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Out of Context: from the FoGT Mailbag

"Outstanding!  Everyone around here seems to be cheering for Bayern Munich, too." -- R.A., Penn State

"Your message could not be delivered" --
Stefan Rahmstorff, PIK Potsdam

"Wow- funny!" -- Mike Bonanno, the Yes Men [We love the Yes Men]

"__" --
Office of the Prime Minister of Canada, Ottawa

"I remember the Penrose conference but I don’t remember getting drunk" -- John A. Marr, BC

"I was led to your site from Deep Climate so I have the impression that you're winding me up in your reply" -- N.F., France

"Thanks. Will take a look." -- Mark Morano, spin doctor

"Very funny stuff.  Just when I thought the alarmists had completely lost their collective sense of humor." -- Bil Stubmun

 "Gin and tonic has always been one of my favourite drinks." -- Douglas Leahey, Friends of Science

"Bin wech bis zum 10. May." -- Stefan Hagemann, Max-Planck-Institut für Meteorologie, Hamburg

"Your email has been received." -- Michael Mann, Penn State

"Ever wonder what all those soaps and lotions are doing to your body?" -- Office of David Suzuki, Warmist