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Alberta’s $2B CCS plan: Cash Confiscation & Sequestration

Some of you dear followers of this blog who haven’t had the benefit of a classical education--unlike his learned eminence Viscount Lord Monckton of Brenchley--may have some difficulty with the term “sequestration”. Basically it’s a word of Latin origin that, translated into Albertan, means sticking something where the sun don’t shine. The Government of Alberta has a plan to take hard-earned dollars of ordinary Albertans and give them to large corporations so that the companies can take plant food (carbon dioxide) and “sequester” it deep in the bowels of the earth, where the sun most definitely does not shine.
Let’s put this scheme in some perspective with some easy-to-understand graphics. Attentive readers of FoGT will have heard mention of the cabal known as the IPCC, a secret society bent on introducing world socialism, funded by the UN with dollars confiscated from unwitting citizens. Using its access to
advanced research tools, FoGT has uncovered secret documents that reveal the funding for this nefarious plot. Between 1998 and 2007 the IPCC received nearly 95 million Swiss Francs, from various world governments: that’s about $86 million Canadian dollars, of which Canada contributed approximately CAD$2.8 million.
Now, those nit-picky alarmists will likely object that comparing the Government of Alberta with the IPCC is like comparing apples with oranges. So we’ll cleverly pre-empt such objections by using said fruits in our graphics.


Of course, such a graphic is highly misleading since it takes no account of population. So:


Frankly, we are a little disappointed that our colleagues at the Friends of Science have not examined this issue more closely. Perhaps there are conflicts of interest that--perfectly understandably--force them to exercise discretion. Some of the FoS luminaries may, after all, be shareholders of Swan Hill Synfuels ($285 million grant), Enhance Energy Inc ($495 milion) , Shell Canada ($745 million), or TransAlta Corporation ($436 million) and it would be highly irregular for them to express opinions on the merits of these projects. Also, some FoS members may have close ties to Alberta’s governing Conservatives and it could be personally embarrassing for them to criticize their friends in high places.