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Beyond the Angry Summer

In the (southern) summer of 2012-3, the Australian Bureau of Meteorology had to introduce a new colour to their temperature maps as record-breaking temperatures occurred across most of the continent. The now disbanded Climate Commission called it The Angry Summer.

With seasonal outlooks indicating a hot summer for 2013-4, the search is on for a new name.
Thus one might have:
The Angrier Summer if temperatures are a a bit higher The Not-Quite-As-Angry Summer if temperatures come in a bit lower, the problem being that one has to wait until the end of summer to know which to use; The Furious Summer The Enraged Summer

A more creative approach would be to follow the Aktion Wetterpate (Adopt-a-Vortex)” approach of naming weather systems after people, so that we could have:
The "Tony Abbott punching the wall" Summer The "Kevin Rudd Abusing a Flight Attendant" Summer or, for extreme conditions"
The "Belinda Neal in Iguana Joe's Restaurant" Summer.

However, given the mood of the Australian electorate, a more contemporary label would be:
The "I'm so pissed off with the major parties that I'm going to fill the senate with one-issue cranks" Summer


Since the Abbott government abolished the Climate Commission, it has re-invented itself as the Climate Council, funded by donations. The funding came from a persuasive campaign urging donations which would support the provision of independent information about climate and piss off Tony Abbott and Andrew Bolt.

Prof Dr Moritz Lorenz.
Sarah Palin School of Geography, Economics and Quantum Computing,
University of Narbethong,
West Island Campus, NZ

Witches protest Comparison with Sophie Mirabella

After centuries of burning by catholics, hanging by puritans, denigration in fairy tales and being used to denigrate female politicians, the world's witches have had enough. The crunch came in Australia when, on her electoral defeat, denialist MP Sophie Mirabella found herself the target of the "Ditch the Witch" slogan that she and now-PM Tony Abbott had used against Australian PM Julia Gillard.

In fronting at "Ditch the Witch" rallies, Mr Abbott drew on the proud misogynist traditions of his church. Not only did the catholic church execute many thousands of women for witchcraft, but they also wrote the definitive book,
Malleus Maleficarum, on the subject. This inspired later generations of protestants, although often, as in New England, protestants substituted hanging for burning. Execution of accused witches continues to this day in PNG, often using the traditional catholic method of burning to death.

It is a measure of the strength of Mr Abbott's dedication to the traditions of his church that, rather than be apologetic for his church's lethal misogyny (a rather unlikely event) or simply pass by in embarassed silence, Mr Abbott embraced the "witch" meme and referred to its proponents as "fine Australians".

Of course Ms. Gillard is not the first female politician to be described as a witch. Most notably Margaret Thatcher's death was marked by wide-spread downloading of Ding Dong the Witch is Dead". In a lapse from its normal high journalistic standards, even Friends of Gin and Tonic embraced the
Ding Dong campaign.

The reality is that the death of baroness Thatcher should have been an occasion for mourning. Most obviously, it meant that the opportunity for her the hear the insults had been lost forever. Secondly, for those who believe that ex-PM Thatcher should be punished, the most appropriate punishment was to live on, old and frail, to contemplate the limitations of her ideology of the self-sufficient individual. Finally, the death of baroness Thatcher simplifies the hi-jacking of her legacy by people who are much nastier. Because if you think that Margaret Thatcher was the ultimate embodiment of conservative evil, then you simply haven't been paying attention over the last 20 years.

Mr Abbott has stated that, as PM, he won't be imposing his own religious views on national policy. [The
greenhouse denial religion is emerging as an exception]. This means that the catholic tradition of witch burning is unlikely to be revived in Australia. Indeed the increasingly long fire seasons in Australia [which, under the new goverment, have absolutely nothing to do with climate change] would confine witch-burning to times that would be in unacceptable competition with the football season.

Prior to becoming the recipient of the "ditch the witch" derision, Ms Mirabella had already been described as the nastiest person in the Australian Parliament.

Ms Mirabella's wikipedia entry notes that In 1995, she began a live-in relationship with Colin Howard, then dean of law at Melbourne University, who was forty years her senior. The relationship ended in 2001, although they remained close until his death in 2011. Her relationship with Howard was later the subject of a bitter dispute between Mirabella and Howard's adult children. Mirabella was granted power of attorney over Howard's estate and made herself the sole beneficiary. In protesting against having witches compared to Ms Mirabella, a spokes-witch noted that there are plenty of words in the English language to describe such a person without dragging witches into the lexicon of insults.

Prof Dr Moritz Lorenz.
Sarah Palin School of Geography, Economics and Quantum Computing,
University of Narbethong,
West Island Campus, NZ

Existence is Useless

(apologies to the Vogon guard).

The late great Canadian-born economist J. K. Galbraith once described the efforts of various academic colleagues for promoting their academic standing. This consisted of passionate description of their earth-shattering books. The essential aspect was the glowing description. Often the production of an actual book was found to be superfluous and was relegated to some ill-defined future.

In the non-core science of climate change, it seems that this time-saving innovation has finally reached Australia.

Australia's non-core scientists had long ago embraced the productivity gains achieved by dispensing with the long and tedious process involved in peer review. Now it seems that they have gone the extra step and are dispensing with the need for actually writing books and papers, and focusing their efforts on getting glowing reviews for non-existent or unavailable works.

A tentative first step was taken by then-professor Murry Salby with his widely acclaimed
non-existent paper on carbon dioxide. This was described by Salby as the paper that would cause the IPCC to totally reverse their opinions about the causes of climate change. Back in August 2012 the rapturous review by Jo Nova revealed that the paper had been accepted for publication and would appear in six weeks. After almost a year there is still no paper, but reports in The Australian indicate the paper has been expanded into a non-existent book.

Late in 2012, political cartoonist John Spooner announced that he was joining several non-core scientists in producing a new book on climate, due to appear in a few months. Drawing on his own expertise, this would be in the form of a graphic novel - the genre formerly known as comic books.

It is now time for the praise. The
comic book Taxing Air is by John Spooner and Bob Carter, with non-core scientists Bill Kininmonth, Stewart Franks and an economist. Combining Carter, Kininmonth and Franks brings together much of the team who acted as non-core scientific advisers to Senator Family First's Fraudulent Fuckwit Fielding. Again this book, due in bookshops on July 1, has received glowing accounts from Jo Nova and is reviewed in Quadrant but seems somewhat unknown to actual booksellers.

This virtual state [the IT industry refers to vaporware, Ed] is even more transient than Carter's previous book which was being remaindered by
Amazon before Carter had been able to launch it in Australia.

