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FoS stops Global Cooling and invents Website Traffic

Dear FoS,
We FoGT have been missing your monthly decadal regression trends since 2002. It used to be declining by 0.12C per decade in February 2010, and in July, it was 0.01C (which is smaller than the error).

August was skipped, will September be skipped, too because the trend is now a positive one or because you guys were seconded to harvest cherries in Okanagan valley?

Derek

Fort McMurray bans Plastic Bags for James Cameron Visit

Fort McMurray, capital of the famous Alberta tar oil sands, passes ban on plastic bags in the wake of the visit of James Cameron, director of the movie Avatar, and hence an expert on global warming.

Bags from fast-food restaurants, pharmacies, liquor stores and bags used to purchase bulk items like produce are exempt from the ban. Unfortunately, Fort McMurray only offers fast-food restaurants, pharmacies, liquor stores, and bulk items stores. Also not banned are the gigantic monster trucks used by the local losers to drive to the fast-food restaurants, pharmacies, liquor stores, and bulk item stores.

Councillor Allen conceded:
"There's going to be some challenges implementing this...from my perspective when I see bags floating down the streets they're largely from fast food places."

In a related story, the Alberta government banned the smell of air fresheners in vehicles during cellphone use in order to increase road safety.

New Study finds extensive Collusion by Climate Scientists

University of Narbethong press release: (embargoed to noon, West NZ time).

A new study in the University's Sarah Palin school has found extensive and worsening collusion by climate scientists.

In their analysis of the hockey stick, Wegman and colleagues showed that Michael Mann had written at least one paper with each of his co-authors. The social networking analysis was so ground-breaking that the authors were able to avoid the use of either a control case or a null hypothesis. Dispensing with control cases has been an important part of much innovative science for centuries culminating in the discovery of cold fusion by Pons and Fleischmann. Read More...

‘Mad Monk’ Meets Monckton: Australian Headline of the Year

On August 9 2010, The Melbourne Age reported the results of adjudication by the Australian Press Council on a complaint concerning the article “Mad Monk Meets Monckton”, which reported on a meeting between Opposition leader Tony Abbott and FoGT correspondent Lord Monckton the day after the release of the Opposition’s much-heralded mining promotion climate-change policy.


The complainant alleged that the photograph exaggerated the symptoms of Viscount Monckton's Grave's disease and that the newspaper had not published her letter of objection. The Press Council dismissed the complaint, since other letters had been published and the photograph did not, in the Council’s opinion, place gratuitous emphasis on Monckton's medical condition.

Perhaps surprisingly, there is no record of any complaint by supporters of erstwhile ‘Mad Monk’ Mr Abbott, advocate of the
iron sun theory and proponent of non-physics broadband; they apparently appreciated any coverage linking him to someone that made him appear relatively sane. Neither is there any record of a complaint by Mr Abbott’s political opponents about a headline that could only increase his popularity among his core supporters in the run-up to the election.

FoGT congratulates The Age on its journalistic balance and the Press Council on its sense of humour. And vice-versa.


Canadian Government protects Its Citizens from Scientific Misinformation

Concerned that the citizens of Canada are having their heads filled with alarmist pseudo-science about climate change and pollution from the tar sands industry, the Minister of Natural Resources, Christian Paradis, has decreed that all contact between Natural Resources Canada (NRC) scientists and journalists has to be “pre-approved” by the Minister.



Lawrence Solomon: Summer 2010, “Yet another Year in Which the Arctic did not melt”

Lawrence Solomon, the National Post’s answer to WTFUWT’s Steven Goddard, has crafted a radical new hypothesis to explain the absence of melting in the Arctic in the summer of 2010. Solomon bases his theory on the graph from the Danish Meteorological Institute illustrated below. It shows daily mean temperatures for the area north of the 80th northern parallel, comparing 2010 temperatures (red) to the mean temperatures for the period 1958-2002 (green).



New Government a Set-Back for Non-Core Science in Australia

In a set-back for non-core science in Australia, the Labor conservative party led by Julia Gillard will form a government in with two conservative rural independents joining a green MP, and ex-green independent Andrew Wilkie. Mr Wilkie achieved prominance through revealing the role of non-core military intelligence in the lead-up to the second Iraq war.

