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Rex Murphy's Calgary Climate Denial barely successful

McEwan Hall at the University of Calgary during Rex Murphy's presentation.

Rex Murphy spoke at McEwan Hall of the University of Calgary yesterday and everybody came. Len Maier of the Friends of Science expected a crowd of 1000, mostly students. The approximately 27 Friends of Science congested the entrance with their walkers, wheel chairs, and oxygen tanks so that many students were turned away by the wait. There were not enough adult diapers supplied by the sponsor (Talisman Energy) and the resulting mess caused a delay for the 57 attendants. We were surprised that the University tolerated this spectacle on their property, considering their recent encounter with the Friends of Science.


Friends of Science's Denial denied

“We’re not on the List!”

The recent book ‘Climate Change Denial: Heads in the Sand’ by Haydn Washington and John Cook includes a list of denialist organizations that, inexplicably, omits our stalwart Friends of Science. We’ve wondered how they might respond…

We would almost have preferred a vindictive tax audit to that kind of crippling exclusion. Christ! What kind of waterheads compiled that list? How can we show our faces in the Petroleum Club, when word finally reaches Calgary that we weren’t on it?

There is slim satisfaction in the knowledge that our exclusion from the (2011) list of ‘climate change deniers’ has more to do with timing and John Cook’s refusal to read the
National Post than with the outrageousness of all the things we’ve said and written about those climatologist bastards. Read More...

Rex Murphy Climate Change 101 at the University of Calgary

Our website presently suffers many hits from older gentlemen who are googling for 'Rex Murphy U of C event' or similar. Google redirects them here. We were concerned that Rex's performance would clash with the concert of the Arctic Monkeys, however polar melting has flushed the latter back into the evening. Rex will be speaking at the lunch hour, which is favourable for the retirees of the Friends of Science (replenished blood sugar levels counteract the aged engineers' ADD). We hope that there is a KFC on campus nearby. In any case, MacEwan Hall will feature washable plastic chairs and, as always with denial events, every attendant will receive a free adult diaper: Climate Change 101 = Diaper Change 101. Barry Cooper will hand out vouchers for his new money laundromat. Al Gore, albeit mentioned twice on the poster, will not attend. Neither will a climatologist. Or members of FoGT.

Our question to Rex: Will the Arctic Monkeys replace the polar bears after melting the ice?

Update! Another question to Rex Murphy: Don't the same people who deny global warming also want to get rid of CBC (too liberal!)? Rex, aren't you sawing off the branch you are sitting on?

Rex Murphy U of C sm


Re: APEGGA Ignores its Duty Over Climate Change Misinformation, by Norm Kalmanovitch, P.Geoph., Readers’ Forum, The PEG, June 2011.

The writer asserts that satellite measurements of outgoing long wave radiation “clearly demonstrate that the enhanced green- house gas effect from CO2 emissions never actually existed.”

That drew my attention. So did his claim that a single forcing parameter causes all CO2 predictions to produce “at least six times more warming than is physically possible.” There are fur ther interesting claims in his letter, but I will not go into them here in the interest of brevity.

These are news to me, and I would ask Mr. Kalmanovitch to share his sources so that I can review the data myself and see if I come to a similar conclusion, and to also see if this one measure-ment or parameter trumps all others in the effort to quantify any potential greenhouse effect. Read More...


We had already reported on Norm's gaga here, but we would like to warm it up again. For a good reason: in the next few days we will be posting replies from genuine engineers. Stay tuned!

Geophysics is a broad discipline that includes atmospheric and planetary physics, as well as the more engineering-like aspects of geophysical evaluations and mapping. The latter are commonly assumed to be the entire practice of geophysics.

When our provincial act placed geophysical practice under the auspices of APEGGA, the Association was mandated to protect the public from unprofessional and unskilled practice over the entire spectrum of geophysical endeavours. This includes atmospheric physics, and therefore APEGGA is mandated to verify that none of its members have exceeded their knowledge base and presented false information to the government on climate. Read More...

Friend of Science strikes back

Friends of Science zombie logo
More response to this Squibble…

SEPTEMBER 26, 2011

Re: "Drought on Scientists " Letter, Sept. 20.

Jurgen Kraus criticizes Tom Harris because he is an engineer and not a climatologist, thus claiming he is not an authority in climate science.

Sorry, but engineers are much more capable of studying, learning and understanding complex technical and scientific information than are most politicians, especially those named Al Gore.

Len Maier, Calgary

© Copyright (c) The Calgary Herald

Schweinsgruber says: Len Maier is yet another retired engineer from the Friends of Science. He maintains their other climate change denial site climate change 101. Len is living proof for the inability of engineers to follow through a consequent argument: because engineers, in his opinion, are able to comprehend complicated scientific relationships better than politicians, non-expert Harris becomes an expert. Len proves here impressively that engineers are NOT capable of studying, learning, and understanding complex technical and scientific information. Let alone of creating such…

Tom Harris's Buddy lies back

In response to this Squibble…

Not junk science


Re: "Drought on scientists," Letter, Sept. 20.

