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Job for Roger or Derek?

Climate Change and Greenhouse Gas Advisor
Closing Date:  June 7, 2011  

Location:  Calgary, Alberta  

Description:  Provide overall support with management and efficiency of
CO2 lifecycle.

Duties:  This role will have a technical and a strategic focus:

Technical Focus:

Develop plans to reduce the CO2 emissions and increase efficiency
through various measures including mitigation, avoidance, offsets and
carbon capture and storage (CCS), in conjunction with focused support
Develop plans to utilize available funding for CO2 mitigation
Knowledge of the regulatory environment, federal and provincial / state
regarding GHG, CO2, CCS, offsets and develop strategies to ensure
compliance

Version 2.2 of Heaven and Earth Rebuttal available

Dr. Ian Enting of the University of Melbourne kindly let us know that a new version 2.2 of his rebuttal of Ian Plimer’s zombie climate book ‘Heaven and Sake Earth’ is available. It features, amongst others, a new twist on the Roman warm period.

Download it here.


Friends of Science's Current Knowledge


During their recent luncheon with Ian Plimer, the Friends of Science handed out their annual state of lying knowledge of climate change denial. Download it and see that it is the same old same old zombie stuff, debunked 100 times a day. And it is essentially the same as previous year’s denial pamphlet.


Charlatan Ian Plimer in Calgary: The Gas of Life and why Scientists are Creationists


Famous climate liar and spin doctor Ian Plimer, author of the denial bible ‘Heaven and Earth’, was in
Calgary recently to speak to the older gentlemen of the Friends of Science cult. Apparently, he presented the same old zombie arguments for which he had been ripped apart by George Monbiot and Ian Enting. Above is the final slide of Plimer’s presentation, which features some truly bizzare conclusions. In the end, so he argues, the scientists actually are non-scientists. But who are the scientists then? The non-scientists that act as spin doctors for the denial industry to deceive the public? If climatologists are creationists, then doctors are murderers, priests are pimps, and mother Theresa is Hitler. The crooked world and fogged-up mind of charlatan Ian Plimer.

I am going now to inhale a volcano in order to get some life into me. It has been a long day.

Download Plimer’s presentation.


Evil Scientists Plan Cooling and Killing the Planet

The Earth’s internal heat comes from two sources, residual heat left over from planetary accretion (~20%) and decay of radioactive elements (~80%). These sources are of course non-renewable. To halt the supposedly harmful climb in the atmospheric concentration of CO2, a possibly mythical gas that is reported to look, feel and behave exactly like glass but is nonetheless food for plants, increased use of geothermal energy is commonly promoted by warmalarmists and other petroleum-haters. Just last week, unscrupulous geophysicists hatched a new and sinister plot: not only do they intend increasing geothermal energy use, they plan to inject CO2 instead of water as the heat-exchange fluid.

The Earth produces
about 44 TW of heat, approximately 3 times global human energy use, of which about 10 TW is from land (where average heat flow is 65 mW/m^2) and therefore available for human use. Total human energy use is about 15 TW and rising, so it would be possible for human geothermal use to consume all of the available resource. Read More...

The latest Climate Denial Crock


Wildrose vows to kill $2B Carbon Capture Plan

 By Darcy Henton and Richard Cuthbertson, Calgary Herald May 25, 2011

A Nazi Wildrose Alliance government would kill the Stelmach Conservatives' $2-billion carbon capture scheme and reverse its arbitrary decision to build $6 billion in power line infrastructure, says the fledgling party's leader Danielle Smith.

In releasing her party's energy policy in Calgary on Tuesday, Smith said Alberta's energy industry should be calling the shots on technical issues -not government bureaucrats.

"We don't believe that government bureaucrats are the ones that know what needs to be done," she told reporters following her speech. "We believe the expertise lies with industry."

Rather than have the government provide direct grants to companies to develop ways to reduce carbon dioxide emissions, the Wildrose would use tax incentives to accomplish those goals, she said.

