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The Thin End of the Camel’s Nose on the Slippery Slope

We deniers of anthropogenic climate change hold these truths to be self-evident: that climate alarmists constitute a cult that is perpetrating a massive hoax with one aim–a single world socialist government. Those among us who wish to defend our western lifestyle must therefore fight the alarmists uncompromisingly, showing that they are wrong, not only about some things, but about everything. There must be no negotiations with these eco-terrorists, no concessions–even to “reality”.

There have been some very disturbing incidents of denial-apostasy lately.

Firstly, Willis Eschenbach in the world’s
most popular science blog argues that measurements of carbon dioxide concentrations at Mauna Loa are reliable and that the amount of plant food in the atmosphere is increasing due to human activities. This is the thin end of the wedge, once we admit that humans are causing this increase, extremists could twist this into making a case for reducing emissions.

Secondly, Roy Spencer, normally a reliable authority on
contentious science**, has come out and declared that carbon dioxide is physically capable of causing warming and, furthermore, that “back radiation” does not violate the Second Law of Thermodynamics. Once we let the camel’s nose of thermodynamic feasibility to poke inside, we may no longer be able to keep out the rest of the body of atmospheric physics out of the tent.

Thirdly, Steve McIntyre recently stepped onto a slippery slope, as reported in The

He {McIntyre] ducked a question on how much the Earth was warming – "I don't know" – he was convincing in saying his motive had always been wanting the temperature data only because he felt it was important and should be available. He noted that if he was running a government, he would be taking action on climate change.

Putting aside for now Steve’s rather tepid failure to affirm the reality of
global cooling, his suggestion that the government should involve itself in managing the climate is very worrying indeed.

To summarize, we have famous contrarians arguing the following.

Carbon dioxide is increasing because of us>>>
Carbon dioxide produces a warming effect>>>
Global cooling is uncertain>>>
Gummints should take action.

Of course, nobody can predict what effect these little flaps of the wings of some of the finest Lepidoptera specimens in the CAGW deniers’ showcase will have on the chaotic climate of public opinion. But one thing is for certain: we have to be unafraid to mix our metaphors and nip in the bud any butterfly putting its foot in the door!

** In which article Spencer argues “A naturalistic origin of the universe violates either the First or Second Laws of thermodynamics — or both. So, is this science? Or faith? “ There is still some hope that he will eventually show that the Greenhouse Effect violates the Laws of Thermodynamics, since the universe apparently does anyway. With sufficient faith, all things are possible.