The International Climate Science Coalition (ICSC) was founded by the New Zealand Climate Science Coalition in 2007 in response to strong international support for our science-based, non-partisan approach. Contrary to Jurgen Kraus' assertions, ICSC lists among its advisers some of the world's leading climatologists and other experts in climate-related science, engineering, policy and economics.

ICSC is not an "extreme political organization." We support or oppose the remarks and actions of players in the climate debate based solely on the veracity of what they are saying and doing, not who they are or the organizations they associate with. We do not engage in ad hominem ("against the man") attacks or other logical fallacies.

Tom Harris under Attack

Drought on scientists

Re: "Clearing things up," Letter, Sept. 15.

Tom Harris, executive director of the International Climate Science Coalition, has attempted to demonstrate in numerous recent letters that he is an expert of and an authority in climate science. He is not. Harris is a mechanical engineer. The International Climate Science Coalition itself is a bluff package. None of their directors or advisers are climatologists. It is simply an extreme political organization, aiming to deceive the public by creating doubt on climate science. They have as much to do with science as the Friends of Science. Beware of the pied pipers!

Solomon's Verdict, 2nd Instance

Warmed right over; The global-warming theory is nearing its end as
evidence against it mounts

Lawrence Solomon
National Post
Sat, 17 Sep 2011
1085 words
(c) 2011 National Post . All Rights Reserved.

Why do a majority of Canadians - 52% according to the latest Angus Reid
poll - still hold the belief that humans are mainly responsible for
global warming?

I think I know, based on the feedback I've received from literally
thousands of Canadians who have commented in recent years on my articles
dealing with global warming. Most of that 52% have so often been told
that the science is settled on global warming, and so rarely that there
is any credible dissent, that they have not yet twigged to
straightforward information, such as the rejection by most top
scientists of the globalwarming dogma.

Climate Debate ignores dissenting Science

Roger Romney-Hughes says: CERN and NIPCC; is that the best he can do?

Owen Sound Sun Times
Mon, 19 Sep 2011
772 words
2011 Sun Media Corporation

The Harper Conservative government and the McGuinty Liberals seem oblivious to the latest developments in science when it comes to multibillion dollar climate and energy policies. Read More...

University, Talisman distance themselves from Friends of Science

While one American-based climate change skeptic walked away with a $541 soapstone carving, Talisman Energy and other donors to "research" funds at the University of Calgary received tax receipts as a result of a public-relations campaign to cast doubt on global warming science, newly released records have revealed.

The revelations from hundreds of pages of invoices and accounting documents from an internal audit come as the university and Talisman, an Alberta-based energy company, move to distance themselves from the sophisticated international marketing and lobbying effort to discredit scientific evidence linking human activity to climate change.

University Climate Research Accounts used for PR, Travel, Wining and Dining: Records

OTTAWA — A pair of "research" accounts at the University of Calgary, funded mainly by the oil and gas industry, were used for a sophisticated international political campaign that involved high-priced consultants, lobbying, wining, dining, and travel with the goal of casting doubt on climate change science, newly-released accounting records have revealed.

The records showed that the strategy was crafted by professional firms, in collaboration with well-known climate change skeptics in Canada and abroad, allowing donors to earn tax receipts by channeling their money through the university.

All of the activities and $507,975 in spending were organized by the Friends of Science, an anti-Kyoto Protocol group founded by retired oil industry workers and academics who are skeptical about peer-reviewed research linking human activity to global warming observed in recent decades.

Friends of Science lose Receipts

page2image368

Alberta leads Canada in Fight Against Global Warming

Province has country’s highest proportion of air-cooling, coal-fired power stations; but new federal rules endanger Alberta’s green good works

While everybody knows that coal-fired power stations emit far more CO2 than their natural-gas fired equivalents, what hasn’t been widely understood until recently is that the aerosols (often pejoratively called 'smog') produced by clunky old coal plants reflect sunlight, acting as a ‘negative forcing’ on climate. In Alberta, we are proud to obtain over 70% of our electricity from coal, overwhelmingly from old plants that, while they might spit out loads of CO2, also produce wonderful quantities of nice cooling aerosols, thereby fulfilling our earnest desire to do our bit in the fight against global warming.

Harper government cutting vital Climate Science: Critics

Environment Canada is planning to axe a monitoring network that is key to assessing Earth's protective ozone layer, according to a report in a leading science journal.

Environment Canada is planning to axe a monitoring network that is key to assessing Earth's protective ozone layer, according to a report in a leading science journal.

The British journal Nature says scientists and research institutes around the world have been informally told the Canadian network will be shut down as early as this winter putting an end to continuous ozone measurements that go back 45 years.


Talisman Energy kick-started U of C climate skeptic fund


OTTAWA — A major Alberta-based oil and gas company helped to kick-start an elaborate public relations project designed to cast doubt on scientific evidence linking human activity to global warming with a $175,000 donation in 2004 channelled through the University of Calgary, a newly-released letter has revealed.

