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Updated Repost: Denial Wars: Part 2 - The Marxist View

On his blog, opinionated dickhead climate expert Andrew Bolt noted that Australian Senator Steve Fielding had joined Christopher Monckton, the Third Viscount of Brenchley (a member of the out-house of Lords) to threaten the IPCC chief with police action.

However both Fielding and Monckton seem relectant to acknowledge this or any other connection between them.

Monckton's open letter
as pdf file on SIPP website threatens We should be grateful for your response within 48 hours, failing which we shall be entitled to presume that you, ..... intend to conspire, and are conspiring, to obtain a pecuniary advantage by deceiving the public ... and we should be compelled to place this letter in the hands of the relevant investigating and prosecuting authorities but makes no mention of Fielding. Read More...

Coalition promises more Emphasis for Non-Core Science for Australia

Australia has been promised greatly expanded support for non-core science under a government by the ultra-conservativeLiberal/hyper-conservative>National coalition.

Like the coalition's earlier concept of the non-core promise - an election promise that you don't have to keep, - non-core science is a description of the natural world that doesn't have to fit the natural world. Non-core science includes Hayekist science with the principle "Any Science that implies the need for regulation must be wrong". However non-core science is broader in abandoning restrictions on core science values such as logic, consistency and observation.

Non-core science features an expansiveness that is lacking in the boring fact-checking core science that George Monbiot characterised: "Dave Rado did it with Martin Durkin's film Great Global Warming Swindle. Howard Friel did it with Bjørn Lomborg. Ian Enting did it with Ian Plimer", going on to describe John Abraham's debunking of a single lecture by Viscount Monckton. Read More...

Aussie Leaders to mark Science Week with respectful Silence

Having ceased campaigning for a day as mark of respect for a soldier killed in Afghanistan, Australia's political leaders plan to extend this tradition by marking national science week, (14-22 August) with respectful silence on issues relating to science.

The government announced that the timing of the election gave a unique opportunity to show this respect for science at a time of great media attention. Suggestions that the election timing really reflected a need to avoid football finals, summer holidays, christmas parties and election campaigns for unpopular state Labor governments were dismissed as oppostion propaganda.

While the silence will mainly
focus on be ignoring climate change, it is expected to be extended to other science-related issues such as habitat loss and drought. Read More...

Traditional Allies re-united in Australian Election Campaign

In recent days the climate change denialists spokesmen for persecuted scientists have been joined in the Australian election campaign by their traditional allies, the tobacco industry, in running advertising campaigns attacking the government.

A spokesman for the denialists innovative scientists said that he was delighted to have the tobacco people on board for this election campaign. "We have learnt so much from these folk over the years, that it didn't seem the same without them."

He went on to say that Australian denial now reflects the efficiencies of combined denial, shiningly illustrated by the
Heartland Institute in promoting tobacco in tandem with denying the greenhouse effect. It is very helpful to campaign against action on ETS, interchanging between "emissions trading scheme" and "environmental tobacco smoke". Read More...

Iron in the Soul of Australian Politics

The performance of opposition leader Tony Abbott in iron man competitions has been widely noted during the current electon campaign in Australia. Less noted is how Abbott supports the ideas such as the iron sun plagiarised from a well-known loony paper brilliantly extended by Ian Plimer in his book Heaven + Earth. Abbott notes Plimer as a highly credible scientist and he has written what seems like a very well argued book. Professor Ian Plimer is a leading Australian scientist who is greatly respected by leading Australian scientists such as Ian Plimer.
This steely strength extends to members of Abbott's team such as Wilson "Iron bar" Tuckey, so named because his approach to unruly indigenous patrons in his days as a publican. The most famous example is Abbott's mentor and former Prime Minister, John Winston Howard. Howard's support of the Iraq war identified him to George W. Bush as a strong leader (unlike weak leaders such as Gerhard Schroeder who listened to what their citizens wanted). For this strength Bush dubbed Howard a "Man of Steel", an epithet previously applied mainly to Superman and (in its Russian form "Stalin") to Joseph Dzhugashvili.

Comment on the Australian federal election is authorised by Phylis Jones, Friends of Gin and Tonic, Calgary.

Policies (of both sides) for the Australian federal election are authorised by the Australian Minerals Council, Canberra.