Rural independent Bob Katter announced on Tuesday morning that he would be supporting the Liberalultra-conservative/National hyper-conservative coalition led by Tony Abbott. Hours later, the other two rural independents, Tony Windsor and Rob Oakeshot, announced that they would be supporting Julia Gillard. Sources denied rumours that Windsor and Oakeshot had planned to do the opposite to whatever Bob Katter decided. Their earlier announced intention to Vote as a block with Bob Katter turned out to mean Vote as a block of Bob Katter. Read More...

Monckton Limerick Contest: Epilogue

Eli Rabbett’s Monckton Limerick Contest is now closed. FoGT was once again too late and thus has to post their entry on their own website.

He said, when they asked him "Oh why count
the errors put out by the Viscount?"
"It's to see if eventually
Lord Monckton of Brenchley
exceeds Ian Plimer's great lie count."


FoGT Blog irregular Posting in September

Dear fellow climate change denier, dear FoGT follower,

During the month of September, FoGT’s webmaster has followed an invitation by the World Communist Government (WCG) to discuss the possibility of a ceasefire with Greenpeace and other conspiracy terrorists that attempt to redistribute the wealth of the hard working North American suburbanites following the drastic inflation of church and property taxes. For this purpose, he has travelled to the central Asian Republic of Albertistan. Since the WGC headquarters and its many departments are located in tents without electricity, internet connection, and online trading access, the timing of FoGT’s blog posting will be somewhat erratic as it can only be performed from the capital Beddbuug. Read More...

Global Warming (man made) unmasked : The Hidden Agenda

Did you know that Global Warming is a government power grab via population reduction? Did you know that global warming is the evolution of the early eugenics programs? No? Then watch all 83 mins of this and be stunned how harmless our very Friends of Science are in comparison. And don’t forget: the more Catholic the better.

If the embedded video does not work with your outdated microsoft explorer, the favourite browser for free marketeers/deniers, watch the original here. It works well with all browsers on the Mac and with Firefox and Safari on Windows.

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IPCC linked to Match Fixing in Test Cricket

As part of the ongoing purge of corruption in the IPCC, the Weekend Australian has identified the link to match fixing by the Pakistani cricket team. Realizing that ICC is almost identical to IPCC, the editorial the-limits-of-pan-nationalism notes that "The failings of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change and the International Cricket Council highlight the potential for incompetence and corruption on the part of unelected bodies".

The editorial concludes "Until the IPCC and ICC become transparent and accountable to stakeholder nations, their effectiveness will remain limited." Since the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, is, as its name indicates, a panel appointed by national governments, the challenge of making these people
more accountable to the stakeholder nations is indeed formidable. The contribution of the Weekend Australian builds on their unique insights into the lack of confidence in the IPCC having actively worked to create this.

Prof Dr Moritz Lorenz Sarah Palin School of Geography, Economics and Quantum Computing
University of Narbethong West Island Campus, NZ

FoGT vs MMH: Climate Models vs Weather Models, Null Hypotheses vs Bullshit

By Gavin Kirsch, FoGT Chief Climate Modeler

manuscript to be published in popular online weather comic Atmospheric Science Letters by our Friends Ross McKitrick and Steve McIntyre, along with some guy called Herman, has lately been generating some buzz in certain parts of the blogosphere (although not as much as a way funnier one by another couple of statisticians who manage to conclude both that 1997-2006 was 80% likely to have been the warmest 10 years in the last 1000 and that Michael Mann was wrong). These three amigos, MMH - who shouldn’t be confused with MBH, but the H gives them a hint of warmalarmist familiarity and the M&M jokes were getting old - use ‘new’ methods to re-roast an old chestnut (or rather, marshmallow): the comparison between observed and modeled temperature trends in the tropical troposphere. Read More...

Advancing Glaciers corrupt Global Temperature Trends


The USGS presently wines about Asian glacier retreat driven by global warming climate change, which will lead to all sorts of problems. Bollocks! A colleague of the Geological Survey of Canada (GSC) submitted this photo to us. It was taken on a recent business trip to the Berner Oberland in Chile, southern hemisphere (hence upside down unless you live in the southern hemisphere). It shows the increasing vertical extent of the 'La Paloma Glacier' between 1908 and 2010. A least one surface temperature measurement station was overrun by and incorporated into the advancing ice sheet and has since produced perfectly flat local T anomalies of 0.00 C, which has resulted in underestimated global temperature trends (kind of the opposite of the Urban Heat Island effect).