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Happy Halloween with the Friends of Science Zombies


Caroline Blais, Director,
Electricity and Combustion Division, Environmental Stewardship Branch, Department of the Environment, Gatineau, Quebec K1A 0H3

Re: Canada Gazette, Part I, Vol. 145, No. 35 — August 27, 2011
Reduction of Carbon Dioxide Emissions from Coal-Fired Generation of Electricity Regulations

Carbon dioxide emissions are a wonderful by-product of industrialization and energy use. It causes slightly warmer temperatures by about 0.5
oC at double CO2, in about 200 years, which would benefit Canadians both by a small temperature effect and by CO2 plant fertilization. Attempts to reduce CO2 emissions are counterproductive.

… 20 pages of pseudoscientific ramblings by bitter old engineers with grossly enlarge prostates...

The Canadian government should not be restricting GHG emissions. GHG emissions are a wonderful by- product of fossil fuel use.

Ken Gregory Director, Friends of Science Society Email:

Read the whole garble

Schweinsgruber says: what a fucking idiot!


Lots of Red Herring in the Sea

Re: "Oceans warming," Letter, Oct. 12.

I followed Tom Ashby's advice to just google "missing heat."

Top five results:

? Reuters' press release from Scientific American coverage of a National Centre for Atmospheric Research study full of "may," "could" and "computer simulations;"

? "Watts Up With That" article showing that actual measured ocean temperatures are not increasing and pointing out the poor performance of computer climate models;

? "Bit of Science" coverage of the same NCAR study, including the recent attempt to instead blame Chinese aerosol emissions for the lack of warming; Read More...

Carnage at Friends of Science Conference

TORONTO - Emergency workers faced a scene right out of a horror movie Tuesday after members of the Friends of Science fell off a platform during a meeting in Toronto.

At least 16 members who were on what is understood to be a sun-worship platform were injured in the accident just before 8 a.m. at a compound in the city's west end, police said. Officials said none of the injuries was life-threatening.

At first, emergency responders were thrown by the bizarre sight of the climate zombies, and it was more difficult for crews to assess their injuries, said Toronto EMS spokesman Stig McIntyre (no relation). Read More...

Norm shot down again

Oceans warming

Re: "Listen to Danielle," Letter, Oct. 9.

Norm Kalmanovitch and Danielle Smith really must be not looking into both sides of the climate warming issue. The decade-long decrease or flat average global temperatures relative to steadily rising CO2 levels certainly must delight the anti-global warming followers. Just Google "
missing heat," Mr. Kalmanovitch, and then read it all. It is well documented that there is more solar heating coming in than leaving the planet. So, where is that extra heat going? The oceans.

Tom Ashby, Calgary

© Copyright (c) The Calgary Herald

Norm continues to demonstrate the Limitlessness of Crackpottery

Listen to Danielle
Nine years of global cooling with an accelerated increase in CO2 emissions from fossil fuels (mostly from China and India, which are both politically excluded from the Kyoto accord) demonstrates that there is clearly no possible scientific support for human-caused global warming, but this physical evidence has not yet reached the Alberta government, which continues to waste our tax dollars fighting this now nonexistent global warming.

The critical climate change debate is clearly not about whether humans are causing catastrophic global warming, but whether government action should be based on scientific fact or solely on IPCC climate model-based conjecture, and who better to debate this issue than Alison Redford to defend her government's blind reliance on IPCC conjecture against Danielle Smith, who has been criticized by this government for merely questioning science behind global warming orthodoxy.

Norm Kalmanovitch, Calgary

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Toma Harris defeats Science again

According to an Emeritus Professor of physics quoted by Tom Harris, so
it must be true.

The following and the references therein must therefore all be lies:

We're so lucky to have Tom Harris/the ICSC/the Friends of Science to put
us straight!

Kill CO2 regulations

Tom Harris
National Post
Thu, 6 Oct 2011
1156 words
(c) 2011 National Post . All Rights Reserved.

The annual Conference of the Parties (COP) to the United Nations
Framework Convention on Climate Change must be intimidating events for
Canadian environment ministers. Year after year they are expected to
present Canada's "green credentials" to appease international
eco-critics.


Re: APEGGA Ignores its Duty Over Climate Change Misinformation, by Norm Kalmanovitch, P.Geoph., Readers’ Forum, The PEG, June 2011.

I can’t stand the guilt brought on by Mr. Kalmanovitch’s exposé of the climate change fraud. My entire career has been wasted. Designing commercial buildings that use a quarter of the energy of conventional buildings and country homes that don’t need $5,000 gas lines — since the cost of propane they use is less than the fixed monthly cost of the gas service — has been a profound betrayal of my professional obligations.

It’s time to cancel my membership in the American Society of Heating, Refrig- erating and Air-Conditioning Engineers, the largest engineering association in the world. ASHRAE has taken a very strong position that their members are uniquely positioned to dramatically reduce the use of energy by buildings, which contribute about 40 per cent of the greenhouse gas emissions in North America. Read More...

FoGT recommends

A message from your Friends of Gin and Tonic:
Keep Calm


Re: APEGGA Ignores its Duty Over Climate Change Misinformation, by Norm Kalmanovitch, P.Geoph., Readers’ Forum, The PEG, June 2011.

Mr. Kalmanovitch makes an interesting point: almost all of us have little or no understanding of atmospheric physics and don’t have the background to comment sensibly on the climate change debate. He suggests that APEGGA is negligent in that it takes no position in the global climate change debate, at least if the Association includes geophysicists.

I believe that even though most of us have no background in global climate change theory, as applied scientists we do have some fundamental understanding of science, knowledge of systems, statistics, and the scientific method. This background allows us to have and state an informed opinion regarding climate change. Many of us have done so in this forum.

The debate should continue. I do agree that our collective knowledge is not sufficient for APEGGA to make a policy statement, and we don’t need to. When addressing climate change, we are before the court of public opinion, not a court of law. Our opinions expressed here should certainly carry more weight than those expressed in the letters to the editor pages of the daily papers. Read More...