As always, Australian academia has been slow to adjust to new innovations. Former-professors Salby and Carter are now ex-professors as their
former universities have noted their underachievement as far as actual work goes, even if other excuses are being circulated.



We conclude that the Subject (Dr Salby) has engaged in a long-running course of deceptive conduct involving both his University and NSF. His conduct reflects a consistent willingness to violate rules and regulations, whether federal or local, for his personal benefit.

In ex-professor Carter's case, the government criteria for assessing research output don't even have a classification for
comic books graphic novels.

Prof Dr Moritz Lorenz.

Sarah Palin School of Geography, Economics and Quantum Computing,
University of Narbethong,
West Island Campus, NZ

Australia's first bloke outed as a hairdresser - brings down prime minister

Tim Mathieson, partner of Australian (now former) Prime Minister Julia Gillard (and thus Australia's "first bloke") has been outed as being a hairdresser. In the lead-up to the (scheduled) September election, this is seen as a crude attempt to appeal to religious conservatives who follow the injunctions in Leviticus that Ch 19 v27 Ye shalt not round the corners of your heads, neither shalt thou mar the corners of they beard, Ch 21 v5 They shall not make any baldness upon their head, neither shall they shave off the corner of their beard nor make any cuttings in their flesh.

In each case, emphasising the importance of avoiding haircuts, these chapters immediately follow a chapter of prescriptions against male homosexuality as well as sex with animals, sisters-in-law, uncles' wives or threesomes with a mother and daughter. [Sex with school children under your care is
not precluded in Leviticus.]

The attack on Mr Mathieson, by intermittent greenhouse denier Howard Sattler was a classic feint and strike. Mr Sattler opened with the question as to whether Mr Mathieson was gay. While the PM gasped incredulously, Mr Sattler went for the kill:
he must be gay: he's a hairdresser.

Mr Sattler was judged as expendable to the greenhouse denial cause (he seems to have only hosted Lord Monckton once on his radio program) and was sacked by his employers in a desperate attempt to distinguish themselves from Mr Murdoch's news outlets. Indeed he had harmed denialist tactics by striking too early, rather than keeping the damning revelation for closer to the election. Instead of being used by PM Gillard's enemies in the COALition, it was used by her enemies in her own party. The Murdoch greenhouse-denying columnist Piers Ackerman tried to back-track by trying to re-divert discussion to Mr. Mathieson's sexual orientation, but it was too late and events had to run their course.

Rumours of Mr Mathieson's hairdressing proclivities had circulated for years, and even been reported in leading Canadian news outlets such as
Friends of Gin and Tonic. But Mr Sattler's revelation in his Perth Drive-time radio show brought the matter into the open.

The "feint and strike" approach had been tried directly on Prime Minister Gillard. In the last twelve months, years of misogynist attacks finally made way to the what was hoped to be the killer blow: Ms Gillard is a lawyer, but this proved insufficient.

In the end, the outing of Mr Mathieson as a hairdresser was the final straw. Within weeks of Mr Sattler's outing of her partner, Ms Gillard was deposed as Prime Minister.

Andrew Nut
Religious affairs correspondent
Waikikamukau, West Island, NZ.

First they screw children, then they screw their future

A decade of lying about climate change provided Australia's cardinal George Pell with the experience that he needed in order to front the Victorian state parliamentary inquiry into sexual abuse of children.

May had been a bad month for the Roman Catholic Church in Australia. In the state of NSW, there were claims of interference with police investigations of pedophile priests. However the real action took place in the state of Victoria (where infiltration of the police was identified as motorcycle gangs rather than catholics, although some commentators noted the similarities). There, the focus was on the parliamentary inquiry into sexual abuse of children.

Among the evidence heard was:
  • sustained abuse by a group of pedophile priests at St Aloyisus school in Ballarat;
  • that on the departure of one priest, the church had helped him set up trust funds, to keep his payout beyond the reach of legal action by his victims;
  • that the church had paid a million dollars for the defense of one priest who had already been convicted of other offences against children. (The church was quick to point out that the reason that the amount was so high was because it included the 10% goods and services tax.)
  • When Melbourne Archbishop Hart was asked about the decades of delay in being open rather than covering up, he smilingly replied "better late than never" - few others saw the humour.
In earlier commentary, church sources had felt that the reasons that priests tended to focus their sexual predation on children and/or males was that this didn't really count as sex and so was not a violation of the vows of celibacy. This sort of distinction is in line with earlier church doctrine such as avoiding meat-eating during Lent by dining on fetal cattle, or, in handing over convicted heretics, recommending that punishment by secular authorities avoid bloodshed (by burning at the stake).

Then on Monday, into this mess strode George Pell.

Pell had already been critical of the way in which these inquiries and allegations had focused on the catholic church. Indeed as Joseph Ratzinger had said, while he was pope (and thus infallible), sexual abuse of children is as evil as ordaining women. Thus, while sexual abuse of children is focused on the catholic church, protestant denominations have a virtual monopoly on ordination of women. In spite of Pell's complaints about unfairness, Australia has multiple inquiries into sexual abuse of children, and none at all into the ordination of women. (Opposition leader Tony Abbott has remained silent on whether he would take his catholic faith literally and initiate such an inquiry if he is elected as prime minister next September).

Cardinal Pell is seen as a traditionalist. One of the catholic traditions that he upholds most strongly is that of denying science until a century or two after the rest of the world has accepted it. Thus it was in 1992 that the inquisition's judgment against Galileo was overturned. In the case of evolution, it only took about a century or so for the church to give grudging and partial acceptance.
In the days leading up to his testimony, Cardinal Pell had been urged by the state premier to tell the truth. This was perhaps unnecessary, even apart from the spectacle of a politician telling a church leader to be truthful. In recent weeks the cardinal had taken the opportunity to join fellow greenhouse deniers in the favoured few who received first hand moral training as part of the live audience for
a lecture on morality by Mr Rupert Murdoch.

As anticipated, cardinal Pell's testimony did acknowledge that the cover-up was a failing of individuals. However, as was also anticipated, Pell concentrated on blaming people who were dead. In his evidence, cardinal Pell modestly disavowed the description of `sociopathic lack of empathy', from victims' parents, on the basis that 20 minutes was too short a time to make such a judgment. (Of course `sociopathic lack of empathy' has long been a tradition of the Inquisition (now called the Sacred Congregation for the Doctrine of the faith) where Pell worked in the Vatican). However, in spite of this modesty, Pell did reveal his hidden empathy, in describing how he has accompanied one of the pedophile priests to court.

Such is the stuff of a Prince of the Church.

