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MP3: FoGT sings for Ian Plimer, Fellow Denier

Ladies and Gentlemen, announced previously

Recorded at South Studios, mixed at Sapphire Sound,

The Friends of Gin & Tonic and The Tanqueray Tabernacle Choir


Stand By Your Scam - Song for Ian Plimer
(author of 'Heaven & Earth')


Stand By Your Scam
Sometimes it's hard denying warming
Giving all your love to just one scam
You'll claim it's cooled
And hope that someone's fooled
Make it seem to hard to understand
Confuse the climate with the weather
Your stories needn't fit together
And when you get attacks
Oh just reverse the facts
'Cause after all it's just a scam

Stand by your scam
Spread contradictory stories
That won't upset the tories
While the truth gets hot and scary
Stand by your scam
And fill the world with lying
Keep spouting bullshit while you can
Stand by your scam

Stand by your scam
Even when they  catch your lies out
That's the time to just spread more doubt
Stand by your scam


Terrible! -- Elton John, musician

The science is missing from this performance -- Ian Plimer, climate magician

This recording destroys the scientific consensus on global warming -- Tim Ball, paleoclimate skeptic

Musicgate, Singinggate, Microphongate, Gate, Gate, Gate, Gate... -- Friends of Science

Dr. Plimer can be
viewed in a debate here!