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Open Letter to AGU: FoGT offers Support in Climate Denial

Deniers who keep up with the corrupt, stinking morass of the peer-reviewed ‘scientific’ literature – and many who don’t but who want to impress their Friends – will be intimately familiar with what our hero Lord Monckton called “perhaps the most important paper ever to have been published on the question of anthropogenic ‘global warming’”: the paper that appeared last August in Geophysical Research Letters by Lindzen & Choi. Lindzen & Choi analyzed the relationship between sea-surface temperature and satellite-observed outgoing radiation in and over the tropics from 1985 to 1999 and concluded that climate sensitivity, the global average temperature rise expected under a doubling of atmospheric CO2, is only about 0.5oC rather than the ~3oC of the consensus-conspiracy. The paper instantly became a denialist smash-hit, and all our Friends trumpeted it at every chance they could as the final proof that CO2 was nothing more than harmless plant food. Read More...

DeSmogBlog & Grinzo Alarmists misunderrepresent FoGT

After a good month online, we were finally picked up by others - and received honourable mentions by alarmists and misinformers Desmogblog and Lou Grinzo (see bottom of page). Thanks guys, nevertheless! We have firmly established us as the 5th bestest climate denial blog in Calgary (behind the Fraser Institute, the Calgary Petroleum Club, the Calgary Chamber of Commerce, and the Prosperity Cancer Institute...where all the local crazies hang out).

A word about our logo, it should be made clear that it's not the CO2 molecule - CO2 does not exist. It is, rather, the G2T molecule: two atoms of gin and one of tonic (because at FoGT, we only synthesize doubles).

Mp3: Lord Monckton wins Debate but Earth still warming

Retired weatherman Anthony Watts reports a brilliant victory by Lord Monckton in the battlefield of propaganda climatology, fought at Oxford Union against Lord Half-Whitty, a brilliant climatologist. Because of this brilliant victory, the laws of physics need to be changed, global warming is unreal, and the large body of science that proves the opposite must be burnt. Once again, world history has been made by a bunch of British wankers aristocrats. IPCC observers cried fraud as the referee of the debate was no one else but Lord Monckton’s personal child psychologist himself. Read More...

How the Islamic World views FoGT (FoCS)

The latest user statistics indicate that FoGT experiences increasing acceptance in frontier areas such as Belgium, Denmark, Texas, and most islamic countries. In the latter, we go under 'Friends of Cranberry and Soda' (FoCS). The numbers speak for themselves.

Calgary Crazies hijack local Newspaper

Edmonton Journal columnist Graham Thomson published a rather insightful article on the recent political attacks on climatologists in the Calgary Herald (25 May 2010). Two days later, the Calgary Herald prints two angry letters by coordinated climate change deniers. These letter-to-the-editor scientists repeat the zombie arguments and hollow statements of the Friends of Science as part of their network’s echo chamber: Hot air believed to turn into fact by repetition. Extreme political Ideology wrapped in fact-free pseudo-skepticism. Read More...

The Friends of Science's Annual Money Laundry

NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN that the annual meeting of the members of Friends of Science Society (the “Society” or “FOS&rdquoWinking will be held at the South Calgary Community Centre (Lower Hall), 3130 - 16th St. S.W. Calgary, Alberta T2T 4G7, Wednesday, June 09, 2010 at 7:30PM (MDT) for the following purposes:
1. To receive the consolidated financial statements and the latest cherry-picked T-t regression line of the Society for the period ended December 31, 2009.
2. To receive the Presidents Report on the denial activities of the past year.
3. To erect the Directors of the Society.
4. To disappoint auditors of the Society for the ensuing year.
5. Transact any other business as may properly come before the meeting.
6. Repair
Barry Cooper’s money laundromat that worked very well between 2002 and 2007. Read More...

Friends of Science release May denialist ‘Update’

We were thrilled to see that our friends the Friends have released their latest denialist summary. As we eagerly read it, though, our enthusiasm was tempered as we realized all the arguments are zombies

Taking the Piss out of Marc Morano's Heartland Talk

Here we present 3 slides from spin doctor blog scientist Marc Morano’s talk at the recent Science-Alarmism conference. The first slide shows some dudes urinating and the other two constitute (more) character assassinations of Al Gore and Michael Mann. Yes, we know, this is cherry picking - the slides may not be representative of the whole. There may be some really good science in there - or even a golden shower. Very likely. Check it out! The whole powerpoint file of Marc Morano’s presentation is here. Hey, wasn’t Marc the guy who called for the flogging of climatologists? You always know who to take for granted. Read More...

Three simple Words: We do not know

In a recent editorial on Watt’s Up With That, Willis Eschenbach laments the fact that climate scientists never use these three precious words: We don’t know. Imagine how this will reduce uncertainty, no more of Donald Rumsfeld’s unknown unknowns; the world would henceforth be more clearly demarcated into known knowns and known unknowns. Let’s have no more obfuscating IPCC talk of qualitative or quantitative uncertainty (page 5), no more waffly phrases such as medium evidence, high confidence or the breathtakingly equivocal about as likely or not. So let’s start demanding clear answers, just like in court: Do you know, yes or no? Read More...

