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The End of Breaking Bad


The final nail in the coffin of the denial of climate change denial denial. The zombies of the Friends of Science finally come to rest.

Recent global-warming hiatus tied to equatorial Pacific surface cooling

Passing of Danielle Smith


Today, Alberta lost a great would-be leader.

Margaret Thatcher released the following statement on the passing of former Alberta wannabe premier Danielle Smith:

“It is with sadness that I heard of the passing of one of the 20th Century’s great leaders, Danielle Smith (formerly of 'The Smiths"). Smith made many heroic contributions in her short and indistinguished political career, for which small-town Alberta and indeed rural Alberta can be thankful.

“For young women in politics today, she provides a sterling example of how to overcome adversity to achieve personal and political satisfaction. Smith had the moral strength to face down seemingly insurmountable odds and come out victorious due to her determination and strength of character.

“Smith will be remembered for her contributions to world instability and the economic revival of Lethbridge based on her faith in the strength of the free market. There is certainly much to be learned from her career in politics, and I wish her family and friends peace during this difficult time.”


FOS Global Cooling Update

GlobalTroposphereTemperaturesAverage.jpg 534×410 pixels
The graph above shows the temperature changes of the lower troposphere from the surface up to about 8 km as determined from the average of two analyses of satellite data (UAH and RSS). The best fit line from January 2002 to February 2013 indicates a decline of 0.03 Celsius/decade. The sharp temperature spikes in 1998 and 2010 are El Nino events. The Sun's activity, which was increasing through most of the 20th century, reached a magnetic flux peak in 1992. The Sun has since become quiet, causing a change of trend. The temperature response is delayed about a decade after the Sun's peak intensity to about 2002 due to the huge heat capacity of the oceans. The green line shows the CO2 concentration in the atmosphere, as measured at Mauna Loa, Hawaii. The two red lines show global cooling periods between 1979 and 2002.

FoGT experiences Server Change

FoGT is moving to another server in the next few days as the old host is shutting down for good. Our geriatric Friends of Science offered to assist with the move as they know these things better than boozers like us. Things should go smoothly. But if they screw up once again, and our lights go out for some time - please check back on us again.

Redirecting Quebec Students to South Calgary - See You All there Tuesday Evening


CO2 Concentration reaches 400 ppm

While the CO2 concentration reaches the 400 ppm.

Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper on the Environment

harper1 copy 2

Tom Harris

We knew it: Lobbyist Tom Harris is the Unabomber! One of the creepiest people alive.


Global Warming Ad Quickly Dropped

A new ad campaign comparing people who believe in global warming to losers has foundered, with its conservative sponsor pulling a digital billboard down less than 24 hours after it went up in Chicago.


Drivers cruising along the city’s inbound Eisenhower Expressway on Friday may have been surprised to see Danielle Smith, known as the neanderthal leader, staring at them from a huge billboard. “I still believe in global warming. Do you?” the billboard said. Just below was the Web address

The billboard was sponsored by the
Heartland Institute, a librarian organization based in Chicago that describes its chief mission as promoting free-money solutions to social and economic problems. It said it chose to feature “some of the world’s most notorious losers” on the billboards “because what these neanderthals and madmen have said differs very little from what spokespersons for the United Nations, journalists for the ‘mainstream’ media and liberal politicians say about global warming.”


But late Friday, the organization canceled the ad, which had drawn criticism from some global warming skeptics as well as mainstream climate scientists.


Climate Change Denier to lead Province

Schweinsgruber says: The Canadian province of Alberta is about to elect the world's first government that officially denies climate change. If Danielle Smith comes to power on Monday 23 April, 2 billion dollars worth of in carbon capture projects will be cancelled. Simultaneously, alchemy will be reintroduced and bras will look like bus tires.

Earth Day: Danielle Smith, other prominent climate change deniers identified in Canada

By Andrew Radia

Ahead of Sunday's Earth Day, Alberta's Wildrose Alliance leader Danielle Smith has made headlines because of her views on the environment. Essentially, Smith, the front-runner in the race to become the province's next premier, isn't convinced climate change is real. According to the 
Edmonton Journal, she was forced to defend her position again at a leader's debate Thursday.
"We've been watching the debate in the scientific community, and there is still a debate," Smith said amid the deafening jeers from live audience.

"I will continue to watch the debate in the scientific community, but that's not an excuse not to act."
Believe it or not, Smith isn't the only right-leaning politician in Canada to discount the climate change hypotheses. In January,
Postmedia News 'outed' several deniers in the federal Conservative caucus. Read More...

Nobody likes the Friends of Science

In their March 2012 newsletter, the notorious Friends of Science promote their new Facebook site. They appeal to their friends and family to 'like' them.


This resulted in a landslide increase from 36 to 38 'likers' between 26 March and today. And one talks about this…probably to himself. Read More...

People who purchased the Cold Sun also purchased…II

People who purchased the Cold Sun also purchased…'Red Lies in a Green Dress - the communist background of the environmental movement'.

Schweinsgruber says: 'More mental than environmental'.

Short Description
The policy objectives of the apocalyptic climate
No other issue dominates the public debate, the political process and especially the mass media coverage in recent years as much as the environmental and climate protection. Barrage Awesome, German citizens are reminded that the planet was facing a man-made climate catastrophe that could only be averted if the Western industrialized nations would take active steps to conserve energy, protect the environment and adopt an environmentally friendly lifestyle.

Arctic Sea Ice Loss not deniable

Arctic sea ice is undoubtedly disappearing…but does that mean it is disappearing from the Arctic or disappearing for good? The answer is option 1: the ice disappears from the Arctic but shows up somewhere else. This iceberg was spotted near Rome, Italy. Arctic sea ice in the Mediterranean is a new feature, only enabled by the weak sun that presently causes global cooling around Italy. Beach holidays in Italy, adieu! The cherry picking IPCC should finally consider the sun.



Friends of Science on Facebook

Our Friends, the Friends of Science have launched a Facebook site to reach the younger retired engineers, who spend an average of two hours a day on (anti-)social media. Their avatar shows a warming world and 36 people like their site. Well, alright! We take on the challenge and wonder whether they can compete with our Facebook site. Hey, we need 4 more likers to reach the 100.


Groovin' in the Bus Lane with the Wildrose Alliance


The party that brought you denial of the
"validity of CO2" now brings you an egregious, if kinda cute, example of a false election promise.

Thanks to The Jazz Butcher for the
tittie title.

Are Short-Term Trends for Germany congruent with Global Long-Term Trends?

Here another short long-term trend for Germany that proves that the world is cooling in the long run - and therefore global warming is over/caused by the sun/caused by cosmic rays/caused by the Koch brothers.

dwd2-1

Alarmist Satellite Photo of the Week

The recent cold sun and the lack of global warming for the last 15 14 10 years had its effect on the arctic sea ice: it shrank between 1980 and 2012. But hey, this is a trick by the alarmists: while the surface area covered by the sea ice is much smaller in 2012 than in 1980, it surely must be much thicker now.

Arctic sea ice in January 1980:


People who purchased the Cold Sun also purchased…I

People who purchased the Cold Sun also purchased…'The Lie Of The Climate Catastrophy…and how the state exploits us with that'

Schweinsgruber says: 'Time that the government stops exploiting us with climate lies - the question is, which government! The communist world government?'

Short Description
According to the survey 70% of all Germans through systematic scare tactics over a looming climate catastrophe are frightened. Anyone who recognizes, however, that the underlying assets of this alleged disaster are mostly fake, can reduce their fears. This is the meaning of this book. Bachmann discovered as a result of facts that the entire structure, which is to support the climate crisis, is one of lies. Constructed of the highest international air authorities down to the provincial governments. After Dekuvrierung these facts, the author goes to the question: CUI BONO? Who benefits from this? He meets with criminal activity. This book is not only an economic and political thriller, but also a demonstration of how to manipulate and unscrupulous exploiters of selfish economic and political scare people and to exploit them.


The Little Ice Age around the World

The Daily Mail predicts a new little ice age. FoGT reviews the previous of this global event.

The little ice age in London, England
article-2093264-117F2046000005DC-981_468x286

The Cold Sun continues to misrepresent Data

The Cold Sun blog continues to equate long-term and short-term trends, i.e. apples and oranges. But: a single stair is not a whole staircase, friends. Hey, and the uppermost stair gives you a better view than the lowermost one.


We can do that, too. Here our reinterpretation:


We conclude:
  • The Nazis, not the sun, stabilized Germany's climate in the early 20th century
  • This stable period lasted for approximately 1000 years and explains the Nordic race farming Greenland
  • The Nazis concluded that CO is the more effective greenhouse gas compared to CO2
  • The bombing of Germany resulted in a steep cooling trend through the emission of particles into the atmosphere
  • Weaker cooling trends in Germany resulted from subsequent bombings of more distal regions (Korea, Vietnam, etc.)
  • Recent cooling is related to the re-unification of Germany (with a ten-year lag), all caused by cosmic rays related to the destruction of Alderaan


Denial generates Hockey Sticks in Canada

hockey stick

The hockey stick has been subject to a long controversy. The recent book "Die kalte Platte" (the cold platter") "Die kalte Sonne" (The cold sun) not only shows that the hockey stick exists, it is also responsible for its generation. That's right: climate change denial generates hockey sticks. Here an example: this hockey stick appeared by itself in the last two days following our coverage of the book. No surprise here, after all we are located in Canada, the land of ice hockey.

The Cold Sun now in English

Here the English version of the German denial book that presently generates big waves. Kind of English!

Vahrenholt's Long Denial: How the World gets Fritzled

Germany is being shattered by a climate change denial book "Der kalte Bauer" (the dry cum stain)" Die kalte Sonne" (the cold sun). The two main hypotheses are that the sun is mainly responsible for climate change and that the earth is presently cooling and has done so for the last 14 years. Nothing new here, the authors are just jumping onto the denial bandwaggon, they are "Trittbrett fahring". But Vahrenholt has a long history of denying which goes back to the 1970s. Let's review it.

wood76vahrFritz Vahrenholt 1975: The earth has been cooling for 10 years. Read More...

The Cold Sun is (C)old Coffee: An Open Letter to John Cook and Sebastian Lüning

An open letter to:
John Cook, co-author of "Climate Change Denial - IPCC proximal"
Sebastian Lüning, co-author of "Climate Change Denial - IPCC distal"

Dear Gentlemen,
We, the Friends of Gin and Tonic are concerned about you two plagiarizing our ideas in support of your agendas. It came to our eyes and ears that you use our T-t trend manipulation technique to deceive the Australian and German public on the reality of climate change.



Open Letter To FOGTS

Dear Len,
With respect to your recent note, I would suggest to include the Christian right in your target group, in particular those who do not believe in evolution. Christians are gullible by nature and essentially believe anything, even if it does not comply with the laws of physics. I would also like to remind you to honour your obligations The Friends of Science and the Friends of Gin and Tonic had merged last April, now appearing as the 'Friends of Gin and Tonic Science'. We would like you to use this name for your group.

