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Global Warming in England and Wales

From the compositions of Ken Gregory, FoS:

Warming [in England and Wales] is Good for Your Health
The health benefits of a warmer planet are many times greater than any harmful effect. The positive health effects of heat have been well documented over the past quarter century.  The early studies of Bull (1973) and Bull and Morton (1975a,b) in England and Wales, for example, demonstrated that even normal changes in temperature are typically associated with inverse changes in death rates, especially in older people.  That is, when temperatures rise, death rates fall, while when temperatures fall, death rates rise.
Comment 1: A more recent paper by warmists Bull & Shitt (2008) arrives at the conclusion that, because England and Wales are warming, logically this warming must be global. The benefits of global warming are well known to Calgary gardeners who are hoping to harvest large tomatoes in the future. It is also well established that, in near-equatorial dry areas such as Ethiopia and Sudan, additional warming has contributed to wealth and increased life expectancy.

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Comment 2:
If the death rates statement was true, then it is recommended for the FoS members to collectively relocate to Costa Rica to extend their theoretical life expectancies.

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