Living in Denial: How Facts are decomposing

Richard Littlemore from desmogblog across the Canadian cordillera wrote in a recent New Scientist article: “A coalition of US coal and electricity companies set the tone in the 1990s with the creation of the Information Council on the Environment (ICE). It's purpose: to ‘reposition climate change as a theory not a fact’. Read More...

Knowledge vs Belief: Are AGW Proponents gullible?

A Rant by Gunkl, modified by Dr. Schweinsgruber

Some skeptics consider proponents of what the broad body of science and the IPPC say, that global warming is manmade and real, as true believers: knowledge vs. belief. This is principally true, albeit it is the other way round.

The Friends of Science Fabrigate more Hot Air

The intake of of chili beans at their annual luncheon created lots of hot air in the ‘Friends of Science’ (FoS), which contributed to what they vehemently deny: anthropogenic global warming. FoS president D. Leahey allegedly attributed this intellectual flatulence to the fact that Exxon Mobile had not sponsored the luncheon with Peptobismol this year. Read More...

Friends of Science Annual Luncheon once again Small-Scale

’Small-Scale for Small Minds’ was the motto of this year’s luncheon of the 'Friends of Science' (FoS), who followed FoGT one day behind. 27 FoS and their relatives filled three tables of 9 at the Metropolitan Centre in Calgary. Once again, it was a chili cookoff sponsored by the wives and granddaughters of FoS. “$7 for such a tasty lunch is quite reasonable for Calgary”, added guest-speaker Dr. John Christy when boarding the airport shuttle bus again. Read More...

Friends of Gin & Tonic celebrate Annual Luncheon

The Friends of Gin & Tonic (FoGT) celebrated their first annual luncheon at the Telus Convention Centre downtown Calgary on Sunday, 16 May 2010, following church service at Ft. Knox United Church. The luncheon was accompanied by the Christian rock band ‘Stryper’. Speaker was John A. Marr: ‘Alarm button, where is the alarm button?’ Read More...

Wattsupwith being stupid

Greetings from the alarmist world. Did you guys at figure it out why the climategate hadcrut3 temperatures (manipulated by warmist scientists and the UN world government and enhanced by the urban heat island effect, isn’t it?) are lower than the satellite temps collected by a creationist presently on his way to denialpalooza in Heartland City? Did you find a way to use the more convenient warmist dataset to support your agenda without looking stupid? Read More...

Snowiest Global Warming ever

The nutcrackers morons blog scientists from 'Watts Up With That’ have started censoring/clipping comments using the word 'denial' ('d-word' in their lingo). Read More...

Venus and the Half Wit

There’s quite a little fuss going on in the blogosphere because of the revolutionary ideas of Mr Steven Goddard who has come up with the wonderfully simple idea that Venus is hot (is she ever!) not because of carbon dioxide, the plant food that is fingered by the UN for all the problems in the Universe, but because of simple adiabatic heating. Read More...

MP3: Friends of Science sunk by an Iceberg

“The very curious thing about this is, if it is the atmosphere that is melting the ice; 9/10 of the ice is below the water; so how exactly is the atmosphere gonna be melting the ice?”
Norm Kalmanovitch, FoS, 11 May 2010.

MP3: Friend of Science speaks at GeoCanada 2010

Friends of Science creative scientist Norm Kalmanovitch gave his disputed talk at GeoCanada 2010 (previosly discussed here and here). A rather entertaining mp3 file of remarkable sound quality can be downloaded from our site (22 mins; 10 MB). The file includes incredible math and an amusing debate following the presentation at 15:01. The fact that Norm read off his powerpoint benefitted this audiobook version. Judge for yourselves... Read More...

MP3: Tom Pedersen shoots down FoS at GeoCanada 2010

Tom Pedersen, Director, Pacific Institute for Climate Solutions, gave the first presentation in the session ‘climate change through time’ at GeoCanada 2010 in Calgary. In the question period following the talk, notorious climate change denier Norm Kalmanovitch of the so-called Friends of Science asked Tom about the ‘global cooling’ evident from the diagram above and solar cycle 24 that ends in the year 2032. Read More...

Welcome to GeoCanada 2010

Welcome to Calgary! From Monday to Friday, thousands of so-called scientists are meeting in Calgary to discuss advances in Earth Sciences. Scientists? Read More...

Black Bonanza

Neil Reynolds in the Globe and Mail reports on a new book Black Bonanza: Canada's Oil Sands and the Race to Secure North America's Energy Future by Alastair Sweeny. Sweeny tells us that Canadians have no inkling that what they are sitting on is really the country’s greatest asset and he encourages us all to have a closer look at it. Read More...