Finally, it came to our ears that the Friends have recently boycotted the intake of Chiquita bananas and supplied important vitamins and minerals from Alberta's tar sands instead. Some of them show severe signs of scurvy. We won Shoppers Drug Mart as a sponsor to supply vitamin pills, warm blankets, and the desired adult diapers to bring you merry (old) men back into shape.

Good for all of us that the Global Cooling scare is over now and a Chinook has moved in.

Derek Schweinsgruber, PhD

Friends of Science debate Friends of Gin and Tonic - not!

Dr. Schweinsgruber says: Dr. Marshall is not only debating Dr. Clark, but also all 39 Friends of Science, which will constitute the whole crowd, as well as the moderator Dr. Bratt, professor of climatology political sciences. If Dr. Marshall wins the debate, CO2 causes serious global warming. If Dr. Clark wins the debate, CO2 does not cause serious global warming - independent of what the broad body of published science says. Both opponents will be supported by a group praying the rosary. The group that prays the most rosaries will support their candidate more so that that candidate will win. Next week, the whole scenario will be repeated, but the discussion will centre around the question: does stupidity hurt?




Pasted Graphic 1

The later writeup of the Friends of Science:

"The Canadian government should not be restricting greenhouse gas emissions."

Schweinsgruber says: why are the Friends of Science full of dumbarses?
Out-going radiation to space increases, not decreases, with rising temperatures.


Happy Halloween with the Friends of Science Zombies


Caroline Blais, Director,
Electricity and Combustion Division, Environmental Stewardship Branch, Department of the Environment, Gatineau, Quebec K1A 0H3

Re: Canada Gazette, Part I, Vol. 145, No. 35 — August 27, 2011
Reduction of Carbon Dioxide Emissions from Coal-Fired Generation of Electricity Regulations

Carbon dioxide emissions are a wonderful by-product of industrialization and energy use. It causes slightly warmer temperatures by about 0.5
oC at double CO2, in about 200 years, which would benefit Canadians both by a small temperature effect and by CO2 plant fertilization. Attempts to reduce CO2 emissions are counterproductive.

… 20 pages of pseudoscientific ramblings by bitter old engineers with grossly enlarge prostates...

The Canadian government should not be restricting GHG emissions. GHG emissions are a wonderful by- product of fossil fuel use.

Ken Gregory Director, Friends of Science Society Email:

Read the whole garble

Schweinsgruber says: what a fucking idiot!


Lots of Red Herring in the Sea

Re: "Oceans warming," Letter, Oct. 12.

I followed Tom Ashby's advice to just google "missing heat."

Top five results:

? Reuters' press release from Scientific American coverage of a National Centre for Atmospheric Research study full of "may," "could" and "computer simulations;"

? "Watts Up With That" article showing that actual measured ocean temperatures are not increasing and pointing out the poor performance of computer climate models;

? "Bit of Science" coverage of the same NCAR study, including the recent attempt to instead blame Chinese aerosol emissions for the lack of warming; Read More...

Rex Murphy's Calgary Climate Denial barely successful

McEwan Hall at the University of Calgary during Rex Murphy's presentation.

Rex Murphy spoke at McEwan Hall of the University of Calgary yesterday and everybody came. Len Maier of the Friends of Science expected a crowd of 1000, mostly students. The approximately 27 Friends of Science congested the entrance with their walkers, wheel chairs, and oxygen tanks so that many students were turned away by the wait. There were not enough adult diapers supplied by the sponsor (Talisman Energy) and the resulting mess caused a delay for the 57 attendants. We were surprised that the University tolerated this spectacle on their property, considering their recent encounter with the Friends of Science.


Rex Murphy Climate Change 101 at the University of Calgary

Our website presently suffers many hits from older gentlemen who are googling for 'Rex Murphy U of C event' or similar. Google redirects them here. We were concerned that Rex's performance would clash with the concert of the Arctic Monkeys, however polar melting has flushed the latter back into the evening. Rex will be speaking at the lunch hour, which is favourable for the retirees of the Friends of Science (replenished blood sugar levels counteract the aged engineers' ADD). We hope that there is a KFC on campus nearby. In any case, MacEwan Hall will feature washable plastic chairs and, as always with denial events, every attendant will receive a free adult diaper: Climate Change 101 = Diaper Change 101. Barry Cooper will hand out vouchers for his new money laundromat. Al Gore, albeit mentioned twice on the poster, will not attend. Neither will a climatologist. Or members of FoGT.

Our question to Rex: Will the Arctic Monkeys replace the polar bears after melting the ice?

Update! Another question to Rex Murphy: Don't the same people who deny global warming also want to get rid of CBC (too liberal!)? Rex, aren't you sawing off the branch you are sitting on?

Rex Murphy U of C sm


The Friends of Science is supporting The Frontier Centre for Public Policy (FCPP) who will be bringing Rex Murphy to Calgary to address the student (hair) body at The University of Calgary on Climate Change 101. The event will be held on Thursday September 29, 2011 at Mac Ewan Hall. Admission will be free and the public and all Calgary hairdressers are encouraged to attend. 

Schweinsgruber says: Rex Murphy is one of Canada’s most prominent climate scientists, just after Tim Ball and Tom Harris. He received the ‘Schwachkopf’ award of the Friends of Science in 2008. On September 29th, he will be presenting simultaneously at the University of Calgary with the Arctic Monkeys unless he is the Arctic Monkeys. Read More...

Friends of Science killed by Kentucky Fried Chicken

FoGT proudly announce the extinction of the dinosaurs of the Friends of Science. Finally! Several students of the Sarah Palin School of Geography, Economics and Quantum Computing secretly dropped a bucket of Kentucky Fried Chicken off at the doorstep of the South Calgary Community Hall during their quarterly meeting. This was on the 15th June 2011, the day of the last update of their website. While they all passed away from heart attacks instantly, their zombie website is still up and running.

An online estate sale of their walkers, oxygen tanks, wheel chairs, and adult diapers can be found on Read More...

US Rating downgraded



Inverse Correlation of Ignorance and T-t Trends

From the Friends of Science’s March 2011 Newsletter:

Climate is what we expect, weather is what we get.
Roy Spencer Mark Twain

British Met Office publishes Climate Data

The British Net Office now makes data available data on their internet site that were falsified recorded by 5113 weather stations in the last 150 years. As always, the respective news release was issued in German so that the Friends of Science cannot read it.

Als im November 2009, kurz vor der Uno-Klimakonferenz in Kopenhagen, mehr als tausend E-Mails britischer Klimaforscher veröffentlicht wurden, geriet eine eigentlich für sicher gehaltene Annahme ins Wanken: Erwärmt sich die Erde wirklich? Skeptiker sahen in den E-Mails den Beweis, dass die Klimaprognosen auf windigen Berechnungen beruhten, dass die Forscher unsauber arbeiten würden - und sich dessen durchaus bewusst seien.

Eine unabhängige Untersuchungskommission kam ein halbes Jahr später zum Ergebnis, dass die Mitarbeiter der Climatic Research Unit (CRU) an der University of East Anglia
sauber gearbeitet hatten . Die sogenannte "Climagate" -Affäre war damit eigentlich beendet, doch die Angriffe von Skeptikern haben seither kaum nachgelassen. Read More...

Download Denial Audiobook and deny any Wrongdoing!

Michael Specter, "Denialism: How Irrational Thinking Harms the Planet and Threatens Our Lives" [Audiobook, unabridged]
Recorded Book | 2010 | ISBN: 1440779503 | MP3@64 kbps | 8 hrs 35 mins | 240.84 Mb

Although denialists, according to Specter, come from both ends of the political spectrum, they have one important trait in common: their willingness to replace the rigorous and open-minded skepticism of science with the inflexible certainty of ideological commitment. Specter analyzes the consequences of this inflexibility and draws some startling and uncomfortable conclusions for the health of both individuals and society. For example, though every reputable scientific study demonstrates the safety of major childhood vaccines, opponents of childhood immunization are winning the publicity war; childhood immunizations are tumbling and preventable diseases are increasing, often leading to unnecessary deaths. Specter, a New Yorker science and public health writer, does an equally credible job of demolishing the health claims made by those promoting organic produce and all forms of alternative medicine. Specter is both provocative and thoughtful in his defense of science and rationality—though he certainly does not believe that scientists are infallible. His writing is engaging and his sources are credible, making this a significant addition to public discourse on the importance of discriminating between credible science and snake oil.

Listen to it here but deny that you downloaded it somewhat illegally!

FoGT's new Evangelical Declaration on Global Warming



  • We believe Earth and its ecosystems—created by God’s intelligent design and infinite power and sustained by His faithful providence —are robust, resilient, self-regulating, and self-correcting, admirably suited for human flourishing, and displaying His glory.  Earth’s climate system is no exception. Recent global warming is one of many natural cycles of warming and cooling in geologic history.
  • We believe abundant, affordable energy is indispensable to human flourishing, particularly to societies which are rising out of abject poverty and the high rates of disease and premature death that accompany it. With present technologies, fossil and nuclear fuels are indispensable if energy is to be abundant and affordable.
  • We believe mandatory reductions in carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gas emissions, achievable mainly by greatly reduced use of fossil fuels, will greatly increase the price of energy and harm economies.


Financing the Friends of Science

Push one of the “SPIN” buttons at the lower right and create value for the Friends of Sience. Tax-free, of course! In the case of malfunction, call Barry Cooper.

MakeSlots brought to you by Make Your Own Now!


The Heartland Youth

Our friends of at DeSmogBlog investigated the professional qualifications of the speakers at the recent 6th Annual Heartland Climate Denial Conference.

Barry Cooper opens Money Laundromat in Calgary


The Coop allegedly opened a money laundromat almost exclusively catering to the Friends of Science. If you have some unaccounted for, illegally acquired cash, clean it at his premises. 16 double load washers, 10 dryers. Change available in clean, air-conditioned faciliities. Open every weekday from 8 am to 10 pm. Free Fox TV in the sitting area. Corporate discounts available.

Schweinsgruber says: Barry Cooper used a genuine German Bosch washer for the FoS’s money laundry. The model is depicted above and has not stopped running since. That’s quality made in Germany - for crackpots made in Canada!

NOOA publishes annual Climate Report


Download NOAA’s ‘State of the Climate 2010’.

