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Living in Denial: How Facts are decomposing

Richard Littlemore from desmogblog across the Canadian cordillera wrote in a recent New Scientist article:

“A coalition of US coal and electricity companies set the tone in the 1990s with the creation of the Information Council on the Environment (ICE). It's purpose: to ‘reposition climate change as a theory not a fact’. ICE hired a PR firm to create advertising messages. These ranged from the ridiculous - "Who told you the Earth was getting warmer... Chicken Little?" - to the blatantly false - "If the Earth is getting warmer, why is Minneapolis getting colder?" But the focus groups found them effective, and that is all that mattered”.

We FoGT go a step further, create a coalition of warmers, gays, liberals, blog scientists, scientific peer-reviewers, and emailgaters, and define our own purpose to ‘reposition the Friends of Science as a theory not a fact’. After all, they do not even have an executive directory on their website. “No executive, no existence” says FoGT’s own Phylis Jones. “Most of them are likely stuffed out, decomposing left behind in arm chairs in a back room at the Calgary chamber of commerce – they generate lots of greenhouse gas” speculates FoGT’s Phil Morris, “with the purpose to justify the collection of their monthly pension cheques and the cash from oil companies”.

And we wonder why Calgary is getting warmer as the globe is cooling.

Photo: Derek L. Schweinsgruber, PhD, at the Calgary Chamber of Commerce - before midnight.