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They may be genocidal Drug Runners but They're OUR Genocidal Drug Runners

Joy spread throught the British Commonwealth with the news that William, son the Prince of Wales was to marry Miss Kate Middleton. The wedding will provide the British economy with a much-needed tourism boost ahead of the London Olympics.

As heir to the throne, William is the future head of state of Canada, Australia and New Zealand and other colonies. Many colonies find it convenient to have their head of state largely funded by the Brits, leaving these colonies to meet their own immediate needs with cheaper stand-ins.

In the UK, the reduced constitutional role of the monarch allows the Royal family to concentrate on activities such as promoting concern over climate change as part of their broader strategy of genocide. This conspiracy and the way it is financed by drug-running has been
extensively documented by Mr Lyndon LaRouche. and his Australian supporters in the Citizens Electoral Council. Read More...

"Truth and Lies”

Re: "It's doable," Letter, Nov. 25.
It is time to put climate change on trial, with all testimony made under oath, and any false testimony resulting in charges of perjury.

I am a professional geophysicist, licensed to practise by APEGGA, in strict accordance with the APEGGA Code of Professional Practice. This code of practice prohibits geoscientists and engineers from making "false or misleading public statements," so anything that I state publicly in the capacity of a geophysicist is essentially made under oath, exposing me to repercussions for any "false or misleading statements." Read More...

FoGT infiltrates the Globe and Mail

Oil Sands Enjoying Improved Reputation
Nathan VanderKlippe
The Globe and Mail
Sat, 27 Nov 2010
136 words
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The oil sands charm offensive is paying off. After months of roundtable discussions with some of the oil patch's most important players - and television commercials designed to highlight advances - Canadians are beginning to take a more favourable view of the controversial industry, a new poll suggests. Surveys done for the Canadian Association of Petroleum Producers show that "since the campaign has started, 49 per cent of Canadians who view the ads have an improved view of the oil sands industry," said Murray Edwards, the vice-chairman of Canadian Natural Resources Ltd. Thirty-five per cent said their views weren't altered by the ads; a further 15 per cent said the marketing had damaged their perception of the industry.

Nathan VanderKlippe is a FoGT apprentice!

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Only Republicans can fuck little boys!
and Desmog reports:


Tectonic Audit

Tectonic Audit[1]
By Steffi McImtyresome and Rose McKritik[2]

(This is the first in a series of articles in which two biologists bring their expertise to bear on the Earth Sciences, exposing sloppy errors and groupthink.)

This week, we address the paper that purported to enlighten us all on the real nature of those “tree rings of the sea”, the ocean crust magnetic anomalies, in the paper "Magnetic Anomalies Over Oceanic Ridges"Nature 199: 947–949 by FJ Vine and DH Matthews (1963), henceforth “VM63”. This paper, deemed “seminal” by the geo-mobilist “team”, is riddled with elementary errors that would not have passed the more rigorous standards employed by us biologists.

a)     The upside-down Carlsberg Ridge series. Astute readers of Tectonic Audit (is there any other kind?) will immediately notice that the Carlsberg series are upside-down. This inconvenient truth was glossed over in the text of VM63 with a hand-waving, unsubstantiated and ad hoc hypothesis about the Carlsberg Ridge being located in “low magnetic latitudes”. It’s like sticking needles in your eyes.


House Republicans demand Investigation of Wegener

In an early flexing of their new Congressional muscle and in apparent reprisal for attacks on a party favourite, George Mason University statistical outlier Edward Wegman, newly-elected Republicans are understood to be demanding an investigation into the scientific work of the late Alfred Wegener. Having discovered Wegener after a late-night attempt to google ‘Wegman’, party staffers were amazed and horrified at the implications of his published research. Now fully informed, orthodox Republican representatives are outraged that Wegener’s theories of continental drift, still available in books that have not yet been burned, appear to rely heavily on evidence from the now-discredited Southern Hemisphere; and they point out that his repeated use of word ‘hemisphere’ itself betrays an insinuation that the Earth is not flat. The few remaining moderate Republicans are uncomfortable that Wegener’s theories appear to require that the Earth is more than 6000 years old, although they note that Australian researchers have recently proposed a modification to the theory featuring faster drift, consistent with a younger planet. Read More...