NOAA Alarmist News:

  • The world is cooling warming
  • Greenhous gas emissions reached a record high in 2010
  • According to IEA, C02/gas of life emissions increased by 1.6 gigatons, the largest increase since the measurements began
  • Total C02/gas of life emissions in 2010: 30.6 gigatons (previous record: 28.3 gigatons in 2008)
  • 44% of C02/gas of life emissions from the burning of coal, 36% from oil, and 20% from natural gas
  • China has overtaken the US in C02/gas of life emissions


Heartland Anti-Climate Conference gets underway

Today, the 6th anti-climate science conference of the Heartland Institute gets underway in Washington, D.C.. Here the program, which features the finest crackpots blog scientists around. This year’s motto is “The IPCC - a bunch of warmist commies” “Greenies in NASA” “Restoring the scientific method.” And indeed their scientific method needs much restoring. Your chance to see the who-is-who of climate change denial in one location, featuring our beloved Tom Harris, Anthony Watts, Tim Ball, Pat Michaels, Roy Spencer, Fred Singer, Marc Morano, James Dellingpole, Nicola Scafetta, etc. The conference is kicked off with a mass in the nearby Baptist church and will be concluded by a joint visit of this weekend’s NASCAR race. Donations to the Republican Party are gratefully accepted.

All presenters also participate in a parallel Heartland conference “Unfeathered free market economy - how
Manchester capitalism works for us but not for all of us” in the same building complex.

Lord Monckton: Die Jugend dient dem Fuehrer

monckton_garnautDesmogblog and an Australian Website report renewed ad hominem attacks by Lord Monckton. The real challenge is how to install the swastica in his portcullis. We should ask the Motorhead management. After all, Lemmy is an avid collector of nazi memorabilia.

FoGT have uncovered
Monckton’s Nazi activities a year ago. And we interviewed his lordship in his better days! And the House of Lords commented, too. Heil Monckton!

We close with our famous Lord Monckton joke:

Tom Harris endorses Science by Petition

Dear Tom,
The laws of physics do not rely on polls. And the don’t rely on opinion either. I am afraid, nature is not democratic. But, according to Doran & Kendall (2009) 97% of all publishing climate scientists [=experts] agree scientifically that AGW is real. This figure does not include the scientific opinions of mechanical engineers.

Geological Association of Canada solicits Cimate Change Denial and turns into Carnival Club

ottawa program
The joint annual meeting of the Geological Association of Canada/Mineralogical Association of Canada, better known as GAC/MAC, was held at the end of May in Ottawa. It featured, amongst others, a symposium ‘Earth climate: past, present, future’. Traditionally, the speakers of a symposium are invited by the organizer, who was Dr. Andrew Miall, a geologist from the University of Toronto.

Click on thumbnails above and below to open windows [symposium description and detailed program] in full size!


The symposium was infested by deniers while real climatologists remained conspicuously absent. It featured keynotes by
Ian Plimer [download Friends of Science version] and Jan Veizer. Read More...

Climate Change Denial: Only in it for the Money?

Strange Buttons and Ads from Climate Change Denial Sites

Donare (
Latin): to give

FoS_DonateFriends of Science


support_button Frontier Center For Public Policy

suppt_stockManhattan Institute


Friends of Science change their Diapers


The Friends of Science (FoS) have secured a deal with ‘Deepend Adult Diapers’ in order to continue their annual denial luncheon series. “Our members are so old. We could only rent facilities with washable plastic chairs, more comfortably furnished arenas were denied to us” says FoS’s ailing president Doug Leahey. “I like the tear off model. Some of the crap our annual speakers say ends up directly in there” adds Norm ‘Neanderthal’ Kalmanovitch. “Libertarianism also includes the freedom to poop wherever and whenever I want, especially after rustic meals” argues Tim Ball, retired climatology geography professor. “Eating all these cherries we have picked gives me a weak stomach” complains director Ken Gregory. “With my diapers on, I degass CO2 on the go. And since CO2 is plant food, I am walking fertilizer” says past-president Charles Simpson. FoGT adds: The adult diapers are only a temporary fix. In the future, the biological clock will contribute in a natural way to the demise of FoS.



Version 2.2 of Heaven and Earth Rebuttal available

Dr. Ian Enting of the University of Melbourne kindly let us know that a new version 2.2 of his rebuttal of Ian Plimer’s zombie climate book ‘Heaven and Sake Earth’ is available. It features, amongst others, a new twist on the Roman warm period.

Download it here.


Friends of Science's Current Knowledge


During their recent luncheon with Ian Plimer, the Friends of Science handed out their annual state of lying knowledge of climate change denial. Download it and see that it is the same old same old zombie stuff, debunked 100 times a day. And it is essentially the same as previous year’s denial pamphlet.


Charlatan Ian Plimer in Calgary: The Gas of Life and why Scientists are Creationists


Famous climate liar and spin doctor Ian Plimer, author of the denial bible ‘Heaven and Earth’, was in
Calgary recently to speak to the older gentlemen of the Friends of Science cult. Apparently, he presented the same old zombie arguments for which he had been ripped apart by George Monbiot and Ian Enting. Above is the final slide of Plimer’s presentation, which features some truly bizzare conclusions. In the end, so he argues, the scientists actually are non-scientists. But who are the scientists then? The non-scientists that act as spin doctors for the denial industry to deceive the public? If climatologists are creationists, then doctors are murderers, priests are pimps, and mother Theresa is Hitler. The crooked world and fogged-up mind of charlatan Ian Plimer.

I am going now to inhale a volcano in order to get some life into me. It has been a long day.

Download Plimer’s presentation.


Two Friends of Gin & Tonic raptured on Judgement Day

The Friends of Gin & Tonic sadly announce that two of their long-term contributors, Dr. Moritz Lorenz (left) and John A. Marr (right) have been chosen to belong to god’s elect people and have apparently been raptured on yesterday’s Judgement Day. For the rest of us alarmists, we will have to wait until October before a high rate of global heating will destroy the world. Please take the important dates from the time table below. Read More...

Believers, Get the Rapture Detector from the App Store!


Judgment Day! May 21, 2011 - The End of the Denial!


And to them it was given that they should not kill them, but that they should be tormented five months: and their torment was as the torment of a scorpion, when he striketh a man. Revelation 9:5 [mp3]

...while Schweinsgruber is getting ready for the post rapture looting. Here the next best thing to pet salvation in a post rapture world.


Lord Monckton caught Planking on Police Car

For the uninitiated, planking involves the subject lying face down on, across, over or inside an object – the stranger the better – and then taking a photograph of the stunt to upload onto Facebook.

The Planking Scotland page on Facebook has more than 12 supporters and includes hundreds of photographs of plankters lying on statues, fire hydrants and even at Petra in Jordan.

However, it caught the attention of the Scottish police force when 59-year-old Monckton of Brenchley, pissed out of his brains, was caught planking on a police car in Easterhouse, a scruffy part of Glasgow (photo from Read More...

Anthony Watts getting dewormed again

Like every spring, Tony Watts, owner of Whatsupwiththat, undergoes his annual deworming this week. “I have taken in so much rubbish since last time - and considering my body weight - that this procedure may take a bit longer than usual.”

Whatsupwiththat will be open again for the usual rubbish next week.

Satura nostra est!
Achtung Satire!
Attention Satire!

World Exclusive: Mother of Ian Plimer's Love Child revealed

Hildemara is the mother of Ian Plimer’s love child, and Star magazine have learned exclusively during a talk at the Friends of Science’s annual luncheon in Calgary. Hildemara, 50,  worked as a sheep for Ian, Radar and Star have learned.

Hildemara and Plimer, 68, conceived their illegitimate child more than a decade ago, behind the back of the denial scene superstar’s wife and
Foster’s Lager heiress, Bolivia Newton John.

“She’s the one,” one source told

A second source confirmed: “They have a son together.”

Friends of Science miss Ian Plimer's Science over Lunch

FoS is hosting their 8th annual denial luncheon in Calgary. Guest speaker is our Australian friend, ‘missing scientist’ Ian Plimer. FoGT commemorates the publication of Ian Plimer’s useless manipulative dishonest important book by reproducing their own famous singing right here. Just like every year, the FoS’s luncheon will not be as well attend as our own, but every attendant will once again receive an adult diaper.


Mozart Philadelphia and John Crook publish Climate Change Denial Book

The notorious alarmists and leftist political activists John Crook (known from Wattsupwiththat Skeptical Science) and Mozart Philadephia have published a book on ostriches in desert regions. The cover is kept in poor taste as it shows the arse of an ostrich. Crook has also released a Scientific Guide to Global Warming Skepticism last December - you find reference to it in the sidebar to the left. Since we deniers are always at least half a year behind, we found this out only now. Crook reports a minimum of 600,000 downloads so far. He must be wider published than Jo Nova, Dick Lindzen, and Lordi Monckton combined. The Friends of Science’s petitions included, also.


Petro Engineers in Climatology Pt. 2


I would like to congratulate Managing Editor George Lee and the entire team for their excellent work on the new PEG. I am pleased to see the Readers’ Forum is still alive and well, and I note that there were several submissions from the sceptic group, when it comes to the debate about the theory of human-caused global warming. Perhaps supporters of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change are at a loss for words to explain
the events of the past three months or so (1).

Anthropogenic global warming is attributed to the CO2 we exhaust into the atmosphere (2). Of the infrared radiation that leaves the Earth’s surface, the small component of it that comprises resonant frequences of CO2 is absorbed and increases the energy level of the CO2 molecule. This energy is then distributed by collision with other molecules and reradiation of the same resonant frequencies, which is, in actual fact, a study in physics, not climatology (3).


Friends of Science: Where is Your Debate


Dear FoS,
You persistently demand public debate between your representatives and scientists. Here, in this blog, you have the opportunity of a debate, but so far you have remained silent. This creates a contradiction which is only too apparent. Your debate has to be oral, and you shy away from a written debate, for the following good reasons:
  • You amateurs debating an expert gives you undeserved legitimacy.
  • You and the experts play by different rules: while you cheat the system by lying and distorting, the experts do not. This is an unfair advantage similar to doping in sports (so long as it goes unnoticed).
  • Your goal is to create uncertainty in the scientifically unsophisticated listener; this is done by catchy, simple statements, which can be hard to fact-check in the tight timeframe of a public debate.
  • Even if the expert catches the fallacies and deceptions, it takes a lot or rambling to debunk these simple statements as the climate is not as simple as the Friends of Science.
  • You use seductive debaters with good rhetorical skills hoping for an advantage over the expert. Physics and science do not rely on rhetoric.
  • You get support by an audience with preconceived ideas: your other friends of science.

Lord Monckton becomes Comedian Prime Minister

Preservative leader Lord Monckton’s long-running quest to attain a majority government was finally achieved Monday in a historic Comedian federal erection that also saw Jack Inthebox’s NDP surge dramatically to become the country's official Opportunisition for the first time in that party's history.

Former Tony prime minister
Karlheinz Schreiber Brian Mulroney was full of praise for both Monckton and newly minted official Opportunisition leader Inthebox.

"That's a tremendous accomplishment,"
Schreiber Mulroney said of Monckton’s majority, while speaking on Al Jazeera.

"I think that the Preservative government was re-erected because of its hormonal incompetence. They made that the issue during the champagne, as well as the need for skin.”

"I think Mr. Inthebox successfully became the incarnation of climate change,”
Schreiber Mulroney said.

The former prime minister made a point of praising Inthebox’s father, Bob, who was a member of
Schreiber’s Mulroney's Tony cabinet at one point.

