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Edgar Wallace's Face of the Frog attacks overcooked Prawn

As we all have heard in the meantime, Lord Monckton writes about his critic John Abraham:

“So unusual is this attempt actually to meet us in argument, and so venomously ad hominem are Abraham’s artful puerilities, delivered in a nasal and irritatingly matey tone (at least we are spared his face — he looks like an overcooked prawn), that climate-extremist bloggers everywhere have circulated them and praised them to the warming skies.”

FoGT may use this opportunity for another argumentum ad moncktonem: While we feel that Abraham looks more like the Dutch version of a smurf, Lord Monckton rather looks like Edgar Wallace’sFace of the Frog’ or a frog in a blender. Convince yourself!

P.S. We also wonder why our lordship uses a rather gay pink version of the House of Lords logo? Is every f*****g wanker allowed to do that?

Disclaimer: FoGT does not use the term ‘gay’ in a discriminatory but in a factual sense. As you know, we are rather open minded.

The overcooked Prawn


Edgar Wallace’s Face of the Frog