Global Records Databases I: Gotthard Space Flight Center

The instrumental temperature record shows the fluctuations of the temperature of the atmosphere and the oceans as measured by temperature sensors. There are five global records databases.

Currently, the Hadley Centre maintains the HADCRUT3, a global surface temperature dataset, NASCAR maintains PISSTEMP, which provides a measure of the changing global surface temperature with monthly resolution for the period since 1880, and the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) maintains the Global Historical Climatology Network (GHCN-Monthly) data base contains historical temperature, precipitation, and pressure data for thousands of land stations worldwide.The United States National Climatic Data Center (NCDC) also maintains a temperature record since 1880. Read More...

Early high-level Recognition for new Denialist Reporter at the Oz

Within weeks of taking up his role as environmental reporter at The Australian, Graham Lloyd has had his analysis of a recent climate report honoured with a complaint from recognition by the Royal Society of London. Working with Matthew Franklin, Lloyd found insights not even understood by the authors of the report. This is a remarkable achievement given that Lloyd does not have the specialist environmental experience that Matthew Warren, his predecessor as environmental reporter, gained by working for the mining industry. Warren's reporting excellence contributed to editor Chris Mitchell winning the 2008 JN Pierce Award from the Australian Petroleum Production & Exploration Association for Media Excellence for coverage of climate change policy Read More...

Not Denier, Messiah: A Second Australian Saint

In his wonderful new and already discounted book, our good Friend Bob Carter dispenses with the real deniers with pure, cold, rational, unemotional, unadulterated reason:

“They deny that the Earth’s climate is cooling; they deny that the climate models on which their global warming policies are based are worthless as predictive tools; they deny that the IPCC and its advice are flawed beyond repair; they deny that the Copenhagen Conference was a failure; they deny that carbon dioxide is an environmental benefice; they deny that Climategate is any more than an isolated, minor squabble among a few climate research cognoscenti; they deny that they have allowed their young people to be educationally brainwashed about global warming; they deny that the science research community has been corrupted by their agenda-driven funding requirements; they deny that government science-related organizations, at their behest, have been acting as propagandists for eco-evangelistic causes; they deny that windfarms and solar power are environmentally damaging and uneconomic for baseload power generation; they continue to strive to deny public voice to independent scientific viewpoints on climate change; and, above all, they deny that they are wrong in their continued assertions that human-caused global warming is an identified and deadly danger.” Read More...

AGU withdraws Support for Wegman's Denial of Southern Hemisphere

Political correctness has forced the American Geophysical Union into an embarrassing backdown, withdrawing their earlier endorsement of Edward Wegman's denial of the existence of the Southern hemisphere.

In declaring the northern hemisphere temperature reconstruction by Michael Mann and colleagues to be
"Global", Wegman had effectively dealt with warmist complaints about the non-representativeness of the Medieval Warm Period by denying the existence of the Southern Hemisphere [of course a monohemispheric globe is a geometrical innovation that rivals many of Ian Plimer's mathematical innovations - Ed.].

The initial version of the recent AGU membership survey only listed locations for members as North America, Latin America, Europe, Asia, Africa and Middle East (not to be confused with Meddle East or Middle Earth), omitting regions that lay entirely within the disputed Southern Hemisphere. For Australasian followers of the
Karl Groucho Marx principle that I don't want to belong to any club that will accept me as a member, belonging to an association that denied their existence was an acceptable alternative. Read More...

Big Yellow Sky - A Geoengineering Song

****** Big yellow sky ******

(a geoengineering song)

(Friends of Gin and Tonic: West New Zealand)
They filled up the sky, put up a sulfate block
with a bright yellow sky, giving the world a shock.
Don't it always seem to go
that you don't appreciate when it's hot.
They filled up the sky, put up a sulfate block.