/MAC, was held at the end of May in Ottawa. It featured, amongst others, a symposium ‘Earth climate: past, present, future’. Traditionally, the speakers of a symposium are invited by the organizer, who was Dr. Andrew Miall, a geologist from the University of Toronto.

Click on thumbnails above and below to open windows [symposium description and detailed program] in full size!


The symposium was infested by deniers while real climatologists remained conspicuously absent. It featured keynotes by
Ian Plimer [download Friends of Science version] and Jan Veizer. Read More...

Climate isn’t up for Debate

Alarmists refuse to take on skeptical geologists
By Tom Harris
Anyone not already familiar with the stance of geologists towards the global warming scare would have been shocked by the conference at the University of Ottawa at the end of May. In contrast to most environmental science meetings, climate skepticism was widespread among the thousand geoscientists from Canada, the United States and other countries who took part in GAC-MAC 2011 (the Joint Annual Meeting of the Geological Association of Canada, the Mineralogical Association of Canada, the Society of Economic Geologists and the Society for Geology Applied to Mineral Deposits). Read More...

Climate Change Denial: Only in it for the Money?

Strange Buttons and Ads from Climate Change Denial Sites

Donare (
Latin): to give

FoS_DonateFriends of Science


support_button Frontier Center For Public Policy

suppt_stockManhattan Institute


Friends of Science change their Diapers


The Friends of Science (FoS) have secured a deal with ‘Deepend Adult Diapers’ in order to continue their annual denial luncheon series. “Our members are so old. We could only rent facilities with washable plastic chairs, more comfortably furnished arenas were denied to us” says FoS’s ailing president Doug Leahey. “I like the tear off model. Some of the crap our annual speakers say ends up directly in there” adds Norm ‘Neanderthal’ Kalmanovitch. “Libertarianism also includes the freedom to poop wherever and whenever I want, especially after rustic meals” argues Tim Ball, retired climatology geography professor. “Eating all these cherries we have picked gives me a weak stomach” complains director Ken Gregory. “With my diapers on, I degass CO2 on the go. And since CO2 is plant food, I am walking fertilizer” says past-president Charles Simpson. FoGT adds: The adult diapers are only a temporary fix. In the future, the biological clock will contribute in a natural way to the demise of FoS.



Bullshit from Boston, Home of the Tea-Baggers

The Boston Globe
Jeff Jacoby
Wed, 1 Jun 2011
(c) 2011 New York Times Company. Provided by ProQuest Information and

THE MAY 21 apocalypse foretold by the fundamentalist minister Harold
Camping never materialized, but end-of-the-world doomsaying goes on as
usual among the global warmists.

"Worst ever carbon emissions leave climate on the brink," a story in The
Guardian was breathlessly headlined over the weekend. It reported -
hyperventilated might be a better verb - that greenhouse gas emissions
increased in 2010 "to the highest carbon output in history, putting
hopes of holding global warming to safe levels all but out of reach."
The Guardian attributed word of this "shock rise" to the International
Energy Agency, whose chief economist is "very worried" because "this is
the worst news on emissions" and the climate outlook "is getting
bleaker." It cites another expert's "dire" warning that if carbon
dioxide isn't drastically reduced, global warming will "disrupt the
lives and livelihoods of hundreds of millions of people across the
planet, leading to widespread mass migration and conflict."

Alarmists proclaim Biofuel Genocide as Crime against Humanity


By: John O’Sullivan

How saving the planet causes famine: the climate crisis melts away but global food shortage is legacy of the foolish rush to biofuels. Evidence for dangerous, human-caused global warming was always slim, now it lies cruelly exposed both by a cruel blowback and it’s not just coming from within the science. A far more
devastating catastrophe is unfolding and it is entirely the product of the mad rush to biofuels: third world famine. Today a whopping 6.5 percent of the world’s grain has been stripped from the global food supply. That’s the kind of catastrophic cut in food supply that triggers a tipping point so that Third World hunger explodes into mass starvation. Why did it happen?