Andrew Nut
Religious affairs correspondent,
Waikikamukau, NZ

Lewandowsky Refudiated: Greenhouse Denial is caused by Prostate Enlargement

To a man whose only tool is a hammer, everything looks like a nail. Thus when cognitive psychologist Stephan Lewandowsky sought an explanation for greenhouse denial, he sought a psychological cause in a tendency to conspiratorial thinking.

Sadly for Lewandowsky, the refudiation came fast on the heels of the backlash. 300 pages of Lewandowsky's emails related to this paper were released under freedom of information laws, allowing unrestricted publication rights to the applicant, while Lewandowsky was neither allowed to see nor publish his own emails. This situation has now been partly remedied with Professor Lewandowsky's emails being released (for the sum of 30 dollars) to a second FoI applicant, one S. Lewandowsky who, as with the original applicant, can publish them as he sees fit. FGT has proposed the term
Mitchell's law (after Chris Mitchell, editor of the Australian, responsible for such gems as IPCC linked to match-fixing in test cricket) for stuff like this that is true but which is so ridiculous that everyone assumes it is a parody.
All this effort in attacking Lewandowsky seems wasted, since new data is now indicating a much stronger epidemiological connection between greenhouse denial and prostate enlargement.

Such an association between greenhouse denial and prostate enlargement had long been suspected by those who had observed the demographics of the Lavoisier group in Australia, the
Friends of Science (movie for old men) in Canada and the science board of the Australian Climate Science Coalition in Australia and Lord Lawson's Global warming policy foundation in the UK. FGT has explored such urological links Lack of Solar Activity causes erectile Dysfunction in Climate Change Deniers Other climate/urology links had been raised previously by FGT Is Monckton a Wanker and Why it Matters positing a desire for higher CO2 for enhancing auto-eroticism. However it seems that no-one has put these cases together in a meta-analysis.

Such difficult and controversial statistical methodology has now been rendered unnecessary with new data taken from the list of signatories to Tom Harris'
letter to Obi Wan Kenobe. Overwhelmingly these signatories fall into the demographic in which prostate enlargement peaks. For a symptom-free man of 46 years, the risk of developing Benign prostate enlargement over the next 30 years is 45%. Incidence rates increase from 3 cases per 1000 man-years at age 45–49 years, to 38 cases per 1000 man-years by the age of 75–79 years. Whereas the prevalence rate is 2.7% for men aged 45–49, it increases to 24% by the age of 80 years. Similar demographics apply for prostate cancer and so the clinical significance of greenhouse denial as a men's health issue remains unclear. This contrasts to the demographics for other conspiracy theories such as the concentration of younger female conspiracy theorists in the anti-vaccination lobby.

In itself, the statistical association between groups subject to prostate enlargement and groups subject to greenhouse denial does not show which is the cause and which is the effect. It is the time history that shows the causation. Prostate enlargement has been relatively static over time and has not spiked as greenhouse denial soared. Clearly, what has happened is that a large pool of enlarged prostates have been around for centuries, ready to trigger denial of global warming just as soon as there was any warming to deny.

As with the link between smoking and lung cancer, the link between prostate enlargement and greenhouse denial is neither inevitable nor essential. Nevertheless, greenhouse deniers who are younger than average, or more rabid than average (or both, as in cases like
senator Bernadi) might be well advised to see their doctors for regular checks.

Prof Dr Moritz Lorenz. Sarah Palin School of Geography, Economics and Quantum Computing, University of Narbethong, West Island Campus, NZ

Saint Bob chases Viscount's Lie-Count

He said, when they asked him "Oh why count
the errors put out by the Viscount?"
"It's to see if eventually
Lord Monckton of Brenchley
exceeds Ian Plimer's great lie count."

Friends of G and T dedicated these words to John Abraham who did a detailed dissection of a Monckton lecture. George Monbiot compared this to the efforts of Dave Rado analysing the Great Global Warming Swindle, Ian Enting analysing Ian Plimer and Howard Friel's book The Lomborg deception. Since then there has been Oreskes and Conway's book Merchants of Doubt on the wide ranging non-core science of Fred Seitz and colleagues (reviewed here) and John Mashey's analysis of the Wegman report (which popularised the concept of Southern hemisphere denial).

Against competition such as Monckton, Plimer, Wegman and Durkin, small scale
liars Thesaurus stretchers like Bob Carter struggle to get noticed. When Carter's book The climate counterconsensus was launched in Australia by obscure NZ politician Rodney Hide, the decline in Carter's profile became pathetically apparent. Gone are the glory days when Carter rejoiced in the status of scientific advisor to senator Steve Family First's Fraudulent Fuckwit Fielding, (now ex-senator) in spite of FGT proposing Carter for canonisation. Then he worked alongside such luminaries as Stewart Franks, who discovered that Australia [if it exists - remember Wegman, ed,] is moving north a several degrees per century and Bill Kininmonth who discovered that climate denial is greatly facilitated by moving beyond the constraints set by the laws of thermodynamics.

Nevertheless Carter has been trying. Enting's book
Twisted pointed out that the claim the logarithmic nature of CO2 meant that current warming would be only 45% of that from doubling, rather than 75% claimed (on oath) by Carter.

More recently, the revelations of Carter's funding from the Heartland Institute rather contradicts Carter's various pieces of denialist testimony that begin being denying such funding.

Most recently Carter has lied (not on oath this time) by impersonating a professor from James Cook University, when signing Tom Harris'
letter to Obi Wan Kenobe as Robert M. Carter, PhD, Professor, Marine Geophysical Laboratory, James Cook University, Townsville, Australia. Carter later followed this up in an interview with Sydney shock-jock Alan Jones with more extensive lying. Carter's signature explicitly violates the rules of Carter's adjunct status which states Adjunct titles shall not be used outside of University related business viz appointees should not use a University title in their normal professional capacity but limit their usage to involvement in University activities.

In an swift response to what was quite frankly weak competition, Lord Monckton, used his
visit to Doha to counter Carter's challenge by impersonating a delegate from Myanmar at the Doha Conference of Parties to the UNFCCC and was summarily ejected.

Prof Dr Moritz Lorenz. Sarah Palin School of Geography, Economics and Quantum Computing, University of Narbethong, West Island Campus, NZ

Denialist Senator Dumped as Threat to National Security

Senator Cory Bernardi a leading Australian greenhouse denialist , has been dropped from his role as parliamentary secretary to the leader of the opposition following comments during the debate on gay marriage.

