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How the Islamic World views FoGT (FoCS)

The latest user statistics indicate that FoGT experiences increasing acceptance in frontier areas such as Belgium, Denmark, Texas, and most islamic countries. In the latter, we go under 'Friends of Cranberry and Soda' (FoCS). The numbers speak for themselves.

Sunday's User Stats: Hitsville Canada

Sunday's user stats are in. The distribution once again images the Canadian denial belt along the US border, held together by a buckle in Calgary (all 432 Friends of Science checking us out after church service?). Read More...

More FoGT Executive

FoGT are pleased to announce an addition to their executive. Phylis Jones, a former sex kitten, is taking on the position of heat technician. Brighton Early, a former Pentecoastal preacher, presently in Rio de Janeiro, will be the director at Large, mainly focusing on public relations issues. For more details, see here!

FoGT on Facebook

We have received many letters in our young history, some of them asking how to leave comments on this blog. Well, science is not opinion and, as we know from newspapers, every idiot has an opinion. So we thought we'd enjoy our monopoly on wisecrack comments. Read More...