The donation from Talisman Energy was the largest single contribution to a pair of trust accounts at the university that received $507,975 in donations to produce a video and engage in public relations, advertising and lobbying activities against the Kyoto Protocol and government measures to restrict fossil fuel consumption and greenhouse gas emissions.

"Talisman is pleased to be a part of this exciting project and wish you success in the production of the video," said the letter, dated Nov. 4, 2004, to university account administrator Chantal-Lee Watt, that accompanied a $175,000 cheque.


Alley wins $100,000 of Ketchup

PSU professor's climate work wins 1 of 9 Heinz Awards
Tuesday, September 13, 2011
By Sally Kalson, Pittsburgh Post-Gazette
Heinz Award recipient Richard Alley of Penn State University.

Richard Alley, a Penn State University professor and leader in polar ice studies who discovered that massive climate shifts can happen abruptly, is one of 10 recipients of this year's Heinz Awards.

The awards, to be announced this morning by Teresa Heinz and the Heinz Family Foundation, each carry $100,000 for unrestricted use and a medallion. They will be presented at a ceremony on Nov. 15 in Washington, D.C.

John Cook wins Eureka Prize, Archimedes screwed

Establishment science apologist and propagandist John Cook has been awarded the Eureka Prize by the Government of New South Wales supposedly “for communication that motivates action to reduce the impacts of climate change.” And , they might well have added, for promoting a one-world government and a return to the stone age.

John Cook emerging from one of his infrequent baths. Source

Luboš Motl, the articulate and compassionate science blogger —cruelly dubbed NSF or even the Irredeemable Czech by his many jealous detractors—has said it better than FoGT ever could:

Instead of congratulating someone which would be truly inappropriate, cynical, and unethical, let me express my deep condolences to Archimedes and all his fans (and all fans of science) – because his famous trademark has just been brutally humiliated and desecrated.

And Cook, now you're not just a regular crackpot but a corrupt one. A few years in prison have been added to my Excel table next to your name.

Standing up for the reputation of a dead Greek scientist is the kind of magnanimous and principled statement that we have come to expect to read on Mr Motl’s elegant website.


Climate Vote Project

The CLIMATE VOTE PROJECT, the initiative to slow the pace of global warming, was kicked off with the launch of
the homepage a few weeks ago.

Here is a short interview with the CVP staff:

1. What does the Climate Vote Project hope to achieve before COP 17?

CVP: First off, many people will not even know what COP 17 even means and that a global climate conference is taking place this year in November/December. Many people will also not know that one of the most important climate protection agreements to date, the Kyoto Protocol, will expire at the end of 2012.

Lawrence Loves Lorne

Our cosmic climate; CERN experiment overturns global-warming orthodoxy

The 20-year-long global warming debate is in its final stages, the
controversy having been settled over whether manmade causes such as
carbon dioxide or natural causes such as the Sun dominate climate change
on Earth.

First, the global warming doomsayers lost the argument in the court of
public opinion - barely one-third of the U.S. public, for example, now
believes that human activity can lead to dangerous warming.

Then, the doomsayers lost the economic argument when attempts to develop
renewable energy proved utterly futile. The world is instead rapidly
developing its fossil fuels, recently discovered to be so plentiful that
they can meet mankind's needs for centuries to come.

The vast and overblown Lorne Gunter

As might be expected, Gunter criminally misrepresents the findings of
the CERN experiment. See
lts-are-surprisingly-interesting/ for a discussion of the actual

Even if Gunter was right about the cosmic ray - cloud connection being
significant, the fact that cosmic rays are modulated by TSI and are a
mirror-image of solar activity on the 11-year sunspot cycle (see the
graph in the link above) should have been enough to tell him that it's
his own interpretation that's 'vastly overblown'.

Conservatives vs. Science

The 1980s and 1990s were prime time for environmental scares, many of which proved bogus. On one side were liberals, greens and professional alarmists who always assumed the worst. On the other side, many nonliberals chose to heed scientists who had studied the evidence. Time and again, the skeptics were right.

Remember the Alar scare of 1989, when Meryl Streep went before Congress to warn of a pesticide used on apples? There was much concern, but it didn't pan out. An official with the National Cancer Institute eventually concluded the cancer risk from eating apples treated with Alar was "nonexistent."

How about silicone breast implants? The FDA took them off the market in
1992, but for no good reason: In 1999, the Institute of Medicine said
they didn't cause breast cancer or other serious diseases.

Schindler's List

Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper has no balls - only one.

Prime Minister Stephen Harper has called global warming “perhaps the biggest threat to confront the future of humanity today.” Yet his government has delivered little meaningful action to address this threat.

It’s hard to imagine Canada’s international reputation on global warming and the environment getting worse, but our loss of credibility on these issues didn’t happen overnight. It’s partly the result of ongoing neglect of environmental science at the federal level, but it also stems from a long history of broken promises, both to Canadians and to our global peers.