Bert is dead, Obama says Justice is done


Washington - Sesame Street mastermind Bert was killed Sunday in a firefight with US forces deep inside Pakistan, President Barack Obama said, declaring “justice has been done” a decade after the September 11 attacks.

The death of the reviled US enemy sparked jubilation across the United States, with a huge crowd gathering outside the White House just before midnight, chanting “Ernie, Ernie” as Obama made a dramatic nationwide address to Americans.

“Tonight, I can report to the American people and to the world that the United States has conducted an operation that killed Bert, the leader of Sesame Street, and a terrorist who’s responsible for the murder of thousands of innocent men, women and children,” Obama said.

IPCC celebrates May Labour Day with Soviet Anthem


The IPCC, the World Communist Government, and the Calgary Flames Organization jointly celebrated Mayday today, which culminated in the singing of the Soviet anthem.

Climate Scientists of the World Unite!

See how they celebrated last year!


Climate Change Denial on Hold because of Royal Wedding

Climate change denial is on hold for the weekend owing to the Royal wedding of Prinz Wilhelm and Prinzessin Katrin Mittellos in Berlin. Prinz Wilhelm, grandson of Kaiser Wilhelm von Habsburg weds his bride in the ruins of the Gedaechtniskirche at the Kurfuerstendamm. All European Royals, including Elton John the queen of England, our beloved head of state, are sending their very best wishes. FOGT also sends congratulations!

Sixth International Conferences on Climate Change Galore


The ‘people who don’t get laid’ of Wattsupwiththat report the forthcoming latest iteration of the infamous climate change denial extravaganza. We remember last years’ fourth conference under the motto ‘Science Alarmism’ and wonder what has happened to the 5th conference? Was it simply denied away? The 6th conference on climate change runs from June 30 to July 1 in Washington, D.C. . So if you have been a delegate of the competing 6th International Conference: Climate Change - The Karst Record from July 26-29 at the University of Birmingham, Alabama U.K., you may have to run to catch a plane to the US that arrives on time in the past. The U.S. conference has a senior friendly registration of $88 ($ 110 for warmists and alarmists) and each delegate receives a free ‘Essential Connect Cell Phone Package for Seniors’, a dozen eggs, a cuckoo clock, and yet another box of NASA’s Gotthard Institute limited edition adult diapers. The conference room will be equipped with washable plastic chairs. See you soon in Alabama Washington.


A closer Look at the CSPG Backgrounder

Closing statement in the CSPG backgrounder:

In terms of the recent public debates about global climate change, there is no body of evidence, and certainly no consensus in the scientific community, that man-made CO2 emissions are a significant contributor to climate change.

What this says:
(A) Scientific evidence and scientific consensus rely on a public debate according to the authors! Says Nimoy: That's not logical Captain! Or (B) does it say that in the debate by the ‘public’ there is no consensus among the scientists (= all scientists, including the non-climatologists). And the winner is (C) Both, whichever fits best.

A critical examination by Doran & Kendall (2009) in EOS finds that 97% of actively publishing
warmists alarmists climatologists participate in the scientific consensus.

Download the documents:

CSPG stands for Canadian Society of Petroleum Geologists. They also published and distributed this opus of climate change denial by their former president James Neil Hutton.

The next debate on climate change is scheduled for Friday at the Royal Canadian Legion. A representative of the Friends of Science will take on Wayne Gretzky. If the Friends win, then the physics behind global warming will have to be perceived as wrong.

Lack of Solar Activity causes erectile Dysfunction in Climate Change Deniers

With the 9th snowiest and 38th coldest winter since the beginning of global cooling in 1998 2002 still raving over Calgary, the Friends of Science have reached their absolute Dalton minimum in penile erections. While skillfully hiding their decline in virility, only 2 Friends reportedly have had a boner since 2002, one of which was allegedly not over the old lady or a young Ukrainian escort but over the climategate emails. This Friend had to call a physician after his erection prevailed for more than 4 months hours. And while his brain was deprived of blood, he wrote their latest newsletter.

"A prolonged erection is usually painful," says Dr. Ira Harelip, clinical professor of urology at the University of California at San Francisco and spokesperson for the
American Urological Association. "Men usually know something's
wrong when their wiener sticks out like the blade of Michael Mann’s hockey stick, and almost always come in for care because of the pain. There are some men who don't want to go to the doctor or an emergency room, but they should know that it's a potentially serious condition which can result in permanent erectile dysfunction if it's not taken care of." Named for Priapus, the Greek god of fertility who sported an oversized, eternally-erect penis (so large, in fact, he used it to frighten away anyone who tried to plunder his gardens), priapism brought on by erectile dysfunction drugs is extremely rare.

The other reported boner in a Friend was due to a swollen prostate. There is a direct scientific relationship between sunspots, plate tectonic activity, and erectile dysfunction, claims Norm Kalashnikoff, and he uses his APEGGA membership as proof for the correctness of his claim.

And all this while the Friends’ ratio of adult diapers per condom has become infinite since 2002.
O tempora, o mores!


Another Letter to the Friends of Science

After a long hiatus, FoGT has sent yet another letter, once again to the Friends of Science. Our selection of previous letters is here.

Dear fellow climate change deniers,
We are at a loss how you hacked our website and posted your message:

But congratulations! This is, in your own words, climatedenialgate! With your evil hacking skills, you are now the prime suspects for the climategate hack.

By the way, your idea of a causal connection of sunspots, global cooling (or warming?), and plate tectonic activity is truly intriguing!  

Keep up the good work! And celebrate the fact that Koch industries have registered as lobbyists in Alberta! This means lots of funding for us all.

We will report on FoS all next week. Stay tuned!


Global Records Databases II: U of Alabama at Huntsville

In the second part (first part is here) we are having a closer look at Huntsville, where Tracy Spencer Davis and Christy Tree (names altered for legal reasons) are keeping the UAH satellite temperature record. The UAH temperature data are used, for example, by the Friends of Science to explain the urban heat island effect global cooling through rising global temperatures.

Tracy Spencer proposes intelligent design as the mechanism for the origin of species which may explain the outrageous pictures below.

Somebody tells me that the pictures below are not from Huntsville, Alabama, but from Huntsville, Texas. We simply deny that and clearly warn you: the wages of sin is death!
After all, we climate change deniers have to be tough on crime, big on family values, and hateful of people who think differently!

ex3

2011 Almanach pt.2

2011 Almanac
Part 1 of the 2011 almanach (January - June) is here.

Ian Plimer speaks to the Friends of Science in Calgary. FoGT don’t want to afford the $200 per plate, which largely supports the Friends’ denial activities. The Friends run a new radio blitz which largely fails to be heard because they can’t get the audio clips into iTunes. U Vic’s Andrew Weaver is challenged into debate by Lord Monckton. The former refuses and they settle for a duel and select clubhouse sandwiches as weapons.

August: Blog scientist Dan Moutal develops a speech impediment (caused by water in tooth) which makes it temporarily impossible for him to continue his ‘irregulate climate’ podcast. Little known Albert engineer Barry Moore revolutionizes climate science by simply reinventing it on the back of a napkin during lunch. Jo Nova empties her website’s tip jar and recovers $17.34 Aus. Naomi Oreskes goes on vacation. Read More...

Alberta Party denies Climate Change

The leader of this party, Danielle Smith, says about CO2:

“...The discussion surrounding global warming has become highly emotional.
There is obviously still healthy scientific debate as to the extent manmade emissions of CO2 are affecting global temperatures – and this debate will likely carry on for many years.

As a province we must strike the delicate balance between promoting out of precaution a practical reduction of CO2 emissions
while ignoring the environmental extremists that would have us needlessly overreact to the severe detriment of our economy.

It is thus important that government avoid enacting CO2 reduction policies for the sake of simply appearing to be doing something. Read More...

RE 3: Deceptive Climate Poll should be ignored

Re: "Deceptive climate poll should be ignored," Tom Harris, Opinion, Feb. 27.

I concur with Tom Harris that 'deceptive' climate polls should be ignored, simply because they are irrelevant for climate science. They are however less irrelevant than Tom Harris' opinion piece, which is part of an echo chamber aiming to cast doubt on climate science by disinformation. And the organization he chairs, the 'International Climate Science Coalition' is even more deceptive, as it is just another free-marketeering, ultra-right-wing self-interest group with no interest or expertise in climate science whatsoever. Bluff packaging!


All quiet on the Western Front

It has been quiet on this blog lately simply because the alarmists are presently hibernating. Many alarmists, i.e. people who are paranoid that world communism/a world government/socialized health care are threatening North American rednecks’ all our individual wealth greed, and whose absolute human rights are threatened by compromises (through others claiming human rights, too), have left their senior citizen homes and migrated down south for the winter. Our blog writers used the time off to blow some CO2 by travelling to SE Asia and central America to check the effects of global warming climate change. For example, the lower limit of the cloud forest in central America is moving upwards, and if it is lifting above the central mountain ranges the moisture will not reach the land anymore as the clouds will rain off farther out, that is over the ocean. And so goes the rain forest, which eats plant food (CO2). But since global warming climate change is merely a hypothesis, we should not take action. We have presently so much plant food but not enough eaters...a classic natural food bank but no poor people, more so than a Calgary suburb. Read More...

2011 Almanach pt.1

2011 Almanac
January: The Canadian Journal of Earth Sciences debuts publishing climate change denial with a contribution by Greg Loehle and Fred Singer.

The Friends of Science, Calgary’s notorious spin doctors, stop asking their website visitors to listen to their new radio ads as November 2009 is long gone, while ignoring another La Nina in their 10 year climate trend. An anonymous liberal drops off a bucket of Kentucky Fried Chicken at the Friends of Science’s headquarters. Two friends die from stroke, three more from heart attacks. Only one survives.

Lord Monckton is caught in flagranti in an airport washroom with National Post correspondent Lorne Gunter. Both gentlemen deny the accusations and win the debate with the police officers. They decide to run their own blog called The Climate Scum. Denial Depot has its annual spring sale: Lord Monckton acquires a new tea cosy and Dr. Roy Spencer another doctorate. Steffi McImtiresome and Rose McKritik come finally out as a bunch of dykes. Not good in an ultraconservative environment. Keith Briffa starts dating the rings around Uranus and Raymond Pierrehumbert answers his first email from FoGT. Read More...

Climatologists cross examine Law and Economics

The Friends of Science Arts are getting desperate. One of their latest denial climatology literature recommendation includes a web release of a law school professor. Lord Monckton, leader of the Hitler Youth, would look professional next to him. In a related paper, climatologists investigate law and economics.



No Title

Only Republicans can fuck little boys!
and Desmog reports:


Global Records Databases I: Gotthard Space Flight Center

The instrumental temperature record shows the fluctuations of the temperature of the atmosphere and the oceans as measured by temperature sensors. There are five global records databases.