More Denial by the Friends of Science in the Calgary Herald

Smart move

Re: "Wildrose vows to kill $2B carbon capture plan," May 25.

Wildrose party's plan to scrap the $2-billion carbon capture and sequestration program makes a lot of sense.

Worldwide, there is a groundswell of public opinion to take a second look at the alleged role of man-made carbon dioxide in driving global climate change.

This change of opinion is driven by emerging new scientific data.

The Kyoto claims have never been proven. Therefore, public programs should not be based on
highly suspect arguments. The taxpayers' money can be put to far better use.

Eric Loughead, Calgary

© Copyright (c) The Calgary Herald

Eric Loughead is a past vice president of the Friends of Science. He follows up on last week’s letter denial by colleague Charles Simpson.

GOP Presidential Hopefuls shift on Global Warming

Associated Press

One thing that Tim Pawlenty, Jon Huntsman, Newt Gingrich and Mitt Romney have in common: These GOP presidential contenders all are running away from their past positions on global warming, driven by their party's loud doubters who question the science and disdain government solutions.

All four have stepped back from previous stances on the issue, either apologizing outright or softening what they said earlier. And those who haven't fully recanted are under pressure to do so.

The latest sign of that pressure came Thursday when New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie said he was pulling his state out of a regional agreement to reduce greenhouse gases, saying it won't work. While Christie, a rising GOP star, has said he's not running for president, some in the party continue to recruit him.

Finally some Anti-Denial in the Calgary Herald

Scattered few
Re: "Swindled," Letter, May 22, and "Where to look," Letter, May 20.

It is so nice that the Herald continues to print climate change denial letters en masse that reflect the work of three per cent of publishing climatologists. With so much misinformation, we should indeed pull out of Kyoto, leave this non-issue to the rest of the world, and use part of the savings to support these letter writers -according to demographics, old men -with useful adult diapers and slabs of asbestos.

Asbestos is safe so long as it generates profits. And the diapers will not be of the disposable kind as we try to minimize CO2 output. But CO2 is a hoax anyway; it is plant food. For all the plants in the upper atmosphere. Start pressuring the politicians now!

Jurgen Kraus, Calgary

© Copyright (c) The Calgary Herald

Scientists charged over Quake Warning Failure

Dr. Roger Romney-Hughes says: Another front in the war on science...

Seven scientists and other experts have been indicted on manslaughter charges for failing to sufficiently warn residents before a devastating earthquake that killed more than 300 people in central Italy in 2009.

Defence lawyers condemned the charges, saying it's impossible to predict earthquakes.

Judge Giuseppe Romano Gargarella ordered the members of the national government's Great Risks commission, which evaluates potential for natural disasters, to go on trial in L'Aquila on September 20.

Italian media quoted the judge as saying the defendants "gave inexact, incomplete and contradictory information" about whether smaller tremors felt by L'Aquila residents in the six months before the April 6, 2009 quake should have constituted grounds for a quake warning.

Copy and Paste

Dr. Roger Romney Hughes says: Warmalarmist pseudoscience comicbook bays for blood:

Nature 473, 419–420 (26 May 2011) doi:10.1038/473419b
Published online 25 May 2011

As retractions go, it may not look like a big deal. Earlier this month, a statistics journal decided to pull a little-cited 2008 paper on the social networks of author–co-author relationships after it emerged that sections were plagiarized from textbooks and Wikipedia. The fact that this caused a wave of glee to ripple through the climate-change blogosphere takes some explaining.

Two of the paper's authors, Yasmin Said and Edward Wegman, both of George Mason University in Fairfax, Virginia, are also authors of an infamous 2006 report to Congress, co-written with statistician David Scott of Rice University in Houston, Texas. That report took aim at climatologist Michael Mann of Pennsylvania State University in University Park, suggesting that he was working in an isolated social network separated from “mainstream statisticians”, and that he had such close ties with the rest of the field that truly independent peer review of his work was not possible. This report came to be known as the Wegman report, and has been frequently cited by climate-change sceptics.

