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Green Idiocy

Re: "To eat or heat? That's the EU's question," Licia Corbella, Opinion, May 15.

Columns like Licia Corbella's, which expose shortcomings of green ideology, are typically met by a flurry of letters condemning presentations contrary to what is essentially green idiocy.

They use ad hominem attacks on Benny Peiser as being associated with the climate change deniers, Friends of Science, and Corbella as being a sympathizer of deniers.

Before accepting this vitriolic rebuttal to what Peiser stated and what Corbella wrote, consider just this one statement within the piece: "Indeed, for the past 16 years, temperatures have not spiked but remained stable. The Earth's temperature has only risen 0.8 C in 150 years, explained Peiser."

The 1997 Kyoto accord on which all this foolish emissions reductions is based, has been around for less than 16 years, so it was initiated after global warming had already ended. With the Earth's temperature increasing by only 0.8 C in the past 150 years, there is very little likelihood that the Earth will warm by an additional 1.2 C any time soon to meet the "2 C criteria for action" agreed to at the 2009 Copenhagen climate summit. In the 150 years which produced just 0.8 C of warming, global CO2 emissions increased from under 0.5 GT (billion metric tonnes) to over 35 GT today. So, even if there is
validity to the conjecture that greenhouse gas emissions cause global warming, 0.8 C in 150 years is not sufficient reason to warrant this wholesale attack on the economy and humanity.

Norm Kalmanovitch, Calgary