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Climate Change Denial Book rocks Germany

Is the Cold Sun (Die Kalte Sonne) a Lukewarm Copycat of North-American/Australian Climate Change Denial?

Guest chapters by old friends Scafetta and Svensmark predict the same old same old...

Schweinsgruber says: We need more brave hobby researchers challenging the broad body of climate science with zombie arguments from the ultra right wing echo chamber

Rollt eine wissenschaftliche Sensation auf Deutschland zu? Nimmt man ernst, was die beiden RWE -Manager Fritz Vahrenholt und Sebastian Lüning in ihrem neuen Buch zum Klimawandel behaupten, dann müssen zumindest in den Umwelt- und Klimawissenschaften mehrere Jahrzehnte Forschungsgeschichte neu geschrieben werden. Nach jahrelanger Arbeit haben die beiden Freizeitforscher herausgefunden: Die Erderwärmung ist zum Stillstand gekommen. Falsch, so die Autoren, sei auch der Kernbefund der weltweiten Forschungscommunity, vom Menschen emittierte Treibhausgase wie Kohlendioxid führten zu einem gefährlichen Klimawandel.

Lord Monckton runs wild in Wellington Streets

A mystery sheep ran wild through the streets of central Wellington before it was apprehended by police, who took the animal to cells in the back of a patrol car.

Wellington police Senior Sergeant Anita Dixon said police received three or four calls from concerned members of the public who saw the sheep bolting down Ghuznee Street and along Vivian Street at around 11.30pm last night.

A police unit was dispatched find the sheep were about to give up until they found it cornered in the Briscoes carpark on Taranaki Street by a group of people.

"Some members of the public had jumped on it and held it down in the carpark," Dixon said.

With no other clear options, and mindful of the havoc it could cause to late-night revellers and traffic, the officers bundled the sheep into the back of their vehicle and headed back to Wellington Central Station.

No Climate Debate: Friends of Science twist Everything

From our Friends the Friends of Science:

Tom Harris, executive director of the International Climate Science Coalition, reports on an end-of-May meeting of a thousand geoscientists from Canada, the US and other countries in Ottawa. The lead symposium was Earth Climate: Past, Present and Future, and though there were many presentations, only one was consistent with IPCC claims of dangerous AGW. According to the symposium chairman, people on the IPCC side will not debate. Mr. Harris has been attempting to get the Canadian Meteorological and Ocean Society to participate in a public, climate-science debate, but the CMOS, and other climate alarmists, continues to maintain their narrow-mindedness that the science is settled and debate unnecessary.

Schweinsgruber says: How can one
debate science? Science is a matter of facts and not a matter of opinion. And: there was no ‘lead’ symposium at this meeting. So if you are left with the impression that the most important scientific urge of Canada’s geological community is climate change denial, then you got plimered! Also, the symposium in question was not organized by Tom Harris but by Andrew Miall from the University of Toronto. In summary, Tom Harris is a mechanical engineer, who has absolutely nothing to do with climatology or the Geological Association of Canada, in as much as the Friends of Science have nothing to do with science.