Global Cooling delayed, too

California preacher Harold Camping said his prophecy that the world would end was off by five months because Judgment Day actually will come on October 21.

Camping, who predicted that 200 million Christians would be taken to heaven Saturday before the Earth was destroyed, said he felt so terrible when his doomsday prediction did not come true that he left home and took refuge in a motel with his wife.

His independent ministry, Family Radio International, spent millions - some of it from donations made by followers - on more than 5000 billboards and 20 RVs plastered with the Judgment Day message. Read More...

More Denial in the Calgary Herald


Where to look
Kent Hehr misses the main ingredient for finding funding to offset education shortfalls. By eliminating the climate change expenditures, he will find a few billion dollars, in one fell swoop.

The sooner the Conservatives get off the man-made global warming scenario, over which we have no control, the better off our books will look.

There is no correlation between rising greenhouse gas levels and global temperatures; more importantly,
any recent global warming ended in 1998. Temperature oscillations have occurred for millions of years, without man's influence. Canada should opt out of Kyoto at the first opportunity (2012).

Charles Simpson, Calgary

© Copyright (c) The Calgary Herald

Note: Charles Simpson is the former president of the Friends of Science.
Schweinsgruber: Simpson contradicts his Friends of Science in that his world started cooling in 1998 while the Friends of Science proclaim 1st January 2002 as judgement day the start of cooling. In contrast, the rest of the world as well as the scientific community and some fellow deniers (e.g. Patrick Michaels) speak of ongoing global warming.


Two Friends of Gin & Tonic raptured on Judgement Day

The Friends of Gin & Tonic sadly announce that two of their long-term contributors, Dr. Moritz Lorenz (left) and John A. Marr (right) have been chosen to belong to god’s elect people and have apparently been raptured on yesterday’s Judgement Day. For the rest of us alarmists, we will have to wait until October before a high rate of global heating will destroy the world. Please take the important dates from the time table below. Read More...

Friend of Science endorses Far Right Wing Party and gets raptured

Notorious Calgary climate change denier Norm Kalmanovitch was raptured (i.e. taken into heaven) today. The rapture came, as predicted, with an earthquake of 0.01 on the Richter scale. Bad for geophysicist Norm that he lived on a plate margin and not a stable craton. Here are his famous last written words.

Re: "Wildrose too right wing to win: academics," May 13.
Academics seem to be confused over the difference between "right and left" and "right and wrong," because both the Conservatives and Wildrose are on the political right, but it is clear from the mess we are in that the Conservatives have been continually wrong and voters are now looking for political leadership that is right.

Believers, Get the Rapture Detector from the App Store!


Judgment Day! May 21, 2011 - The End of the Denial!


And to them it was given that they should not kill them, but that they should be tormented five months: and their torment was as the torment of a scorpion, when he striketh a man. Revelation 9:5 [mp3]

...while Schweinsgruber is getting ready for the post rapture looting. Here the next best thing to pet salvation in a post rapture world.


Prepare for a Climate Change Denial Zombie Apocalypse


INFORM OF THE DEAD: The US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention is warning people to have a survival plan ready - in case of a climate change denial zombie apocalypse.

Just in case there weren't enough natural disasters or security threats in the United States, a Government health agency is advising people to prepare for a
climate change denial zombie apocalypse.

Apparently being ready for when the undead take to the streets in search of human flesh is perfect training for what to do if a hurricane or pandemic should strike.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, part of the United States Government's Department of Health and Human Services, has posted instructions on what to do should your brain be sought for a climate change denial zombie's breakfast.


Germany Over-Achieves Again


By John Cregg
News updates on Germany’s renewables achievements and objectives to 2020 caught my attention because I had recently drafted a policy paper on solar PV feed in tariffs in WA, and naturally a quick literature review highlighted Germany as the pace setter in clean energy policy delivery and outcomes.

