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FoS at GeoCanada 2010: Correct the Abstract!

While none of the FoGT-submitted abstracts to the GeoCanada 2010 (Calgary, 10-14 May) were accepted, Norm Kalmanovitch of our sister organisation Friends of Science (FoS) is scheduled to speak in the session 'Cimate Change Through Time'. Congratulations! But, we are really jealous and hence put Norm's abstract to test to find flaws. You can download the abstract here, have your own look, check the science, CORRECT THE FLAWS, and submit it to us. Genius or charlatan? We will publish the best snippets here. After all, if Norm is right, then anthropogenic global warming is total humbug! The IPCC will have to be dissolved, Al Gore and Lord Monckton will have to retire, and taxes will have to be lowered globally.

First concerns have trickled in already:
  • Wrong about temperature
  • Wrong about clouds (his 95% implies that the whole earth is covered by clouds all the time)
  • Complete avoidance of radiative transfer
  • Avoidance of pressure broadening
  • Avoidance of different absorption at different temperatures,
  • Ignores top-of-atmosphere energy balance (the 'saturated gassy argument')
  • Finishes off completely irrelevantly about quantum theory and how molecules behave.
Other concerns forwarded to us deal with originality:

FoGT will keep you informed on the latest developments.