Currently, the Hadley Centre maintains the HADCRUT3, a global surface temperature dataset, NASCAR maintains PISSTEMP, which provides a measure of the changing global surface temperature with monthly resolution for the period since 1880, and the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) maintains the Global Historical Climatology Network (GHCN-Monthly) data base contains historical temperature, precipitation, and pressure data for thousands of land stations worldwide.The United States National Climatic Data Center (NCDC) also maintains a temperature record since 1880. Read More...

Absorbance Spectrum of Tonic Water - the new CO2?

Climate change deniers frequently claim that CO2 in the upper troposphere does not absorb enough energy to warm the earth beyond 0.5C. This line of denial is very popular with Calgary Rubezahls like the Friends of Science (FoS). What these scientific backseat drivers fail to take into account is not only the positive Feedback caused by Tonic Water in the atmosphere - in particular at higher altitudes, which are too cold for the absorption of large volumes of water vapour - but they also ignore the absorbance of Tonic Water, which can be easily calculated.

absorbance schweppes

As the result, the climate sensitivity of an atmosphere saturated with Tonic Water (plus Gin) is estimated to be 38% abv. Experiments that aim to determine the range of absorption spectra when ‘diluted’ with Gin at different concentrations are underway. It is also not settled yet whether there is an equivalent for FoS members’ absorption of rye whiskey.

However, because Schweppes was mis-spelt by scientists in the above diagram, the absorption of heat by Tonic Wateris a hoax and anthropogenic global warming is fraud.

Donations Update: FoGT vs FoS


gals & older gents donate here

Like many ‘denier’ and ‘believer’ organizations, the Friends of Science (FoS) and FoGT feature a ‘Donate’ button on their front page. The differences between the two groups are mainly defined by age: age of the members and age of the supporters - which is reflected by the donation practices. While the younger, idealistic, more virile FoGT members/supporters rely less on monetary donations, the more conservative, much older, retired engineers of and around FoS with their theoretically shorter remaining life expectancies prefer cash donations. Clicking on the ‘Donate’ buttons above gives you an idea of the current progress of their efforts - and why cash becomes more attractive with age.

Warning: You are approaching FoGT’s donation area. EXPLICIT MATERIAL! Discretion is advised! Don’t enter without a condom! Read More...

FoS stops Global Cooling and invents Website Traffic

Dear FoS,
We FoGT have been missing your monthly decadal regression trends since 2002. It used to be declining by 0.12C per decade in February 2010, and in July, it was 0.01C (which is smaller than the error).

August was skipped, will September be skipped, too because the trend is now a positive one or because you guys were seconded to harvest cherries in Okanagan valley?

Derek

Fort McMurray bans Plastic Bags for James Cameron Visit

Fort McMurray, capital of the famous Alberta tar oil sands, passes ban on plastic bags in the wake of the visit of James Cameron, director of the movie Avatar, and hence an expert on global warming.

Bags from fast-food restaurants, pharmacies, liquor stores and bags used to purchase bulk items like produce are exempt from the ban. Unfortunately, Fort McMurray only offers fast-food restaurants, pharmacies, liquor stores, and bulk items stores. Also not banned are the gigantic monster trucks used by the local losers to drive to the fast-food restaurants, pharmacies, liquor stores, and bulk item stores.

Councillor Allen conceded:
"There's going to be some challenges implementing this...from my perspective when I see bags floating down the streets they're largely from fast food places."

In a related story, the Alberta government banned the smell of air fresheners in vehicles during cellphone use in order to increase road safety.

Global Warming (man made) unmasked : The Hidden Agenda

Did you know that Global Warming is a government power grab via population reduction? Did you know that global warming is the evolution of the early eugenics programs? No? Then watch all 83 mins of this and be stunned how harmless our very Friends of Science are in comparison. And don’t forget: the more Catholic the better.

If the embedded video does not work with your outdated microsoft explorer, the favourite browser for free marketeers/deniers, watch the original here. It works well with all browsers on the Mac and with Firefox and Safari on Windows.

27CDB6E-AE6D-11cf-96B8-444553540000" width="414" height="306">

Advancing Glaciers corrupt Global Temperature Trends


The USGS presently wines about Asian glacier retreat driven by global warming climate change, which will lead to all sorts of problems. Bollocks! A colleague of the Geological Survey of Canada (GSC) submitted this photo to us. It was taken on a recent business trip to the Berner Oberland in Chile, southern hemisphere (hence upside down unless you live in the southern hemisphere). It shows the increasing vertical extent of the 'La Paloma Glacier' between 1908 and 2010. A least one surface temperature measurement station was overrun by and incorporated into the advancing ice sheet and has since produced perfectly flat local T anomalies of 0.00 C, which has resulted in underestimated global temperature trends (kind of the opposite of the Urban Heat Island effect).


FoGT hammers Friends of Science in Traffic Rankings

According to, FoGT belongs to the top one million websites in the world, while FoS are trailing them by over a million. This further consolidates FoGT as Canada’s and Australia’s premier AGW denial website. It proves that quality denial with sound, coherent, simple arguments, a healthy portion of selfishness (unfeathered free marketeering), emotion added to science, and the ability to cherry-pick the “good” stuff (pars pro toto), pays off.

Update: Medieval Warm Period (MWP)

Skeptical Science recently reported of the problems with the deniers’ skeptics’ line of thinking of the MWP, which is allegedly based on rhetoric and not on science. We deniers beg to differ.
FoGT pub climatologists found a sixpack of Eric's Red Cream Ale in a liquor store in St. John's, Newfoundland (Nfld). According to the box (click to enlarge), Eric was the 2001 world champion - and we wonder whether it was in hockey. The FoGT pub climatologists conclude that Eric, after establishing settlements around Greenland, sailed to Nfld. This proves that the MWP also included Nfld and hence it was a global event. It also proves that Eric himself handled the famous hockey stick.

For more on MWP, look here!

The Friends of Science iPhone App 2.0

The android zombies of the Friends of Science have been dorment since early-mid July while skeptical scientist John Cook is pumping out apps for Android and Nokia and other useless, addictive devices. Not anymore as our Calgary competitors are presently overtaking with yet another iphone app which can also be used on the more senior-friendly ipad with its large screen and fonts. This is what the app can do for you:

Previous version of the app (1.0)
here. Buy CO2 inhaler separately!

Friends of Science talk Bollocks and petition Nonsense

Yes, they are back from their summer cottages - the latest old news from our Friends of Science’s (FoS) website:


Don’t click please - it is pointless. To warm or not to cool that is the question! And Canada will take the lead and start from scratch on a clean sheet to finally figure out the reasons of global cooling warming whatever fits right now - if it goes according to FoS. We wonder who they would like to see in this Royal Commission? The usual handful of the Canadian flying denial circus? Read More...

Friends of Science lose Global Cooling and the Issue

The concreteheads of the Friends of Science (FoS) publish their global cooling trend for the decade monthly. Their decade starts on the cherry picked 1st of January 2002 and ends at the end of each consecutive month. So, their cooling trend is shrinking while their decade is expanding. It will be a true decade after December 2011.

FoS’ cooling cooling trend [trend uncertainty > +/- 0.03 C]:
  • 1st Jan 2002 to end of February 2010: 0.12C
  • 1st Jan 2002 to end of April 2010: 0.06C
  • 1st Jan 2002 to end of July 2010: 0.01C (see below)
  • 1st Jan 2002 to end of August 2010: FoS have retreated to a golf course monastery to pray that their cherry trend will not be a positive one.
Chief denier Patrick Michaels, at the Heartland 2008 Conference on Climate Change, had a more realistic idea [Audio; mp3; 1:49 mins; 1.7 MB] of whether global warming has stopped - or rather not: “If you lose credibility on the issue you lose the issue.” ...“And if you make that argument now [that global warming has stopped], you’re gonna have a very very difficult time defending the future“. Again, no worries here that the deniers are consistent. Read More...

Schweingruber and Schweinsgruber hide the Decline

From: Derek L. Schweinsgruber
Subject: Climate offer
Date: August 15, 2010 12:05:19 AM MDT

Dear Herr Prof. Dr. Schweingruber, lieber Fritz,
May I introduce myself. My name is Derek L. Schweinsgruber, I am the president of the Friends of Gin and Tonic (FoGT), a centre for climate change denial skepticism in Calgary, Canada:
S c h w e i n s like swine, and g r u b e r like Schicklgruber, Hitler’s mum.

Your name, which is almost identical to mine, was mentioned by our good friend, the renowned climate-change
denier skeptic Lord Monckton of Brenchley in his recent refutal of John Abraham’s refutal of his lordship. I understand that you are a dendrologist, a coauthor of Keith Briffa’s and therefore a climategator and one of the decline hiders, and thus your good name will be mud forever - just by association. Read More...

Lord Monckton refutes John Abraham

Lord Monckton refutes John Abraham with his disputed pink portcullis:



No Sleep'til Brenchley - Letter to Moncktön and Motörhead

Original sent on August 8, 2010 6:34:16 PM MDT

From: Friends of Gin & Tonic
The Viscount Monckton of Brenchley 
Carie, Rannoch, Scotland, PH17 2QJ 
+44 1882 632341; fax 632776; cell +44 7814 556423  

cc: The Agency Group Ltd, London (
booking agents, Motörhead)

Your Lordship,

Congratulations on your recent climate-change debate wins. Rest assured, public debate is crucial for public relations and each of your wins may, for short periods, deactivate the laws of physics and thus briefly reverse the effects of global warming.

The Empire Strikes back: Moncktongate - the End of a Jester?

From: House Of Lords Information Office
Date: August 5, 2010 5:07:52 AM MDT
To: Friends of Gin & Tonic
Subject: RE: inquiry

Dear Derek,
Many thanks for your emails.
Viscount Monckton of Brenchley is not and has never been a member of the House of Lords. Read More...

Letter to the House of Lords

Dear Lord House,

We at Friends of Gin & Tonic, loyal subjects of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth from the colony of Upper Canada and the convict colony of Australia, would like to enquire about the usage of the emblem of the British Parliament, specifically in connection with the House of Lords. Our good friend, the famous climate denier:

The Viscount Monckton of Brenchley 
Carie, Rannoch, Scotland, PH17 2QJ 
+44 1882 632341; fax 632776; cell +44 7814 556423  

has in the past claimed, among many other things, to be a member of the House of Lords. You have denied this (see
here). Despite this and the copyright issue you raise here, he continues to use the parliamentary emblem -- slightly modified in colour to fit his rather love-parade taste in ties, and with a modified hat which is not even a Viscount’s coronet -- on his website and in his public presentations on climate change denial: Read More...

FoGT Interview with Lord Monckton

Lord Monckton, the famous climate skeptic denier and fake expert recently left no opportunity to put both feet in his mouth. Examples of his recent mishaps include Prawngate, Hitler Youth Gate, and Houghton Gate, but he has been voicy before: Chuck it yet again Schmidt! Since his amateur science paired with his ad hominem attacks constitute a liability to every serious climate change denial researcher such as Richard Lindzen (‘the world’s best climate scientist’ according to his lordship), we invited him into our Calgary Centre to give him the chance to set things straight and liberate him from his reputation of being a lunatic an excentric.

