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Watts deposes Australian PM, scores Own-Goal

As reported here, radio weatherman and denialist blogger extraordinaire Anthony Watts is currently touring Australia in support of a new political party: the Climate Sceptics Party (where can we join!?). As has been widely reported, our Australian sk/ceptic siblings have been lobbying hard against their government’s proposed emissions trading scheme, with some success: it was indefinitely postponed by PM Kevin Rudd in April, to the delight of all right-thinking people (i.e., all the candidates in the Climate Sceptics) and the opposition Liberal-National coalition (Liberal-National = conservative, but two short words are easier for Australians than one long one), after stalling in the Senate thanks to the efforts of great statesmen like creationist Steve Fielding. Recently, Rudd’s Labor (Australians can’t spell Labour) government announced a hefty tax increase on mining companies, and its popularity, already hit by the ETS backdown, suffered another blow. We deniers hate taxes. Plainly, something had to change.

Yesterday, Rudd was metaphorically taken out behind the garbage cans and shot in the back of the head by former deputy and assassin
Julia Gillard, who becomes Australia’s first woman Prime Minister. We refuse to believe it’s mere coincidence that this happened during Anthony’s visit. After all, he’s shown himself capable of the most amazing feats in the past. Was he brought to Australia to help execute the toppling of Australia’s once most popular PM? Gillard had the backing of the right of the party (right means anti-tax, right?) and was one of the prime movers in the postponement of the ETS. Rejoice! Or maybe not: because while Gillard has cancelled the advertising campaign promoting the mining tax, she hasn’t cancelled the tax itself, saying only that there’d be “negotiations” with the mining industry about it; and on the failed attempt to introduce an emissions trading scheme, she said she was disappointed that Australia didn't have a price on carbon, and:

“If elected as prime minister (at the next election), I will re-prosecute the case for a carbon price at home and abroad.”

Oops! Did the assassins score an own-goal here? We note that the Socceroos are out of the World Cup. We presume that in the cover provided by the team’s return home, Anthony will be smuggled quietly out of the country.