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Letter to the Friends of Science

Dear Friends of Science,
Please have a look a the latest satellite data from UAH:

You show a very similar curve on your website, which constitutes the average between the two principal satellite data sets. While there is essentially no difference between the two, I cannot see the 0.12 C drop since 2002 (or 0.15C per decade as claimed in Ken Gregory's section). In fact, it has been shooting up recently and the long-term trend since 1979 is also clearly up. The period between 2002 and 2007 is simply a high plateau, a temporary Tibet so to speak - until we recently reached the Himalayas. How does this correlate with your radio ads in which you advertise that the earth is cooling? Where is the cooling? I would not be surprised if we are on track for the second hottest year on record.

In fact, the curve segment since January 2002 looks like a miniature hockey stick. 

Did Dr. Spencer Dr. his diagram?

Derek L. Schweingruber, PhD
President, Friends of Gin & Tonic

Pecuniae Obediunt Omnia!