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Charlatan Ian Plimer in Calgary: The Gas of Life and why Scientists are Creationists


Famous climate liar and spin doctor Ian Plimer, author of the denial bible ‘Heaven and Earth’, was in
Calgary recently to speak to the older gentlemen of the Friends of Science cult. Apparently, he presented the same old zombie arguments for which he had been ripped apart by George Monbiot and Ian Enting. Above is the final slide of Plimer’s presentation, which features some truly bizzare conclusions. In the end, so he argues, the scientists actually are non-scientists. But who are the scientists then? The non-scientists that act as spin doctors for the denial industry to deceive the public? If climatologists are creationists, then doctors are murderers, priests are pimps, and mother Theresa is Hitler. The crooked world and fogged-up mind of charlatan Ian Plimer.

I am going now to inhale a volcano in order to get some life into me. It has been a long day.

Download Plimer’s presentation.

Schweinsgruber says:

  • Note the time scales Plimer uses: either thousands to millions of years or 10 years. The larger scales he uses to show natural climate variations, and the short time scale he uses to show background noise global cooling. Both are out of context with the time period since the start of the instrumental record - the one that matters.
  • He claims that highly populated areas show increased warming owing to the urban heat island effect. In fact, it is the polar areas that show the most warming, and satellite data are in agreement with the surface data, indicating that the effect of urban heat island is negligible.
  • Sea ice: 2-D is 3-D: area is the same as volume, according to Plimer.
  • Plimer’s volcanoes emit way more CO2 than people, which is simply made up.