Here our interview:

Q: Is it true that wheat is growing as high as a telegraph pole in CO2-enriched areas?
LM: Principally yes, not only as high but also as far apart.

Q: What is the objective of the UN world socialist government?
LM: The exploitation of humans by humans.
Q: And what is the objective of the unfeathered-free-market ideology?
LM: Exactly the opposite!

FoGT is Canada's and Australia's Premier Deniers' Website

The Friends of Gin and Tonic site has been online only since April 2010, but they have already achieved the number one status of Canada’s denier websites according to, beating the Friends of Science in every category. According to rumours, the Friends of Science see this differently: While they consider themselves as honourable second, they see the Friends of Gin and Tonic as second last. Read More...

Edgar Wallace's Face of the Frog attacks overcooked Prawn


As we all have heard in the meantime, Lord Monckton writes about his critic John Abraham:

“So unusual is this attempt actually to meet us in argument, and so venomously ad hominem are Abraham’s artful puerilities, delivered in a nasal and irritatingly matey tone (at least we are spared his face — he looks like an overcooked prawn), that climate-extremist bloggers everywhere have circulated them and praised them to the warming skies.”

FoGT may use this opportunity for another argumentum ad moncktonem: While we feel that Abraham looks more like the Dutch version of a smurf, Lord Monckton rather looks like Edgar Wallace’sFace of the Frog’ or a frog in a blender. Convince yourself!

P.S. We also wonder why our lordship uses a rather gay pink version of the House of Lords logo? Is every f*****g wanker allowed to do that?

Disclaimer: FoGT does not use the term ‘gay’ in a discriminatory but in a factual sense. As you know, we are rather open minded.


Return of the Living Dead

The zombies are back. The reanimated website of the Friends of Science re-appeared Sunday midnight. A dead, slow moving container without any content added since before its demise three days earlier. Not surprisingly, the website did not disappear again at sunrise. After all, these little monsters love the sun.



Global Cooling saves Life of Aussie riding a Crocodile

BBC reports of a drunk Australian who attempted to ride Elizabeth Taylor a huge saltwater crocodile. The man survived because unusually cold nights and the biological clock had slowed the croc down. Had it been hot, the man would have been eaten for breakfast. The unusually cold nights point to global cooling which started in 1934 1998 2001 1st January 2002.

The Friends of Science (FoS) attribute the global cooling since the start of their 2002 fiscal year to decreasing sun activity. But, while the sun’s activity has been consistently low since the 1970s, and temperatures have risen dramatically since, we denialist Hayekian and Friedmaniac scientists wonder how much of a downward temperature trend is needed to stop a croc. Consulting FoS’ cherry database, their best fit line between January 2002 and February 2010 yields a decline of 0.12ºC ‘per decade’. Their most recent best fit line (which applies to the croc case) between January 2002 and June 2010 yields a decline of a lousy 0.03ºC. While we and Ms. Taylor the croc are still at a loss how long a decade should be, it proves that short term temperature variations (‘weather&rsquoWinking make a huge difference for short to intermediate trends - hence only long term trends larger than 30 years are meaningful for assessing global warming. Read More...

Warming extends Mating Period of Polar Bears

Shorter antarctic winters cause earlier spring fever in polar bears and hence a longer mating season say researchers of the renowned Science & Public Policy Institute. “The buggers have been so horny in recent years” remarked Canadian sex educator Su Johannsen on the Monday Night Sex Show. This proves that global warming is alarmism, that sun causes cooling, and that it is darker at night than outside.

MP3: Solar Schmolar Debate at GeoCanada 2010

Interesting debate (download MP3; 2:43 mins; 1.3 MB) following this GeoCanada 2010 talk:

Geochemical evidence for late Holocene Paleoclimatic and Paleoceanographic variability in Anoxic Basins, Seymour-Belize Inlet Complex, Central Coastal Mainland, British Columbia

Babalola, L.O, Patterson, R.T. and Prokoph, A.
Earth Sciences Department
Carleton University
Ottawa, Ontario


Al Gore Sex Attack - The End of Climate Science

The renowned climatology magazine “National Enquirer” reports that Molly Haggerty, 54, a red-haired masseuse from Oregon, accuses Al Gore of sexual molestation. Her 73-page statement was originally rejected by police because the woman had a significant credibility problem: she had attempted to sell her experience with Al to the Heartland Institute Exxon Mobile the National Enquirer - for a million dollars. The Enquirer refused payment however got a hold of the police files. Read More...

Petro Engineers in Climatology Pt. 1

Well, we announced it, our new series on the ignorance of engineers. Here it is...

the Peg, April 2010

The climate is ever-changing — always has been, always will be (1). Everyone has a bias (2), which is simply human nature. This is exactly why we postulate hypothesises (3) to test our thoughts. Such testing should be performed without emotions (4) . Some choose to believe (5) man is to blame for many of Earth's natural changes and attritions. Because they lack proof of their hypothesis (6), they resort to political pressure and name calling (deniers, Flat Earthers, etc.). They play to human emotions (guilt, pity, scare tactics). All of this is intended to persuade others to acquiesce and accept their unproven, ideologically prescribed remedies (7). Read More...

FIFA World Cup: Climate Change Denier denies English Goal

Uruguayan referee Larrionda, a known climate change denier and honorary member of the Friends of Science, denied England this clear goal against Germany at the FIFA world cup in South Africa. Read More...

New York City Artsiefartsies paint Alarmist Picture

The Museum of Modern Art (MoMa) in New York City currently shows projected sea level rises until 2100 in real-size (click woman’s butt to enlarge picture). This constitutes a problem for most climate change deniers as they have never been to a museum, let alone one that exhibits modern art (other than paintings of golf courses, railways or mountains, or of golf courses with railways and mountains; the MoMa is a long subway ride away from the climate science district Wall Street). Are artsiefartsies scientists and therefore part of the IPCC conspiracy or are they not? A few hundred meters away from MoMa, John Lennon was assassinated, one of the fathers of the UN World Socialist Government. John would have certainly been a ‘believer’ in so-called science. John was also reported to have visited MoMa. This combination of facts unambiguously proves that the projected sea level rises were invented in order to boost the slumping sales of Beatles records. Home taping is killing music! Home science is killing denial! Read More...

Deniers' War in Calgary: Spy vs Spy

Calgary is presently battered by a war between deniers, waged ferociously through newspaper science in the Calgary Herald. And guess who is one of the main protagonists? Yes, no one less than our friend Norm Kalmanovitch, the guy with the fuzzy GeoCanada 2010 abstract. The key question is: is an ocean like a bucket or like a bathtub? This gives FoGT the opportunity to step in and take over control on the collection of protection money from the oil companies. FoGT says: two half-wits yield one dim wit. The two half wits are featured below.



Misunderestimating the Urban Heat Island Effect!


The 'urban heat island' (UHI) effect refers to the fact that many temperature measurement sites are located in cities. These locations are generally warmer than the surrounding countryside. This effect is maximised in the Republican Bible Belt of the continental United States owing to additional heat-generating factors: steaming anger expressed in townhall meetings, overheated unprotected sex between unmarried teenagers, friction by fingers gliding along rosaries during extended prayer, overusage of large pickup trucks in drive throughs, and the absorption of solar radiation by unprotected human necks. Many of the surface measurement stations are located improperly, enhancing this effect and hence falsifying the global temperature record of the United States. The above picture was taken in Marysville, Ca. (near Jesustown).


New Series: (Petro) Engineers in Climatology

What is the difference between engineers and scientists? The mocker might say: engineers are scientists but without the originality and imagination. Scientists think outside the box the engineers are living in. Engineers rely on equations which they look up in books. And if no simple equation exists to characterize a complicated issue, then the issue cannot exist.

Petro engineers are an even more special breed: their thinking is generally one-dimensional (vertical hole), occasionally two-dimensional (hole deviates from the vertical), and always linear. How likely are petro engineers predestined to hold two opposed ideas in the mind at the same time, and still retain the ability to function? Exactly...And, have you ever heard an engineer tell a really funny joke? Read More...

Alberta Deniers driven back by Professional Organisations

Organized Alberta oil patch climate change denial and war on science appear to be phased out by the very professional organizations they infest, the CSPG and APEGGA.
After the CSPG recently removed climate change denial propaganda (written by their past president A. Neil Hutton), members of APEGGA are now requesting the same from their organization (see letters in the July issue of the Peg below). It appears that these local Alberta organisations are slowly catching up with time and reality and are approaching the scientific opinion on global warming held by ALL national and international science academies and scientific societies. In support of this, FoGT has recently rejected the logical fallacies and deceptions of the local deniers, audiotaped and exposed their nonsense (A, B, C), explained the psychology behind their denial, and addressed the editorial board of AGU journals in an open letter to more rigorously monitor submitted manuscripts. And how do the Friends of Science (FoS) - who proclaim they are seeking the debate - respond? Not at all, they simply DENY FoGT, too, despite getting unmasked almost daily under the eyes of a local and international audience. The ice of denial is melting, the dinosaurs are nearing extinction, and not even their powerful iphone app can save them.

Here are the Peg letters in question:

Is Global Warming really caused by Coke and Pepsi?

The Climate Scum reports a 6-year old retard from Texas disproving global warming. Here in Calgary, yet another retard of unknown age (but certainly not older than 6) proves that the intake of Coke and Pepsi changes the global weather (not climate) - in the Calgary Herald.

FoGT begs to differ:  Coke and Pepsi containers, like the oceans, constitute carbon storage volumes. Read More...

Out of Context: From the Mailbag 2

Brilliant. Thanks. -- CBC Quirks & Quarks

Fantastic!! My eyes are still watering because I laughed so hard -- Anon., Calgary

The lots could be narrower and the streets darker if we built 4-storey houses - Man in the street, Calgary

Good stuff Derek - thanks for letting me know. G.M. Read More...

Science vs the Friends of Science

Mike Lockwood (2010) writes:
It is important not to make the mistake made by Lord Kelvin and argue that there can be no influence of solar variability on climate: indeed, its study is of scientific interest and may well further our understanding of climate behaviour. However, the popular idea (at least on the Internet and in some parts of the media) that solar changes are some kind of alternative to GHG forcing in explaining the rise in surface temperatures has no credibility with almost all climate scientists. Read More...

Anthony Watts getting dewormed

Tony Watts, owner of Whatsupwiththat, undergoes his annual deworming this week. “I have taken in so much rubbish since last time - and considering my body weight - that this procedure may take a bit longer than usual.”

Whatsupwiththat will be open again for the usual rubbish next week.

Satura nostra est!
Achtung Satire!
Attention Satire!