In contrast, his fellow denialist, senator Ron Boswell, famous for launcing Ian Plimer's book,
joined the gay marriage debate with a speech devoid of both inflammatory comment, non-inflammatory comment (not to mention coherence), promping questions about whether the senator was senile or pissed (or both).

Senator Bernardi had compared homosexuality to bestiality and polygamy. While the official story for domestic consumption is that these comparisons were unduly insulting to homosexuals, the real motivation was the concern about the international repercussions of denigrating bestiality and polygamy.

With widespread muslim protests already spreading around the globe, denigration of polygamy was seen as unecessarily inflammatory at this time. Senator Bernardi had already called for a reduction of
Islamic influence in Australia, troubled by arabic influences such as algebra, Al Quaeda, algorithms and Al Gore.

However it is the defence implications of Senator Bernardi's recent remarks that are most important. A cornerstone of Australia's defence has been the
ANZUS treaty that formalised the alliance forged in World War two and which saw Australian troops fighting in Vietnam alongside the USA and New Zealand and taking casualties from both allies. Thus Senator Bernardi's denigration of bestiality was seen as undermining Australia's links with the sheepshaggers on the other side of the Tasman Sea. Similarly, with the US possibly about to elect a Mormon president, condemning polygamy at this time was a diplomatic gaffe.

Clearly Senator Bernardi lacks a proper appreciation of relativity of evil in spite of many examples of clear guidance.
Pope Benedict has led the way, expressing his condemnation of
sexual abuse of children in the strongest possible terms, by equating it to the ordination of women. Similarly, assassination of the Pope was, in 1954, equated to the terrible evil of writing about Christ's foreskin by having both activities punished by vitandi, the most severe form of excommunication, Senator Bernardi's unsound comparisons have distracted attention from his party's attack on the evil at the heart of the Australian Labor government, headed by a prime minister who co-habits with a hair-dresser.

Because, as clearly explained in
Leviticus (ch 18, v22 and ch19 v 27), homosexuality is as evil as haircuts.

Prof Dr Moritz Lorenz. Sarah Palin School of Geography, Economics and Quantum Computing, University of Narbethong, West Island Campus, NZ

Excise Australia Fair

There has been a poor reception for verse written in praise of special economic zones by Gina Rinehart, mining magnate, sponsor of Ian Plimer and Australia's richest woman. The topic deserves better and so we offer our update of Advance Australia Fair.

In special economic zones
Australians can be free
As long as they're the one that owns
And not an employee.
The land abounds in nature's gifts
That we don't wish to share.
As we advance, at every chance: Excise Australia fair.
In joyful strains then let us sing
"Excise Australia fair".

When Dampier from Albion sailed, For piracy and more
As British courage bore him on,
He reached our western shore. He left us with a legacy
As taught in English schools.
With all their faults, there's one we love:
"Britannia waives the rules".
In pirates' strains then let us sing "Excise Australia fair!"

Our forebears formed the
To rail against the laws
That slow the rate that riches flow
Into our gaping maws.
But working piecemeal takes too long
To sweep them all away.
Declare that in your business place
Such laws do not hold sway.
In lawyers' strains then let us sing
"Excise Australia fair!"

It works with imigration zones
That redefine the lands
And leaves this Commonwealth of ours
Divided into bands.
For those who've come across the seas
To reach Australian shores
They find they're in Australia
But outside Australian laws.
In racist strains then let us sing,
"Excise Australia fair".

f foreign workers reach our coast,
With skills to lend a hand,
We'll seek the right to pay them less
Than natives of our land.
The markets then shall surely know,
Beyond wide ocean's roll,
That here in west Australia's land
We keep a pirate's soul.
In richer strains the let us sing
"Excise Australia fair!"

Of course Advance Australia Fair has itself been subject to excision, with two verses being extracted to become the Australian National anthem. There may yet be need for further excision in the verse containing.

For those who've come across the sea
we've boundless plains share.

"boundless plains share" actually meant Baxter detention centre on the plains north of Port Augusta, but with re-opening of off-shore processing of claims for asylum, even this "figleaf" is disappearing.)

Britain has done the same sort of excision of
God Save the Monarch to create the national anthem. However it is rumoured that Viscount Monckton of Brenchley, of the UK independence party is lobbying for reinstatement, reflecting his party's European policy, of the verse:

O Lord our God arise
Scatter her enemies
And make them fall
Confound their politics
Frustrate their knavish tricks
On Thee our hopes we fix
God save us all.

Moritz Lorenz.
Sarah Palin School of Geography, Economics and Quantum Computing, University of Narbethong, West Island Campus, NZ

Friends of G&T censored

From time to time, those of us who address greenhouse denial with parody, satire, derision and ridicule need to take a break from writing parody, satire, derision and ridicule and consider the nature of parody and satire vs derision and ridicule and reflect on the differences between them. Thus in analysing Wegman's smear of the Hockey stick, we got as far as Wegman's title and observed that Wegman has failed to distinguish between global vs northern hemisphere reconstructions. This is the fact. Observing that "these expert statisticians can't count the number of hemispheres" is derision and ridicule. Terming this "southern hemisphere denial" is the parody. In contrast to our superficial analysis, the heroic work of John Mashey dissects the Wegman report, tracking through the presentations at right-wing think tanks, pulling apart the statistical sleight-of-hand and going as far as to subdivide the plagiarism into SS (striking similarity) vs IT (identical text).

Lurking in the background for those of us writing parody is always
Poe's law that states that it is impossible to write a parody that won't be taken as real by someone. On the other side is what we propose as Mitchell's law: that some bits of reality are so ridiculous that few can believe that they are not parody. This law is named for its exemplar, Chris Mitchell, editor of The Australian. Examples are the award to Mitchell from the mining industry, for excellence in environmental reporting and the editorial linking of the ICC and IPCC as reported here: IPCC linked to match fixing in test cricket.

These matters came to a head last weekend, when the online outlet for informed comment
The Conversation, published an article on ENSO prediction by Stewart Franks.

Professor Franks is famous in Australia for two things. Firstly for being a scientific advisor for former senator Steve Fielding, helping the senator with what he had learned from the Heartland Institute (see FoGT post of
Finally Free From Family First's Fraudulent Fuckwit Fielding for comments on the senator's retirement).

Secondly Franks with collaborators at the University of Newcastle is famous for his analysis of warming of the Murray Darling basin. ( Lockart, Kavetski and Franks
Geophysical Research Letters , VOL. 36, L24405, 2009 doi:10.1029/2009GL040598). This used a biased sampling that, when applied to station latitude, would have the whole area moving north by 2.79 degrees in 58 years. This had been pointed out in a paper in ( Geophysical Research Letters ,VOL. 37, L10706, 2010 doi:10.1029/2009GL042254 ) by Cai, Cowan, Braganza, Jones and Risbey and reported by Friends of Gin and Tonic as Australian research agencies hide evidence for young earth.