Well, last month Chancellor Angela Merkel reviewed the nation’s progress on its renewables goal (comprising 17% of German energy requirements now) and laid down the gauntlet to achieve 35% of all energy requirements by 2020, 50% by 2030 and 80% by 2050. (Reuters, May 8
th, 2011).


Lord Monckton caught Planking on Police Car

For the uninitiated, planking involves the subject lying face down on, across, over or inside an object – the stranger the better – and then taking a photograph of the stunt to upload onto Facebook.

The Planking Scotland page on Facebook has more than 12 supporters and includes hundreds of photographs of plankters lying on statues, fire hydrants and even at Petra in Jordan.

However, it caught the attention of the Scottish police force when 59-year-old Monckton of Brenchley, pissed out of his brains, was caught planking on a police car in Easterhouse, a scruffy part of Glasgow (photo from Read More...

Anthony Watts getting dewormed again

Like every spring, Tony Watts, owner of Whatsupwiththat, undergoes his annual deworming this week. “I have taken in so much rubbish since last time - and considering my body weight - that this procedure may take a bit longer than usual.”

Whatsupwiththat will be open again for the usual rubbish next week.

Satura nostra est!
Achtung Satire!
Attention Satire!

World Exclusive: Mother of Ian Plimer's Love Child revealed

Hildemara is the mother of Ian Plimer’s love child, and Star magazine have learned exclusively during a talk at the Friends of Science’s annual luncheon in Calgary. Hildemara, 50,  worked as a sheep for Ian, Radar and Star have learned.

Hildemara and Plimer, 68, conceived their illegitimate child more than a decade ago, behind the back of the denial scene superstar’s wife and
Foster’s Lager heiress, Bolivia Newton John.

“She’s the one,” one source told

A second source confirmed: “They have a son together.”

Long-Form Surface Stations Paper: A Forgery?

Fall, S., A. Watts, J. Nielsen-Gammon, E. Jones, D. Niyogi, J. Christy, and R.A. Pielke Sr., 2011: Analysis of the impacts of station exposure on the U.S. Historical Climatology Network temperatures and temperature trends. J. Geophys. Res., in press.

The recent release of the long-form version on the US surface weather stations is a blatant, if subtle, attempt by the “team” to discredit the efforts of the 650 volunteers who visited obscure corners of the USA to photograph asphalt and air-conditioner outlets. As with
l’affaire O’Donnell, the scientific establishment has taken breakthrough research that, as reported on blogs, totally undermines the whole silly notion of global warming and, after subjecting the work to pitiless peer-review, dilutes the results to such an extent that the team can then patronizingly declare: “Well done chaps, that was pretty much what we were saying all along”.


So what do you believe, a bunch of statistical mumbo-jumbo or your own lying eyes? Source


Washington Post clarifies Climate Change

"CLIMATE CHANGE is occurring, is very likely caused by human activities, and poses significant risks for a broad range of human and natural systems."

So says - in response to a request from Congress - the National Research Council of the National Academy of Sciences, the country's preeminent institution chartered to provide scientific advice to lawmakers.

In a report titled "America's Climate Choices," a panel of scientific and policy experts also concludes that the risks of inaction far outweigh the risks or disadvantages of action. And the most sensible and urgently needed action, the panel says, is to put a rising price on carbon emissions, by means of a tax or cap-and-trade system. That would encourage innovation, research and a gradual shift away from the use of energy sources (oil, gas and coal) that are endangering the world. Read More...

Climate Study gets pulled over Plagiarism

Evidence of plagiarism and complaints about the peer-review process have led a statistics journal to retract a federally funded study that condemned scientific support for global warming.

The study, which appeared in 2008 in the journal Computational Statistics and Data Analysis, was headed by statistician Edward Wegman of George Mason University in Fairfax, Va. Its analysis was an outgrowth of a controversial congressional report that Wegman headed in 2006. The "Wegman Report" suggested climate scientists colluded in their studies and questioned whether global warming was real. The report has since become a touchstone among climate change naysayers. Read More...