Friends of Science hide the Decline, too

There was a hide-the-decline extravaganza at the recent Heartland science-alarmism conference in Chicago. Deltoid reported serious decline-hiding by James M. Taylor and Don Easterbrook. Our Friends of Science had blown all their money on their radio ads. Thus they could not afford the Greyhound tickets to Chicago and had to hide the decline from home, cowtown Calgary that is. Read More...

MP3: Lord Monckton defeats the Nazis

girls hakenkraus

Over at The Climate Scum, they characterize Lord Monckton, the 3rd Viscount of Brenchley, member of the House of Lords, puzzle creator, and famous climate denier skeptic, as the victor of the Falklands war and curor of Aids and other diseases...What they miss, however, is Lord Monckton’s brilliant solo victory against the UN world socialist government Nazi Germany.

FoGT, master of the audio recording, offers Lord Monckton’s heroic fight against the Hitler Youth at the 2010 Copenhagen climate conference [Audio: mp3; 30 sec; 300 KB].


BP Oil Spill lags Natural Oil Spills by over 800 Years


  • Oils spills and oil seepage have been natural in the past, therefore BP cannot have caused the disaster in the Gulf of Mexico
  • Natural oil seepage exists and is larger in magnitude than the current BP disaster. Hence the current Gulf of Mexico BP disaster cannot have been generated by humans and is insignificant
  • People have died naturally in the past, therefore murder can always be excluded today
  • Bush fires have been started by lightning in the past, therefore arson can be excluded in every modern case
  • Climate has changed naturally in the past, therefore...


Vancouver Greenie offers Elitist Climate Smear Podcast

Dan Moutal, a Vancouver greenie and supporter of the UN world socialist government, offers his climate-science morass as a podcast. This podcast, listened to during workouts, will generate aggression and anger in us ultraconservative deniers and thus improve our fitness even more. Thank you, Dan! Asks a friend of science: “What’s a podcast?”


FoGT goes down-under and appoints GM Australia-Pacific

FoGT, in their globalization efforts, appoints Herr Professor Doktor Moritz Lorenz as General Manager Australia-Pacific. Herr Professor Doktor Moritz Lorenz works in the West Island of New Zealand in the Sarah Palin School of Geography, Economics and Quantum Computing at the University of Narbethong. He specialises in the manipulation of climate and snow-depth data, especially pre-season estimates from ski-resort operators.

The appointment becomes effective immediately. Dr. Lorenz will address Australian-Pacific denial later this week.

FoGT is seeking representatives and contributors for Eurasia, Africa, and the Americas. If you are imaginative and like writing on climate change denial skepticism, you are most welcome to contribute to this blog. If you would like to represent us in your country, please join our executive.

You find the contact information at the bottom of this blog.


DeSmogBlog & Grinzo Alarmists misunderrepresent FoGT

After a good month online, we were finally picked up by others - and received honourable mentions by alarmists and misinformers Desmogblog and Lou Grinzo (see bottom of page). Thanks guys, nevertheless! We have firmly established us as the 5th bestest climate denial blog in Calgary (behind the Fraser Institute, the Calgary Petroleum Club, the Calgary Chamber of Commerce, and the Prosperity Cancer Institute...where all the local crazies hang out).

A word about our logo, it should be made clear that it's not the CO2 molecule - CO2 does not exist. It is, rather, the G2T molecule: two atoms of gin and one of tonic (because at FoGT, we only synthesize doubles).

Mp3: Lord Monckton wins Debate but Earth still warming

Retired weatherman Anthony Watts reports a brilliant victory by Lord Monckton in the battlefield of propaganda climatology, fought at Oxford Union against Lord Half-Whitty, a brilliant climatologist. Because of this brilliant victory, the laws of physics need to be changed, global warming is unreal, and the large body of science that proves the opposite must be burnt. Once again, world history has been made by a bunch of British wankers aristocrats. IPCC observers cried fraud as the referee of the debate was no one else but Lord Monckton’s personal child psychologist himself. Read More...

How the Islamic World views FoGT (FoCS)

The latest user statistics indicate that FoGT experiences increasing acceptance in frontier areas such as Belgium, Denmark, Texas, and most islamic countries. In the latter, we go under 'Friends of Cranberry and Soda' (FoCS). The numbers speak for themselves.

Calgary Crazies hijack local Newspaper

Edmonton Journal columnist Graham Thomson published a rather insightful article on the recent political attacks on climatologists in the Calgary Herald (25 May 2010). Two days later, the Calgary Herald prints two angry letters by coordinated climate change deniers. These letter-to-the-editor scientists repeat the zombie arguments and hollow statements of the Friends of Science as part of their network’s echo chamber: Hot air believed to turn into fact by repetition. Extreme political Ideology wrapped in fact-free pseudo-skepticism. Read More...

The Friends of Science's Annual Money Laundry

NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN that the annual meeting of the members of Friends of Science Society (the “Society” or “FOS&rdquoWinking will be held at the South Calgary Community Centre (Lower Hall), 3130 - 16th St. S.W. Calgary, Alberta T2T 4G7, Wednesday, June 09, 2010 at 7:30PM (MDT) for the following purposes:
1. To receive the consolidated financial statements and the latest cherry-picked T-t regression line of the Society for the period ended December 31, 2009.
2. To receive the Presidents Report on the denial activities of the past year.
3. To erect the Directors of the Society.
4. To disappoint auditors of the Society for the ensuing year.
5. Transact any other business as may properly come before the meeting.
6. Repair
Barry Cooper’s money laundromat that worked very well between 2002 and 2007. Read More...

Taking the Piss out of Marc Morano's Heartland Talk

Here we present 3 slides from spin doctor blog scientist Marc Morano’s talk at the recent Science-Alarmism conference. The first slide shows some dudes urinating and the other two constitute (more) character assassinations of Al Gore and Michael Mann. Yes, we know, this is cherry picking - the slides may not be representative of the whole. There may be some really good science in there - or even a golden shower. Very likely. Check it out! The whole powerpoint file of Marc Morano’s presentation is here. Hey, wasn’t Marc the guy who called for the flogging of climatologists? You always know who to take for granted. Read More...

Living in Denial: How Facts are decomposing

Richard Littlemore from desmogblog across the Canadian cordillera wrote in a recent New Scientist article: “A coalition of US coal and electricity companies set the tone in the 1990s with the creation of the Information Council on the Environment (ICE). It's purpose: to ‘reposition climate change as a theory not a fact’. Read More...

Knowledge vs Belief: Are AGW Proponents gullible?

A Rant by Gunkl, modified by Dr. Schweinsgruber

Some skeptics consider proponents of what the broad body of science and the IPPC say, that global warming is manmade and real, as true believers: knowledge vs. belief. This is principally true, albeit it is the other way round.

The Friends of Science Fabrigate more Hot Air

The intake of of chili beans at their annual luncheon created lots of hot air in the ‘Friends of Science’ (FoS), which contributed to what they vehemently deny: anthropogenic global warming. FoS president D. Leahey allegedly attributed this intellectual flatulence to the fact that Exxon Mobile had not sponsored the luncheon with Peptobismol this year. Read More...

Friends of Science Annual Luncheon once again Small-Scale

’Small-Scale for Small Minds’ was the motto of this year’s luncheon of the 'Friends of Science' (FoS), who followed FoGT one day behind. 27 FoS and their relatives filled three tables of 9 at the Metropolitan Centre in Calgary. Once again, it was a chili cookoff sponsored by the wives and granddaughters of FoS. “$7 for such a tasty lunch is quite reasonable for Calgary”, added guest-speaker Dr. John Christy when boarding the airport shuttle bus again. Read More...

Friends of Gin & Tonic celebrate Annual Luncheon

The Friends of Gin & Tonic (FoGT) celebrated their first annual luncheon at the Telus Convention Centre downtown Calgary on Sunday, 16 May 2010, following church service at Ft. Knox United Church. The luncheon was accompanied by the Christian rock band ‘Stryper’. Speaker was John A. Marr: ‘Alarm button, where is the alarm button?’ Read More...

Wattsupwith being stupid

Greetings from the alarmist world. Did you guys at figure it out why the climategate hadcrut3 temperatures (manipulated by warmist scientists and the UN world government and enhanced by the urban heat island effect, isn’t it?) are lower than the satellite temps collected by a creationist presently on his way to denialpalooza in Heartland City? Did you find a way to use the more convenient warmist dataset to support your agenda without looking stupid? Read More...

Snowiest Global Warming ever

The nutcrackers morons blog scientists from 'Watts Up With That’ have started censoring/clipping comments using the word 'denial' ('d-word' in their lingo). Read More...

MP3: Friends of Science sunk by an Iceberg

“The very curious thing about this is, if it is the atmosphere that is melting the ice; 9/10 of the ice is below the water; so how exactly is the atmosphere gonna be melting the ice?”
Norm Kalmanovitch, FoS, 11 May 2010.

MP3: Friend of Science speaks at GeoCanada 2010

Friends of Science creative scientist Norm Kalmanovitch gave his disputed talk at GeoCanada 2010 (previosly discussed here and here). A rather entertaining mp3 file of remarkable sound quality can be downloaded from our site (22 mins; 10 MB). The file includes incredible math and an amusing debate following the presentation at 15:01. The fact that Norm read off his powerpoint benefitted this audiobook version. Judge for yourselves... Read More...

MP3: Tom Pedersen shoots down FoS at GeoCanada 2010

Tom Pedersen, Director, Pacific Institute for Climate Solutions, gave the first presentation in the session ‘climate change through time’ at GeoCanada 2010 in Calgary. In the question period following the talk, notorious climate change denier Norm Kalmanovitch of the so-called Friends of Science asked Tom about the ‘global cooling’ evident from the diagram above and solar cycle 24 that ends in the year 2032. Read More...

Welcome to GeoCanada 2010

Welcome to Calgary! From Monday to Friday, thousands of so-called scientists are meeting in Calgary to discuss advances in Earth Sciences. Scientists? Read More...

Monckton pulled out of UK Election

Update: Perth and Kinross council has just confirmed to the Guardian that Lord Monckton withdrew his candidacy earlier today ahead of the 4pm deadline set by the Electoral Commission. Read More...

More Charlatans at GeoCanada 2010

The climatology session of GeoCanada 2010 contains also presentations by so-called scientists such as Thomas Pedersen and Richard Peltier, who are part of the conspiracy of the global warming hoax. Read More...

Stefan Boltzmann at GeoCanada 2010

According to rumours, lawyer and thus fake expert Stefan Boltzmann himself will be presenting a talk at GeoCanada 2010, hist first presentation in 120 years. This will be followed by a debate with Lord Monckton on constant climate sensitivity [in German] Read More...

GeoCanada 2010 Abstractgate: Update

We had asked whether Norm Kalmanovitch had plagiarised from others in his GeoCanada 2010 abstract.