In the comments to Franks'
Conversation piece, one blogger posted our "young earth" article, only to have it suppressed by the moderator. More significantly as an example of Mitchell's law, when Andrew Glickson reported the same criticism, his comment was also suppressed.

Now it is not surprising that
The Conversation suppressed the parody, not because such things are beneath their dignity, but, having done such things themselves as avoid the tyranny of Big Seatbelt as a parody of anti-vaccination arguments, they didn't want to draw attention to our competition.

The FoGT "young earth" piece linked two ideas. One was that the analysis by Franks and collaborators would imply rapid movement of SE Australia. The second is that this rapid change was sort of consistent with then-senator Fielding's professed view of a possibly young earth. The first part is true, the second part is parody, and not even numerically accurate. The Newcastle technique would have Australia moving so fast that the south might have been still attached to Antarctica while the north was first encountered by the Dutch in the 17th century and when Abel Tasman sailed south of what he called Van Diemen's land he would have been at great risk from icebergs.

In suppressing Glickson,
The Conversation seemed to have succumbed to Mitchell's law and treated both parts of the FoGT piece as so ridiculous that they must be parody and assumed that Glickson must have been doing more of the same.

A less noble interpretation is that
The Conversation were so embarrassed by having commissioned an article on statistical prediction of ENSO by someone responsible for such a statistical howler, that they tried to cover up Franks' past failure. This may also be why, when The Conversation published Franks' piece mis-representing Braganza and colleagues, their "disclosure of interest" failed to note that Franks' had had his statistical practice exposed to ridicule by Cai, Cowan, Braganza, Jones and Risbey. Maybe this is all just attention-seeking on the part of The Conversation, hoping to get themselves noticed by Media Watch.

For his part, Franks is understandably sensitive to ridicule - he has been a scientific advisor to Steve Fielding - how much more ridicule can one man be expected to take?

Prof Dr Moritz Lorenz.
Sarah Palin School of Geography, Economics and Quantum Computing,
University of Narbethong,
West Island Campus, NZ

Is the Electric Monckton losing His Greenhouse Denial Faith?

Long-term readers of the Friends of Gin and Tonic blog will recall the product review of the Electric Monckton.

The Electric Monckton was a labour-saving device, like a dishwasher or a video recorder. Dishwashers washed tedious dishes for you, thus saving you the bother of washing them yourself, video recorders watched tedious television for you, thus saving you the bother of looking at it yourself; Electric Moncktons believed things for you, thus saving you what was becoming an increasingly onerous task, that of believing all the things the world expected you to believe.


The faith which moves mountains, or at least believes them against all the available evidence to be pink, was a solid and abiding faith, a great rock against which the world could hurl whatever it would, yet it would not be shaken. In practice, the horse [on which the Electric Monckton was mounted] knew, twenty-four hours was usually about its lot.

The greenhouse denial faith has a long history as a folk-superstition. Its theological underpinnings are a more recent matter, developed by Cardinal George Pell. (Pell is a leading Australian religious thinker, greatly admired by leading Australian religious thinkers such as George Pell.)
Connor Court , Australia's leading religious publisher has produced the Climate Caper, by Garth Paltridge and the books Heaven + Earth and (as recently reviewed here) How to Get Expelled from School by Ian Plimer. The Electric Monckton's belief in greenhouse denial was a late-life conversion and, for The Electric Monckton, had lasted an abnormally long time. Previously he believed in quick succession, and against overwhelming evidence, that he had discovered a cure for AIDS, had won a Nobel Prize and was a member of the House of Lords.

The Electric Monckton's conversion to greenhouse denial was widely celebrated in
verse, collected by Eli Rabbit. The Electric Monckton's conversion to the greenhouse denial faith was also warmly embraced by his new co-religionists. Garth Paltridge had The Electric Monckton write the forward to the Climate Caper. More tellingly, when Ian Plimer found that his arguments were so inconsistent Plimer vs Plimer that he could not write a conclusion to Heaven +Earth, it was The Electric Monckton who stepped into the breach. The depth of Plimer's gratitude is shown by the fact he acknowledged The Electric Monckton, a departure from his normal practice of plagiarism post-modernist appropriation of concepts such as the iron sun.

Now it is feared that The Electric Monckton's faith has moved on. Troublesome inklings came over a year ago with as speech in Washington about a president being born in Kenya. Now it seems that that The Electric Monckton is becoming consumed by the
Hawaiian-birth-denial faith. If this is true, we at Friends of Gin and Tonic will miss him.

Moritz Lorenz
Sarah Palin School of Geography, Economics and Quantum Computing

Bringing the Denialist Faith to the next Generation

High Priest Closeup 1
Like many other faiths, the greenhouse denial religion suffers from an aging demographic. In an effort to reach out to the next generation, Australia's leading religious publisher Connor Court has published How To get Expelled from School by Ian Plimer. This joins Connor Court's other books for young people such as As I have loved you of "advice and materials for training their own children in a well integrated sexuality according to the mind of the Church".

Professor Plimer is a leading exponent of the primacy of faith over reason and evidence. His book
Heaven + Earth repeatedly proclaims his faith, even when his statements contradict his cited sources. Predictably, unbelievers such as George Monbiot who fail to appreciate the power of faith tend to denigrate this as fraudulent. Similar lack of appreciation occured when it was noted that in How To get Expelled ...., Plimer used plagiarism of a research press release post-modernist appropriation of cultural texts, revising the material by inserting negatives when his faith required it.

Prior to
How to Get Expelled ..., Connor Court expanded their traditional list of titles such as Christ our high priest and A tour of the catechism. They embraced climate theology with the widely-hyped Heaven + Earth by Plimer and the widely-ignored Climate Caper by Garth Paltridge.

The revelation of greenhouse denial as central to the Roman Catholic faith shows how the centre of theological insight is emerging in Australia, with church leaders such as Cardinal George Pell and laymen such as columnist Christoper Pearson. Pell had previously worked in the
Inquisition Sacred Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith, under Joseph Ratzinger. The shift in power became an open secret when Pell was promoted to Archbishop of Sydney, while Ratzinger was demoted to Bishop of Rome.

Thus when Ratzinger ventured into the realm of climate theology in his Peace Day message, Pearson kindly
reported his words, not as Ratzinger sent them to the Bali Conference of Parties, but rather as what Ratzinger would, on reflection, have meant to have said if he had been properly instructed by Pell and Pearson.

fabrications faith-based proclamations were used extensively by Pell when proclaiming the faith to the Senate of the Australian Federal Parliament (see pages 143 to 145). The response from the Bureau of Meteorolgy evaded the issue, pretending that this was a matter for evidence rather than faith. This response was laughable - indeed the committee chairman decribe the BoM chief's response as "the best 30 minutes of Senate Estimates hearings in years'. Pell's response is reported here.

How to Get Expelled ..
is a rather simpler account of the faith than Heaven + Earth. Rather than prove the strength of his faith by repeatedly citing references that refute his case (as in Heaven + Earth), Plimer's approach in How to Get Expelled .. is to largely dispense with evidence and his cited references are few (and sometimes non-existent).

The concluding section: 101 questions that will get you expelled, harks back to Galileo, taking the form of a Socratic dialogue between Plimer and an un-named activist teacher. For Galileo, the consequence of putting the Pope's arguments in the mouth of Simplicitus, was trial and house arrest. For Plimer, the consequence of his teacher-bashing is a new job for
Gina Rinehart. They deserve each other.

Andrew Nut
Religious Affairs Editor Waikikamukau, NZ.

Communicated by Moritz Lorenz.

Finally Free From Family First's Fraudulent Fuckwit Fielding Festival Flops

Australian warmists have suffered a double defeat this month. Firstly, as reported previously, Viscount Monckton brilliantly outflanked warmists' attempts to silence him, by silencing himself as venues such as German clubs cancelled his bookings in response to Monckton's portraying climate advisor Ross Garnaut with a swastika. The final straw was that even Rugby clubs found Monckton unacceptable. Events in the UK conspired to save a final engagement speaking at the National Press Club. With a large fraction of Australian newspapers owned by Rupert Murdoch, journalists did not feel in a position to regard even Monckton as too disreputable for them.

The warmists less public defeat was the failure of what had become known as the F9 event: the Finally Free From Family First's Fraudulent Fuckwit Fielding Festival. July 1 marked the arrival of the newly elected senators and the departure of those elected in 2004, including
Steven Fielding of the Family First party.

News Limited Updates Genocide Smear

Attempts by climate confusionists to smear climate scientists with the odium of genocide go back go back at least Peter Sawyer's 1990 book Greenhoax. Michael Crichton did the same in his appendix to State of Fear. A more personal attack came in the Wall St Journal when Fred Seitz drew the analogy with "ethnic cleansing" to accuse IPCC author Ben Santer of "scientific cleansing". (Rupert Murdoch liked the WSJ so much that he bought it.)

Last month, NSW parliamentarian
Peter Phelps has likened climate scientists to totalitarian planners. Shortly afterwards, Viscount Monckton brilliantly outflanked warmists' attempts to silence him, by silencing himself as venues cancelled his bookings in response to his portraying climate advisor Ross Garnaut with a swastika.

Predictably, the counter-meme has been to compare the confusionists to holocaust deniers or HIV-deniers. There is of course an important distinction. Comparing climate confusionists to those spread untruths about genocide is felt to be deeply offensive. In contrast, comparing climate scientists to those who actually conducted genocide is felt to be a helpful and valid comparison.

Doom and Gloom Alarmists want Funds deposited to get rich!

Pasted Graphic

The Question is; does the science justify the introduction of a carbon tax?


CO2 Denial vs. a great big new old Tax

In Australia, opposition leader Tony Abbott has repeatedly described government proposals for CO2 reduction as a great big new tax. While Mr Abbott has repudiated such a tax, up till now he has: (a) failed to appreciate that it is not a new tax idea; (b) neglected the opportunity to repudiate [or maybe refudiate, Ed.] CO2.
The way to a broader truth has come from Abbott's Alberta soulmates in the Wildrose Alliance. Paul Hinman, spokesman for the Wildrose Brewery Alliance has called for a world-class research department that looks at the validity of CO2.

Querying the validity of CO
2 is one of the greatest paradigm shifts of recent decades. To check this out, we need to go back to the original science of CO2, applying real scepticism and superficial research. [Like the denialists, superficial research is what we denial sceptics do best. We just link to wikipedia, unlike serious researchers such as Wegman, Scott and Said who make the scholarly effort to copy from wikipedia and even insert a word or two of their own. Ed.]. Read More...

The True Meaning of the Christmas Story

In Australia, opposition leader Tony Abbott has inadvertently revealed a deep secret the threatens the very basis of Catholicism. Mr. Abbott's comment that it was hotter in the time of Jesus was a veiled reference to a project aimed to prove this by analysing the tree rings in the true cross, once the fragments had been re-assembled. This was a particularly important paleo-record since the true cross represents a large sample covering many species of trees.

This effort to confirm the consistency of religion and Australian Liberal Party's
non-core science was seen as less ambitious than the comparable project of cloning from DNA in blood and skin from the nails of the cross, as described in Honk If You Are Jesus. [This is silly. If you want to clone Jesus, just use his lovingly conserved foreskin. Ed.] Read More...

On Language: 1 - Denial Denial

As well as confusing the scientific and political debate, greenhouse denial is really messing with the English language [above and beyond the traditional role of the USA - Ed.].

Climate change has thrown up the phenomenon of "
non-sceptical sceptics". This language reversal follows the fictional path blazed by George Orwell in describing the Ministry for Truth, with life promptly imitating literature in the democratic creation of the Deutsche Demokratische Republik. Further complicating things is that denialists don't like being called "denialist". This is just the normal modesty that is common in innovative movements. Communist nations didn't like being called communist. While often naming themselves "democratic", as a group they preferred to be known as "Centrally Planned Economies" [Centrally Mismanaged Economies might be more accurate, but that is a story for another time - Ed]. Read More...

They may be genocidal Drug Runners but They're OUR Genocidal Drug Runners

Joy spread throught the British Commonwealth with the news that William, son the Prince of Wales was to marry Miss Kate Middleton. The wedding will provide the British economy with a much-needed tourism boost ahead of the London Olympics.

As heir to the throne, William is the future head of state of Canada, Australia and New Zealand and other colonies. Many colonies find it convenient to have their head of state largely funded by the Brits, leaving these colonies to meet their own immediate needs with cheaper stand-ins.

In the UK, the reduced constitutional role of the monarch allows the Royal family to concentrate on activities such as promoting concern over climate change as part of their broader strategy of genocide. This conspiracy and the way it is financed by drug-running has been
extensively documented by Mr Lyndon LaRouche. and his Australian supporters in the Citizens Electoral Council. Read More...

House Republicans demand Investigation of Wegener

In an early flexing of their new Congressional muscle and in apparent reprisal for attacks on a party favourite, George Mason University statistical outlier Edward Wegman, newly-elected Republicans are understood to be demanding an investigation into the scientific work of the late Alfred Wegener. Having discovered Wegener after a late-night attempt to google ‘Wegman’, party staffers were amazed and horrified at the implications of his published research. Now fully informed, orthodox Republican representatives are outraged that Wegener’s theories of continental drift, still available in books that have not yet been burned, appear to rely heavily on evidence from the now-discredited Southern Hemisphere; and they point out that his repeated use of word ‘hemisphere’ itself betrays an insinuation that the Earth is not flat. The few remaining moderate Republicans are uncomfortable that Wegener’s theories appear to require that the Earth is more than 6000 years old, although they note that Australian researchers have recently proposed a modification to the theory featuring faster drift, consistent with a younger planet. Read More...

Early high-level Recognition for new Denialist Reporter at the Oz

Within weeks of taking up his role as environmental reporter at The Australian, Graham Lloyd has had his analysis of a recent climate report honoured with a complaint from recognition by the Royal Society of London. Working with Matthew Franklin, Lloyd found insights not even understood by the authors of the report. This is a remarkable achievement given that Lloyd does not have the specialist environmental experience that Matthew Warren, his predecessor as environmental reporter, gained by working for the mining industry. Warren's reporting excellence contributed to editor Chris Mitchell winning the 2008 JN Pierce Award from the Australian Petroleum Production & Exploration Association for Media Excellence for coverage of climate change policy Read More...

AGU withdraws Support for Wegman's Denial of Southern Hemisphere

Political correctness has forced the American Geophysical Union into an embarrassing backdown, withdrawing their earlier endorsement of Edward Wegman's denial of the existence of the Southern hemisphere.

In declaring the northern hemisphere temperature reconstruction by Michael Mann and colleagues to be
"Global", Wegman had effectively dealt with warmist complaints about the non-representativeness of the Medieval Warm Period by denying the existence of the Southern Hemisphere [of course a monohemispheric globe is a geometrical innovation that rivals many of Ian Plimer's mathematical innovations - Ed.].

The initial version of the recent AGU membership survey only listed locations for members as North America, Latin America, Europe, Asia, Africa and Middle East (not to be confused with Meddle East or Middle Earth), omitting regions that lay entirely within the disputed Southern Hemisphere. For Australasian followers of the
Karl Groucho Marx principle that I don't want to belong to any club that will accept me as a member, belonging to an association that denied their existence was an acceptable alternative. Read More...

Big Yellow Sky - A Geoengineering Song

****** Big yellow sky ******

(a geoengineering song)

(Friends of Gin and Tonic: West New Zealand)
They filled up the sky, put up a sulfate block
with a bright yellow sky, giving the world a shock.
Don't it always seem to go
that you don't appreciate when it's hot.
They filled up the sky, put up a sulfate block.

Former Leader offered Chance of Redemption after Climate Heresy

Now that the Australian election has been decided and the Liberalultra-conservative/National hyper-conservative COALition has lost, Opposition leader Mad Monk Tony Abbott has had the task of selecting a new set of shadow ministers.

As would be expected from a man who supports the theory of the iron sun, Mr. Abbott's choices renew the COALition's commitment to non-core science..

In particular, the new shadow minister for Innovation, Industry, Science and Research Sophie Mirabella. Her non-core science credentials are impeccable, having previously quit the shadow cabinet in protest at prospect of the Liberalultra-conservative party voting for the emissions trading scheme that they had negotiated with the government. Ms. Mirabella has quickly engaged with her new role, and shown her firm grasp of the principles of nuanced Hayekist argument by denouncing the government's proposed climate committee as Marxist [Karl Marx or Groucho Marx? Ed.]. Read More...

Denial Wars Part 3: Quantum Mechanics

When FoGT reported on the Deniers' War in Calgary, we were unaware of some of the deeper connections. While the (Groucho)-Marxist analysis clarifies things, the real reason for the denial wars lies in quantum mechanics.

Deep in the structure of quantum mechanics is the division of particles into fermions and bosons due to the link between
spin and statistics (this is not the same as using statistics for spin - that is classical, not quantum). Mainstream science seems to largely act like particles with no spin (bosons) which obey Bose-Einstein statistics. This means that they can assemble into a Bose-Einstein condensate consensustate. However, with even the smallest amount of spin (half-integer spin), the particles are fermions which obey Fermi-Dirac statistics. This leads to the Pauli exclusion principle, which asserts that all the spins have to be in different states. Read More...

On the Canonization of Mary MacKillop

When the going gets tough, the tough get going - generally going as far away as possible and leaving a woman to clean up the mess. Such is the principle of Australian politics that led to Carmen Lawrence, Joan Kirner and Kristina Keneally taking on ground breaking roles for women as state premiers being left in charge of terminally sick state governments.

With the need to appoint an Australian saint to
boost the tourist industry enhance the Catholic faith, the Catholic church has accepted local traditions for dealing with troubled times and given the job to a woman. With paedophile scandals reaching higher and higher up the Catholic hierarchy, choosing a woman reduces the risk of an embarrassing mistake in canonization. On October 17 this year, Mary MacKillop will become the first Australian saint, recognizing her founding of the Little Sisters of St Joseph of the Sacred Heart (and of course having delivered the requisite two miracles). Read More...

Denial Wars: Part 2 - the Marxist View

On his blog opinionated dickhead climate expert Andrew Bolt on Fielding Christopher Monckton Third Viscount of Brenchley and member of the out-house of Lords threaten IPCC chief both deny it Monckton's copy of letter on SIPP website makes no mention of Fielding. On the Family FirstFraud First party website Denialists reflecting the the principle from KarlGroucho Marx that I wouldn't ... Abbott weakens on Plimer - Politician evades awkward question
consensus if for conspirators, and inimical to the spirit of non-core science

Prof Dr Moritz Lorenz. Sarah Palin School of Geography, Economics and Quantum Computing,
University of Narbethong, West Island Campus, NZ

New Study finds extensive Collusion by Climate Scientists

University of Narbethong press release: (embargoed to noon, West NZ time).

A new study in the University's Sarah Palin school has found extensive and worsening collusion by climate scientists.

In their analysis of the hockey stick, Wegman and colleagues showed that Michael Mann had written at least one paper with each of his co-authors. The social networking analysis was so ground-breaking that the authors were able to avoid the use of either a control case or a null hypothesis. Dispensing with control cases has been an important part of much innovative science for centuries culminating in the discovery of cold fusion by Pons and Fleischmann. Read More...

