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Friends of Science lose Global Cooling and the Issue

The concreteheads of the Friends of Science (FoS) publish their global cooling trend for the decade monthly. Their decade starts on the cherry picked 1st of January 2002 and ends at the end of each consecutive month. So, their cooling trend is shrinking while their decade is expanding. It will be a true decade after December 2011.

FoS’ cooling cooling trend [trend uncertainty > +/- 0.03 C]:
  • 1st Jan 2002 to end of February 2010: 0.12C
  • 1st Jan 2002 to end of April 2010: 0.06C
  • 1st Jan 2002 to end of July 2010: 0.01C (see below)
  • 1st Jan 2002 to end of August 2010: FoS have retreated to a golf course monastery to pray that their cherry trend will not be a positive one.
Chief denier Patrick Michaels, at the Heartland 2008 Conference on Climate Change, had a more realistic idea [Audio; mp3; 1:49 mins; 1.7 MB] of whether global warming has stopped - or rather not: “If you lose credibility on the issue you lose the issue.” ...“And if you make that argument now [that global warming has stopped], you’re gonna have a very very difficult time defending the future“. Again, no worries here that the deniers are consistent. Read More...

MP3: Solar Schmolar Debate at GeoCanada 2010

Interesting debate (download MP3; 2:43 mins; 1.3 MB) following this GeoCanada 2010 talk:

Geochemical evidence for late Holocene Paleoclimatic and Paleoceanographic variability in Anoxic Basins, Seymour-Belize Inlet Complex, Central Coastal Mainland, British Columbia

Babalola, L.O, Patterson, R.T. and Prokoph, A.
Earth Sciences Department
Carleton University
Ottawa, Ontario


MP3: Lord Monckton defeats the Nazis

girls hakenkraus

Over at The Climate Scum, they characterize Lord Monckton, the 3rd Viscount of Brenchley, member of the House of Lords, puzzle creator, and famous climate denier skeptic, as the victor of the Falklands war and curor of Aids and other diseases...What they miss, however, is Lord Monckton’s brilliant solo victory against the UN world socialist government Nazi Germany.

FoGT, master of the audio recording, offers Lord Monckton’s heroic fight against the Hitler Youth at the 2010 Copenhagen climate conference [Audio: mp3; 30 sec; 300 KB].


Mp3: Lord Monckton wins Debate but Earth still warming

Retired weatherman Anthony Watts reports a brilliant victory by Lord Monckton in the battlefield of propaganda climatology, fought at Oxford Union against Lord Half-Whitty, a brilliant climatologist. Because of this brilliant victory, the laws of physics need to be changed, global warming is unreal, and the large body of science that proves the opposite must be burnt. Once again, world history has been made by a bunch of British wankers aristocrats. IPCC observers cried fraud as the referee of the debate was no one else but Lord Monckton’s personal child psychologist himself. Read More...

MP3: Friends of Science sunk by an Iceberg

“The very curious thing about this is, if it is the atmosphere that is melting the ice; 9/10 of the ice is below the water; so how exactly is the atmosphere gonna be melting the ice?”
Norm Kalmanovitch, FoS, 11 May 2010.

MP3: Friend of Science speaks at GeoCanada 2010

Friends of Science creative scientist Norm Kalmanovitch gave his disputed talk at GeoCanada 2010 (previosly discussed here and here). A rather entertaining mp3 file of remarkable sound quality can be downloaded from our site (22 mins; 10 MB). The file includes incredible math and an amusing debate following the presentation at 15:01. The fact that Norm read off his powerpoint benefitted this audiobook version. Judge for yourselves... Read More...

MP3: Tom Pedersen shoots down FoS at GeoCanada 2010

Tom Pedersen, Director, Pacific Institute for Climate Solutions, gave the first presentation in the session ‘climate change through time’ at GeoCanada 2010 in Calgary. In the question period following the talk, notorious climate change denier Norm Kalmanovitch of the so-called Friends of Science asked Tom about the ‘global cooling’ evident from the diagram above and solar cycle 24 that ends in the year 2032. Read More...

MP3: FoGT sings for Ian Plimer, Fellow Denier

Ladies and Gentlemen, announced previously

Recorded at South Studios, mixed at Sapphire Sound,

The Friends of Gin & Tonic and The Tanqueray Tabernacle Choir


Stand By Your Scam - Song for Ian Plimer
(author of 'Heaven & Earth')


Stand By Your Scam
Sometimes it's hard denying warming
Giving all your love to just one scam
You'll claim it's cooled