"No, he attributed me. Sometimes people write things out to explain them in their own mind, without breaking new ground. This may be one of those instances." --David Archibald, greenhouse denier

"Thanks for your interest in what Norm is going to say. I have had several exchanges with him and he still gets 'the wrong end of the stick'! He has based his work on some of mine, but essentially does not understand the physics." -- Jack Barrett, greenhouse denier

FoGT says: While we feel that Jack Barrett was at least honest in our exchange, he does not appear to understand the physics either. Read More...

Lord Monckton in the UK General Election 2010

According to information from Buckteeth Palace and some guy at DenialDepot, the previous court jester and FoS speaker Lord Monckton is running for OFFICIAL HONORARY PRIME MINISTER OF THE HOUSE OF LORDS in the upcoming United Kingdom general election, held on 6th May 2010. His campaign motto: 'Chuck it yet again, Schmidt!' Monckton is the candidate for the Plaid Cymru party, consistent with his residence in Scotland. The Canadian equivalent would be the Bloc Québécois. Says Bloc Fuhrer Gilles Duceppe from his Calgary home: "Mon mam Cymru - Anglesey, mother of Scotland"! In North America, Lord Monckton's efforts are endorsed by the Hooterville Gazette. We hope the Friends of Science will not interfere with the election through bizarre radio ads.

Says Schmidt: All this bright pink and purple is kinda gay! It gives '
ad hominem' a completely new meaning.

Friends of Science Luncheon, free NASA Diaper

The Friends of Science (FoS) are inviting to their annual luncheon. Speaker is Dr. John Christy, who received NASA's medal for exceptional climate change denial. Seating is limited: only 380 seats are available for the 432 Friends of Science, guests excluded. Dr. Christy will talk about activating the FoS iphone app's special features. The $75 ticket includes one free NASA adult diaper.

The Friends of Science iPhone App: Feedback

A few days ago, we introduced a FoS iPhone app. Here the first review:

"Finally there is an app for 'generating your own _gate' which simultaneously contains a 'world-communist government alarm'. Read More...

FoGT introduces two new Executive Members

FoGT proudly announces two additions to its executive:

Gavin Kirsch, Chief Climate Modeler

John A. Marr, West Coast Representative

We feed our specially-selected climate data to Gavin, who, using a patented process spits out the results in a form that's easily digestible and free of unpleasant surprises. We get many requests for Gavin's modeling code. We pass them on to Phylis actioning.

Sunday's User Stats: Hitsville Canada

Sunday's user stats are in. The distribution once again images the Canadian denial belt along the US border, held together by a buckle in Calgary (all 432 Friends of Science checking us out after church service?). Read More...

Letter from the Editor: Dr. Ian Plimer

Dear Dr. Plimer,

We are FoGT, a new climate denial skeptics organization out of Calgary, the hotbed of North American climate change denial.

Included here is a link to a song we made for you.


Obama Advisor K. Moran at GeoCanada 2010

Past, Present, and Future Arctic Sea Ice
Speaker NameKathryn (Kate) Moran

The Arctic Ocean is undergoing tremendous change and is currently transforming from a perennially sea ice covered ocean to one that may soon be ice-free in summer.

MP3: FoGT sings for Ian Plimer, Fellow Denier

Ladies and Gentlemen, announced previously

Recorded at South Studios, mixed at Sapphire Sound,

The Friends of Gin & Tonic and The Tanqueray Tabernacle Choir


Stand By Your Scam - Song for Ian Plimer
(author of 'Heaven & Earth')


Stand By Your Scam
Sometimes it's hard denying warming
Giving all your love to just one scam
You'll claim it's cooled


RSS Feed fixed

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May Day: FoGT parades Calgary Red Square

The world communist government, representatives of the IPCC, the left wing of the Calgary Chamber of Commerce, the Dumb-Waiters' Union of the Calgary Petroleum Club, and the Friends of Gin & Tonic organized a spectacular 1st of May parade downtown Calgary. Read More...

FoS at GeoCanada 2010: Correct the Abstract!

While none of the FoGT-submitted abstracts to the GeoCanada 2010 (Calgary, 10-14 May) were accepted, Norm Kalmanovitch of our sister organisation Friends of Science (FoS) is scheduled to speak in the session 'Cimate Change Through Time'. Read More...

CSPG pulls Hutton pdf from Website

The CSPG removed the public link to Dr. A. Neil Hutton's opus 'Climate Change' from their website, possibly in response to our suggestion of submitting it to a peer-reviewed journal, or because of a conspiracy of so-called scientists in their left wing. Read More...

The Empire Strikes Back

Congratulations on your new group. You will find plenty of friends in the Chamber of Commerce and in the Petroleum Club.
- M of B

The Viscount Monckton of Brenchley
Carie, Rannoch, Scotland, PH17 2QJ

The Friends of Science iPhone App 1.0

  • Measure your blood pressure
  • Clean golf balls
  • Calculate the local urban heat island effect
  • Image viewer: display medieval travel maps of Greenland

Out of Context: from the FoGT Mailbag

"Outstanding!  Everyone around here seems to be cheering for Bayern Munich, too." -- R.A., Penn State

"Your message could not be delivered" --
Stefan Rahmstorff, PIK Potsdam

"Wow- funny!" -- Mike Bonanno, the Yes Men [We love the Yes Men] Read More...

4th Intern. Conference on Science Alarmism

The 4th International Conference on Science Alarmism will be held on May 16-18 at the Heatland Institute, Chicago, Illinois. Book your Greyhound tickets now! Read More...

FoGT Australia: Global Singing for Ian Plimer

Our denial competitor Ian Plimer claims in his book 'Heaven and Earth' that the environmental religion has no music. We were not sure and asked our Australian chapter to write a text that goes with the melody to the left. The FoGT Bourbon Tabernacle Choir will get together in Calgary this weekend, drink too much Gin & Tonic, record the song, and post the mp3 here. Dear disciples and fellow deniers! We kindly ask you to do the same. Take your ipod or voice recorder, sing this song, and send us your recording. We are looking forward to a global choir. Push the button and try it out!

Stand By Your Scam
(from Friends of Gin & Tonic, Australia. 26/4/10)

Sometimes it's hard denying warming
Giving all your love to just one scam
You'll claim it's cooled
And hope that someone's fooled
Make it seem to hard to understand
Confuse the climate with the weather
Your stories needn't fit together
And when you get attacks
Oh just reverse the facts
'Cause after all it's just a scam

TimBall Wizzard Audio on DesMogBlog

We would like to draw your attention to a link at DesMogBlog, our warmist colleagues from the other side of the Canadian Cordillera. Read More...

Global Warming in England and Wales

From the compositions of Ken Gregory, FoS:

Warming [in England and Wales] is Good for Your Health Read More...

Spaced Out: Nimoy, Monckton

Leonard Nimoy beamed down to Alberta this weekend, highly advertized on national TV. First he visited the town of Vulcan and told the locals to "live long and prosper". Read More...

Hookergate haunts FoGT President!

Not even a week old, FoGT is facing their first scandal. Schweinsgruber's hairdresser of 9 years was arrested for running a common bawdy house. Says Schweinsgruber: "I knew she was rubbing me the wrong way". Romney-Hughes was not affected as he changed hairdresser after losing his hair completely, only returning occasionally for 'Senior's & Special Day' every Tuesday. Delicately, Romney-Hughes still holds a prepaid relaxation massage voucher. Read More...

More FoGT Executive

FoGT are pleased to announce an addition to their executive. Phylis Jones, a former sex kitten, is taking on the position of heat technician. Brighton Early, a former Pentecoastal preacher, presently in Rio de Janeiro, will be the director at Large, mainly focusing on public relations issues. For more details, see here!

FoGT on Facebook

We have received many letters in our young history, some of them asking how to leave comments on this blog. Well, science is not opinion and, as we know from newspapers, every idiot has an opinion. So we thought we'd enjoy our monopoly on wisecrack comments. Read More...

The Calgary Hockey Stick

On the first day of FoGT's website's pre-release, our fellow global warming deniers created their own hockey stick. It shows "unprecedented" website usage for the last day or so, says Michaela Mann, FoGT's rink manager! This shows that global warming in Calgary is real and that there is no need for new taxes. Thank you for your visit!


New: RSS Feed

We added RSS Feed to this blog (see button to the left). However, we are not entirely sure what it does. If you find it out, please let us know.

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Inaugural Breakfast

The Friends of Gin & Tonic (FoGT) launched themselves into their very own orbits in Calgary this morning with their legendary inaugural Gin & Tonic Literary Breakfast. The photo shows a selection of the 450 peer-reviewed gins books that prove that climate change is a hoax. The G&T breakfast will be a daily event from now on. "Gin & Tonic is so much more than just a breakfast drink" slurred Dr. Romney-Hughes, FoGT's director. "The photo is a hoax, there's no tonic in the picture" barked von Monckhausen, director of scientific content, from underneath the table. We learn: Always check your facts! Read More...

Monckton debunked Part II

Dear Schweinsgruber
                Many thanks for the video. And now what about Al Gore ?
                                                                                                               Douglas [Leahey]

Lord Monckton debunked Part I

Barba non facit Philosophum, Lord Monckton!


Letter to Dr. Chris de Freitas

[We have not received an answer by Dr. de Freitas]

Dear Dr. de Freitas,
In a recent paper by McLean et al. (2009)  it is claimed that climate change is largely triggered by SOI (Southern Oscillation Index). You are the second author. But you are also a scientific advisor to the "Friends of Science (FoS)" in Calgary. The FoS claim on their website... Read More...

Letter to Dr. Patrick Michaels, Cato Institute

[We have not received an answer by Dr. Michaels]

Dear Dr. Michaels,

RE: recent satellite temperature trends of the lower atmosphere

Letter to the Friends of Science

Dear Friends of Science,
The banner of your website contains an alleged statement of Sir John Houghton, the first chairperson of the IPCC.

Letter to Dr. S. Fred Singer (with short answer)

Actual letter in blue, submitted per web form. Short answer by Dr. Singer in grey, squeezed in between paragraphs.

Sehr geehrter Herr Dr. Singer,
I am wondering about recent global temperature trends.  Here a link to Dr. Spencer's most recent satellite data:

My Calgary colleagues of the Friends of Science (FoS;, claim that the earth has been cooling since 2002. They even advertised this cooling in recent radio ads. The FoS base this on a T-t plot similar to Dr. Spencer's. The difference is that theirs constitutes the average between the two principal satellite data sets (UAH, Remote Sensing LTD). While there is essentially no difference between the two, I cannot see the 0.12 C drop since 2002 claimed by the FoS. In fact, T has been shooting up recently and the long-term trend since 1979 is also clearly up. The period between 2002 and 2007 is simply a high plateau,

that's a possible interpretation, consistent with the accuracy of the data set Read More...

Letter to Dr. Roy Spencer, University of Alabama

[We have not received an answer by Dr. Spencer]

Dear Dr. Spencer,

RE: recent UAH satellite temperature trends of the lower atmosphere

Letter to the Friends of Science

Dear Friends of Science,
Please have a look a the latest satellite data from UAH: