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Absorbance Spectrum of Tonic Water - the new CO2?

Climate change deniers frequently claim that CO2 in the upper troposphere does not absorb enough energy to warm the earth beyond 0.5C. This line of denial is very popular with Calgary Rubezahls like the Friends of Science (FoS). What these scientific backseat drivers fail to take into account is not only the positive Feedback caused by Tonic Water in the atmosphere - in particular at higher altitudes, which are too cold for the absorption of large volumes of water vapour - but they also ignore the absorbance of Tonic Water, which can be easily calculated.

absorbance schweppes

As the result, the climate sensitivity of an atmosphere saturated with Tonic Water (plus Gin) is estimated to be 38% abv. Experiments that aim to determine the range of absorption spectra when ‘diluted’ with Gin at different concentrations are underway. It is also not settled yet whether there is an equivalent for FoS members’ absorption of rye whiskey.

However, because Schweppes was mis-spelt by scientists in the above diagram, the absorption of heat by Tonic Wateris a hoax and anthropogenic global warming is fraud.

Former Leader offered Chance of Redemption after Climate Heresy

Now that the Australian election has been decided and the Liberalultra-conservative/National hyper-conservative COALition has lost, Opposition leader Mad Monk Tony Abbott has had the task of selecting a new set of shadow ministers.

As would be expected from a man who supports the theory of the iron sun, Mr. Abbott's choices renew the COALition's commitment to non-core science..

In particular, the new shadow minister for Innovation, Industry, Science and Research Sophie Mirabella. Her non-core science credentials are impeccable, having previously quit the shadow cabinet in protest at prospect of the Liberalultra-conservative party voting for the emissions trading scheme that they had negotiated with the government. Ms. Mirabella has quickly engaged with her new role, and shown her firm grasp of the principles of nuanced Hayekist argument by denouncing the government's proposed climate committee as Marxist [Karl Marx or Groucho Marx? Ed.]. Read More...

Denial Wars Part 3: Quantum Mechanics

When FoGT reported on the Deniers' War in Calgary, we were unaware of some of the deeper connections. While the (Groucho)-Marxist analysis clarifies things, the real reason for the denial wars lies in quantum mechanics.

Deep in the structure of quantum mechanics is the division of particles into fermions and bosons due to the link between
spin and statistics (this is not the same as using statistics for spin - that is classical, not quantum). Mainstream science seems to largely act like particles with no spin (bosons) which obey Bose-Einstein statistics. This means that they can assemble into a Bose-Einstein condensate consensustate. However, with even the smallest amount of spin (half-integer spin), the particles are fermions which obey Fermi-Dirac statistics. This leads to the Pauli exclusion principle, which asserts that all the spins have to be in different states. Read More...

On the Canonization of Mary MacKillop

When the going gets tough, the tough get going - generally going as far away as possible and leaving a woman to clean up the mess. Such is the principle of Australian politics that led to Carmen Lawrence, Joan Kirner and Kristina Keneally taking on ground breaking roles for women as state premiers being left in charge of terminally sick state governments.

With the need to appoint an Australian saint to
boost the tourist industry enhance the Catholic faith, the Catholic church has accepted local traditions for dealing with troubled times and given the job to a woman. With paedophile scandals reaching higher and higher up the Catholic hierarchy, choosing a woman reduces the risk of an embarrassing mistake in canonization. On October 17 this year, Mary MacKillop will become the first Australian saint, recognizing her founding of the Little Sisters of St Joseph of the Sacred Heart (and of course having delivered the requisite two miracles). Read More...

Wild Rose Alliance releases Climate Policy and Oktoberfest Lager

Alberta’s Wildrose Alliance, the local political party for all right-drinking people, recently released its environment policy: Clean Beer, Clean Water, Clean Land. Coincidentally, the Wild Rose Brewery has just released its seasonal Oktoberfest Lager, which, at 5.5% ABV, might need to be consumed in some quantity to lead to agreement with the position that “there is obviously still healthy scientific debate as to the extent manmade emissions of CO2 are affecting fermentation temperatures --and this debate will likely carry on for many years.”



Updated Repost: Denial Wars: Part 2 - The Marxist View

On his blog, opinionated dickhead climate expert Andrew Bolt noted that Australian Senator Steve Fielding had joined Christopher Monckton, the Third Viscount of Brenchley (a member of the out-house of Lords) to threaten the IPCC chief with police action.

However both Fielding and Monckton seem relectant to acknowledge this or any other connection between them.

Monckton's open letter
as pdf file on SIPP website threatens We should be grateful for your response within 48 hours, failing which we shall be entitled to presume that you, ..... intend to conspire, and are conspiring, to obtain a pecuniary advantage by deceiving the public ... and we should be compelled to place this letter in the hands of the relevant investigating and prosecuting authorities but makes no mention of Fielding. Read More...

Donations Update: FoGT vs FoS


gals & older gents donate here

Like many ‘denier’ and ‘believer’ organizations, the Friends of Science (FoS) and FoGT feature a ‘Donate’ button on their front page. The differences between the two groups are mainly defined by age: age of the members and age of the supporters - which is reflected by the donation practices. While the younger, idealistic, more virile FoGT members/supporters rely less on monetary donations, the more conservative, much older, retired engineers of and around FoS with their theoretically shorter remaining life expectancies prefer cash donations. Clicking on the ‘Donate’ buttons above gives you an idea of the current progress of their efforts - and why cash becomes more attractive with age.

Warning: You are approaching FoGT’s donation area. EXPLICIT MATERIAL! Discretion is advised! Don’t enter without a condom! Read More...

Denial Wars: Part 2 - the Marxist View

On his blog opinionated dickhead climate expert Andrew Bolt on Fielding Christopher Monckton Third Viscount of Brenchley and member of the out-house of Lords threaten IPCC chief both deny it Monckton's copy of letter on SIPP website makes no mention of Fielding. On the Family FirstFraud First party website Denialists reflecting the the principle from KarlGroucho Marx that I wouldn't ... Abbott weakens on Plimer - Politician evades awkward question
consensus if for conspirators, and inimical to the spirit of non-core science

Prof Dr Moritz Lorenz. Sarah Palin School of Geography, Economics and Quantum Computing,
University of Narbethong, West Island Campus, NZ