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New Government a Set-Back for Non-Core Science in Australia

In a set-back for non-core science in Australia, the Labor conservative party led by Julia Gillard will form a government in with two conservative rural independents joining a green MP, and ex-green independent Andrew Wilkie. Mr Wilkie achieved prominance through revealing the role of non-core military intelligence in the lead-up to the second Iraq war.

Rural independent Bob Katter announced on Tuesday morning that he would be supporting the Liberalultra-conservative/National hyper-conservative coalition led by Tony Abbott. Hours later, the other two rural independents, Tony Windsor and Rob Oakeshot, announced that they would be supporting Julia Gillard. Sources denied rumours that Windsor and Oakeshot had planned to do the opposite to whatever Bob Katter decided. Their earlier announced intention to Vote as a block with Bob Katter turned out to mean Vote as a block of Bob Katter.

The three rural independents had been under great media pressure to finalise their decision during the gap in the football finals. Financial markets slumped briefly at the news that Australia would have a government, but quickly recovered with the realisation that a government that did nothing because of the caretaker convention would be succeeded by a goverment that did nothing because of the diametrically opposed views of its supporters.

As well as large amounts of
pork-barrelling justice for regional Australia, Tony Windsor noted the superiority of the Labor conservative broadband internet proposals. His predominantly conservative electorate appeared to be unready for a broadband proposal that violated the established laws of physics. Sources close to the National hyper-conservative party denounced this requirement of complying with the established laws of physics as typical of the anti-business regulation that could be expected from the crypto-communist Gillard government.

In a further setback for
greenhouse denial Hayekist science, Tony Windsor noted climate change as an important issue. A government that evades the issue was seen as preferable to one that promotes Ian Plimer's fabrications non-core climate science.
In an effort to avoid damaging recriminations, the
Liberalultra-conservative/National hyper-conservative coalition was not prepared to go public in blaming their defeat on the inordinate delays in the tobacco industry joining their traditional denialist allies in attacking the Gillard government.

Prof Dr Moritz Lorenz. Sarah Palin School of Geography, Economics and Quantum Computing,
University of Narbethong, West Island Campus, NZ