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Lord Monckton: Die Jugend dient dem Fuehrer

monckton_garnautDesmogblog and an Australian Website report renewed ad hominem attacks by Lord Monckton. The real challenge is how to install the swastica in his portcullis. We should ask the Motorhead management. After all, Lemmy is an avid collector of nazi memorabilia.

FoGT have uncovered
Monckton’s Nazi activities a year ago. And we interviewed his lordship in his better days! And the House of Lords commented, too. Heil Monckton!

We close with our famous Lord Monckton joke:

Lord Monckton takes his tortoise to the movies. He purchases two tickets but is refused access by the ticket taker because no pets are allowed. So he retreats to the washroom, shoves the tortoise down his pants, throws one ticket away, and tries to get in on the other. This time he is successful.

When the movie starts, our lordship opens his fly so that the tortoise can watch, too. Next to him is a love couple passionately going at it.

Suddenly, the male lover stops and whispers in her ear: “Do you see the guy next to us? His pecker is hanging out of his fly.”

She replies: “So what, isn’t yours hanging out, too?”

Says the male lover: “Sure, but mine is not eating your popcorn.”