Monckton pulled out of UK Election

Update: Perth and Kinross council has just confirmed to the Guardian that Lord Monckton withdrew his candidacy earlier today ahead of the 4pm deadline set by the Electoral Commission. Read More...

More Charlatans at GeoCanada 2010

The climatology session of GeoCanada 2010 contains also presentations by so-called scientists such as Thomas Pedersen and Richard Peltier, who are part of the conspiracy of the global warming hoax. Read More...

Stefan Boltzmann at GeoCanada 2010

According to rumours, lawyer and thus fake expert Stefan Boltzmann himself will be presenting a talk at GeoCanada 2010, hist first presentation in 120 years. This will be followed by a debate with Lord Monckton on constant climate sensitivity [in German] Read More...

GeoCanada 2010 Abstractgate: Update

We had asked whether Norm Kalmanovitch had plagiarised from others in his GeoCanada 2010 abstract.

"No, he attributed me. Sometimes people write things out to explain them in their own mind, without breaking new ground. This may be one of those instances." --David Archibald, greenhouse denier

"Thanks for your interest in what Norm is going to say. I have had several exchanges with him and he still gets 'the wrong end of the stick'! He has based his work on some of mine, but essentially does not understand the physics." -- Jack Barrett, greenhouse denier

FoGT says: While we feel that Jack Barrett was at least honest in our exchange, he does not appear to understand the physics either. Read More...

Lord Monckton in the UK General Election 2010

According to information from Buckteeth Palace and some guy at DenialDepot, the previous court jester and FoS speaker Lord Monckton is running for OFFICIAL HONORARY PRIME MINISTER OF THE HOUSE OF LORDS in the upcoming United Kingdom general election, held on 6th May 2010. His campaign motto: 'Chuck it yet again, Schmidt!' Monckton is the candidate for the Plaid Cymru party, consistent with his residence in Scotland. The Canadian equivalent would be the Bloc Québécois. Says Bloc Fuhrer Gilles Duceppe from his Calgary home: "Mon mam Cymru - Anglesey, mother of Scotland"! In North America, Lord Monckton's efforts are endorsed by the Hooterville Gazette. We hope the Friends of Science will not interfere with the election through bizarre radio ads.

Says Schmidt: All this bright pink and purple is kinda gay! It gives '
ad hominem' a completely new meaning.

Friends of Science Luncheon, free NASA Diaper

The Friends of Science (FoS) are inviting to their annual luncheon. Speaker is Dr. John Christy, who received NASA's medal for exceptional climate change denial. Seating is limited: only 380 seats are available for the 432 Friends of Science, guests excluded. Dr. Christy will talk about activating the FoS iphone app's special features. The $75 ticket includes one free NASA adult diaper.

The Friends of Science iPhone App: Feedback

A few days ago, we introduced a FoS iPhone app. Here the first review:

"Finally there is an app for 'generating your own _gate' which simultaneously contains a 'world-communist government alarm'. Read More...

FoGT introduces two new Executive Members

FoGT proudly announces two additions to its executive:

Gavin Kirsch, Chief Climate Modeler

John A. Marr, West Coast Representative

We feed our specially-selected climate data to Gavin, who, using a patented process spits out the results in a form that's easily digestible and free of unpleasant surprises. We get many requests for Gavin's modeling code. We pass them on to Phylis actioning.

Sunday's User Stats: Hitsville Canada

Sunday's user stats are in. The distribution once again images the Canadian denial belt along the US border, held together by a buckle in Calgary (all 432 Friends of Science checking us out after church service?). Read More...

Letter from the Editor: Dr. Ian Plimer

Dear Dr. Plimer,

We are FoGT, a new climate denial skeptics organization out of Calgary, the hotbed of North American climate change denial.

Included here is a link to a song we made for you.


Obama Advisor K. Moran at GeoCanada 2010

Past, Present, and Future Arctic Sea Ice
Speaker NameKathryn (Kate) Moran

The Arctic Ocean is undergoing tremendous change and is currently transforming from a perennially sea ice covered ocean to one that may soon be ice-free in summer.

MP3: FoGT sings for Ian Plimer, Fellow Denier

Ladies and Gentlemen, announced previously

Recorded at South Studios, mixed at Sapphire Sound,

The Friends of Gin & Tonic and The Tanqueray Tabernacle Choir


Stand By Your Scam - Song for Ian Plimer
(author of 'Heaven & Earth')


Stand By Your Scam
Sometimes it's hard denying warming
Giving all your love to just one scam
You'll claim it's cooled


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May Day: FoGT parades Calgary Red Square

The world communist government, representatives of the IPCC, the left wing of the Calgary Chamber of Commerce, the Dumb-Waiters' Union of the Calgary Petroleum Club, and the Friends of Gin & Tonic organized a spectacular 1st of May parade downtown Calgary. Read More...