Friends of Science miss Ian Plimer's Science over Lunch

FoS is hosting their 8th annual denial luncheon in Calgary. Guest speaker is our Australian friend, ‘missing scientist’ Ian Plimer. FoGT commemorates the publication of Ian Plimer’s useless manipulative dishonest important book by reproducing their own famous singing right here. Just like every year, the FoS’s luncheon will not be as well attend as our own, but every attendant will once again receive an adult diaper.


Mozart Philadelphia and John Crook publish Climate Change Denial Book

The notorious alarmists and leftist political activists John Crook (known from Wattsupwiththat Skeptical Science) and Mozart Philadephia have published a book on ostriches in desert regions. The cover is kept in poor taste as it shows the arse of an ostrich. Crook has also released a Scientific Guide to Global Warming Skepticism last December - you find reference to it in the sidebar to the left. Since we deniers are always at least half a year behind, we found this out only now. Crook reports a minimum of 600,000 downloads so far. He must be wider published than Jo Nova, Dick Lindzen, and Lordi Monckton combined. The Friends of Science’s petitions included, also.


Petro Engineers in Climatology Pt. 2


I would like to congratulate Managing Editor George Lee and the entire team for their excellent work on the new PEG. I am pleased to see the Readers’ Forum is still alive and well, and I note that there were several submissions from the sceptic group, when it comes to the debate about the theory of human-caused global warming. Perhaps supporters of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change are at a loss for words to explain
the events of the past three months or so (1).

Anthropogenic global warming is attributed to the CO2 we exhaust into the atmosphere (2). Of the infrared radiation that leaves the Earth’s surface, the small component of it that comprises resonant frequences of CO2 is absorbed and increases the energy level of the CO2 molecule. This energy is then distributed by collision with other molecules and reradiation of the same resonant frequencies, which is, in actual fact, a study in physics, not climatology (3).


Friends of Science: Where is Your Debate


Dear FoS,
You persistently demand public debate between your representatives and scientists. Here, in this blog, you have the opportunity of a debate, but so far you have remained silent. This creates a contradiction which is only too apparent. Your debate has to be oral, and you shy away from a written debate, for the following good reasons:
  • You amateurs debating an expert gives you undeserved legitimacy.
  • You and the experts play by different rules: while you cheat the system by lying and distorting, the experts do not. This is an unfair advantage similar to doping in sports (so long as it goes unnoticed).
  • Your goal is to create uncertainty in the scientifically unsophisticated listener; this is done by catchy, simple statements, which can be hard to fact-check in the tight timeframe of a public debate.
  • Even if the expert catches the fallacies and deceptions, it takes a lot or rambling to debunk these simple statements as the climate is not as simple as the Friends of Science.
  • You use seductive debaters with good rhetorical skills hoping for an advantage over the expert. Physics and science do not rely on rhetoric.
  • You get support by an audience with preconceived ideas: your other friends of science.

More Opinion Climatology from the International Hoax Coalition

Get out of Tom Harris Kyoto while it it still possible

Special to Financial Post  May 4, 2011 – 10:55 PM ET
Stephen Harper should guide our nation away from the most costly hoax in the history of science
By Tom Harris

At the end of 2012, Canada’s international reputation will suffer a black eye unless Prime Minister Stephen Harper comes clean on the climate file. The Kyoto Protocol will then expire and, if we are still party to the agreement, our gross violation of this treaty’s emission limits will be highlighted to the world.

Canada’s ratification of the protocol was one of the last acts of prime minister Jean Chrétien’s regime and taints the Liberal party to this day. Harper should feel absolutely no obligation to protect any part of that legacy. He knows that much of the science that props up the climate scare is unfounded and he has stated repeatedly that Canada has absolutely no chance of meeting our Kyoto commitments. Read More...