‘Mad Monk’ Meets Monckton: Australian Headline of the Year

On August 9 2010, The Melbourne Age reported the results of adjudication by the Australian Press Council on a complaint concerning the article “Mad Monk Meets Monckton”, which reported on a meeting between Opposition leader Tony Abbott and FoGT correspondent Lord Monckton the day after the release of the Opposition’s much-heralded mining promotion climate-change policy.


The complainant alleged that the photograph exaggerated the symptoms of Viscount Monckton's Grave's disease and that the newspaper had not published her letter of objection. The Press Council dismissed the complaint, since other letters had been published and the photograph did not, in the Council’s opinion, place gratuitous emphasis on Monckton's medical condition.

Perhaps surprisingly, there is no record of any complaint by supporters of erstwhile ‘Mad Monk’ Mr Abbott, advocate of the
iron sun theory and proponent of non-physics broadband; they apparently appreciated any coverage linking him to someone that made him appear relatively sane. Neither is there any record of a complaint by Mr Abbott’s political opponents about a headline that could only increase his popularity among his core supporters in the run-up to the election.

FoGT congratulates The Age on its journalistic balance and the Press Council on its sense of humour. And vice-versa.


New Government a Set-Back for Non-Core Science in Australia

In a set-back for non-core science in Australia, the Labor conservative party led by Julia Gillard will form a government in with two conservative rural independents joining a green MP, and ex-green independent Andrew Wilkie. Mr Wilkie achieved prominance through revealing the role of non-core military intelligence in the lead-up to the second Iraq war.

Rural independent Bob Katter announced on Tuesday morning that he would be supporting the Liberalultra-conservative/National hyper-conservative coalition led by Tony Abbott. Hours later, the other two rural independents, Tony Windsor and Rob Oakeshot, announced that they would be supporting Julia Gillard. Sources denied rumours that Windsor and Oakeshot had planned to do the opposite to whatever Bob Katter decided. Their earlier announced intention to Vote as a block with Bob Katter turned out to mean Vote as a block of Bob Katter. Read More...

Monckton Limerick Contest: Epilogue

Eli Rabbett’s Monckton Limerick Contest is now closed. FoGT was once again too late and thus has to post their entry on their own website.

He said, when they asked him "Oh why count
the errors put out by the Viscount?"
"It's to see if eventually
Lord Monckton of Brenchley
exceeds Ian Plimer's great lie count."


IPCC linked to Match Fixing in Test Cricket

As part of the ongoing purge of corruption in the IPCC, the Weekend Australian has identified the link to match fixing by the Pakistani cricket team. Realizing that ICC is almost identical to IPCC, the editorial the-limits-of-pan-nationalism notes that "The failings of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change and the International Cricket Council highlight the potential for incompetence and corruption on the part of unelected bodies".

The editorial concludes "Until the IPCC and ICC become transparent and accountable to stakeholder nations, their effectiveness will remain limited." Since the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, is, as its name indicates, a panel appointed by national governments, the challenge of making these people
more accountable to the stakeholder nations is indeed formidable. The contribution of the Weekend Australian builds on their unique insights into the lack of confidence in the IPCC having actively worked to create this.

Prof Dr Moritz Lorenz Sarah Palin School of Geography, Economics and Quantum Computing
University of Narbethong West Island Campus, NZ

The Electric Monckton

The Electric Monckton was a labour-saving device, like a dishwasher or a video recorder. Dishwashers washed tedious dishes for you, thus saving you the bother of washing them yourself, video recorders watched tedious television for you, thus saving you the bother of looking at it yourself; Electric Moncktons believed things for you, thus saving you what was becoming an increasingly onerous task, that of believing all the things the world expected you to believe. Unfortunately this Electric Monckton had developed a fault, and had started to believe all kinds of things, more or less at random. It was even beginning to believe things they’d have difficulty believing in Salt Lake City. It had never heard of Salt Lake City, of course. Nor had it ever heard of a quingigillion, which was roughly the number of miles between this valley and the Great Salt Lake of Utah. Read More...

Do Climate Zombies suffer from Grave's Disease?

I strongly support Christopher Monckton and vehemently defend his right to look like a frog without being criticised for it. Frogs are under serious threat globally and need all the support they can get. Even if solidarity from Monckton is not particularly helpful to frogs, it's the spirit that counts.

Monckton's appearance is due to Grave's disease. As others have noted this may lead to mental impairment. Unfortunately, the media seem to be split between those who use his mental impairment as an opportunity for a freak show and those that are using an exaggerated version of validation therapy in spite of all the current experience showing that validation therapy needs to be undertaken with the subject in a controlled environment rather then in the glare of the national and global media.

Monckton's engagement with the community reflects great progress since the time when the mentally impaired were secluded in conditions reflecting their social status (see The Ruling Class (1972) starring Peter O'Toole). Monckton's illness is a tragic personal circumstance -- Monckton's great achievements in finding cures for AIDS and so many other diseases makes it particularly poignant.

Finally, frogs do not deserve to be compared to Christopher Monckton.

Prof Dr. Moritz Lorenz, Sarah Palin School of Geography, Economics and Quantum Computing, University of Narbethong.

New Book reveals polymathic Genius of Hayekist Scientists

In "Merchants of Doubt: How a Handful of Scientists obscured Truth on Issues for Tobacco Smoke to Global Warming" Naomi Oreskes and Erik Conway reveal the scale of genius of a small core of scientists displaying innovative breadth unmatched since the Renaissance.

Following the
Hayekist principle: "Any science that implies the need for regulation must be wrong", these scientists have achieved a series of breakthroughs, demonstrating the safety of environmental tobacco smoke, the non-existence of the ozone hole, the feasibility of SDI (Star Wars), the continued effectiveness of DDT in the face of evolved resistance and, of course, refuting global warming.  For global warming they display the full strength of the Hayekist approach, going far beyond the conventional: "The warming is caused by the Sun and it isn't happening". Read More...

Australian Research Agencies hide Evidence for young Earth

Just in the last few days, a contribution to Geophysical Research Letters shows the latest effort to cover up the greenhouse deniers' innovative research that is finally being published by AGU [FoGT discussed others recently]. The original paper by Lockart, Kavetski and Franks at the University of Newcastle  [GRL 36, L24405] showed that the alleged global warming over Australia's Murray-Darling basin was correlated with reduced cloudiness. Professor Franks' key position in Australian science includes his role as a scientific advisor to Senator Steve Fielding whose key senate vote was pivotal in the defeat of Australia's emissions trading legislation.  Read More...