All-In-One Zombie Denial in Forbes Magazine

Breaking News: The Climate Actually Changes!
By Larry Bell, Forbes Magazine, 3rd May 1978 2011
The new convention is to refer to “global warming” (something many have told us to worry about) as “climate change” (meaning pretty much the same thing since it’s supposed to be bad and caused by us anyway).  The main difference appears to be that climate change is even worse, since global warming also causes global cooling along with a seemingly endless variety of other carbon dioxide-induced upheavals that we are responsible for.

So whenever someone asks whether I believe in global warming, (aka climate change) the simple answer is YES. In fact, I don’t really know anyone who doesn’t. If so they clearly aren’t very old or observant! On the other hand, I don’t buy into the causes, consequences or remedies that alarmists project. Read More...

Beginner's Denial - More Salomoronity

Lawrence Solomon: Tornadoes [in the US] could foreshadow global cooling - or not

Lawrence Solomon  Financial Post May 3, 2011 – 3:27 PM ET
Tornadoes are associated with episodes of great temperature contrasts, often involving unseasonably cold air colliding with warm air. During the 1960s and 1970s, when global temperatures cooled so much that scientists believed we were entering a period of global cooling , the number of tornadoes rose. 1973, which saw 1100 tornadoes in the U.S., was dubbed The Year of the Tornado, only to be followed by the fiercer Widespread Tornado Outbreak of 1974: Of that year’s 148 tornadoes, 118 tore up swathes of at least one mile in length and claimed 330 deaths. As temperatures rose in the following decades, tornadoes steadily declined in number. Read More...

Lord Monckton becomes Comedian Prime Minister

Preservative leader Lord Monckton’s long-running quest to attain a majority government was finally achieved Monday in a historic Comedian federal erection that also saw Jack Inthebox’s NDP surge dramatically to become the country's official Opportunisition for the first time in that party's history.

Former Tony prime minister
Karlheinz Schreiber Brian Mulroney was full of praise for both Monckton and newly minted official Opportunisition leader Inthebox.

"That's a tremendous accomplishment,"
Schreiber Mulroney said of Monckton’s majority, while speaking on Al Jazeera.

"I think that the Preservative government was re-erected because of its hormonal incompetence. They made that the issue during the champagne, as well as the need for skin.”

"I think Mr. Inthebox successfully became the incarnation of climate change,”
Schreiber Mulroney said.

The former prime minister made a point of praising Inthebox’s father, Bob, who was a member of
Schreiber’s Mulroney's Tony cabinet at one point.

Bert is dead, Obama says Justice is done


Washington - Sesame Street mastermind Bert was killed Sunday in a firefight with US forces deep inside Pakistan, President Barack Obama said, declaring “justice has been done” a decade after the September 11 attacks.

The death of the reviled US enemy sparked jubilation across the United States, with a huge crowd gathering outside the White House just before midnight, chanting “Ernie, Ernie” as Obama made a dramatic nationwide address to Americans.

“Tonight, I can report to the American people and to the world that the United States has conducted an operation that killed Bert, the leader of Sesame Street, and a terrorist who’s responsible for the murder of thousands of innocent men, women and children,” Obama said.

IPCC celebrates May Labour Day with Soviet Anthem


The IPCC, the World Communist Government, and the Calgary Flames Organization jointly celebrated Mayday today, which culminated in the singing of the Soviet anthem.

Climate Scientists of the World Unite!

See how they celebrated last year!


Jack Layton, Michael Mann, and Phil Jones found naked in Bawdy House

TORONTO - Michael Mann Phil Jones Jack Layton was found laying naked on a bed by Toronto Police at a suspected Chinatown bawdy house in 1996 1896 1796, a retarded retired Toronto police officer told the Toronto Sun.

fabricated stunning revelation about the current leader of the New Democratic Party comes 15 years after the ‘fact’ days before the federal election at a time when his popularity is soaring.

When the policeman and his partner walked into a second-floor room at the Toronto massage parlour, they saw an attractive 5-foot-10 Asian woman who was in her mid-20s and the married, then-Metro councillor, lying on his back in bed.

Mann Jones Layton was cautioned by police and released without being charged. Read More...