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Beyond the Angry Summer

In the (southern) summer of 2012-3, the Australian Bureau of Meteorology had to introduce a new colour to their temperature maps as record-breaking temperatures occurred across most of the continent. The now disbanded Climate Commission called it The Angry Summer.

With seasonal outlooks indicating a hot summer for 2013-4, the search is on for a new name.
Thus one might have:
The Angrier Summer if temperatures are a a bit higher The Not-Quite-As-Angry Summer if temperatures come in a bit lower, the problem being that one has to wait until the end of summer to know which to use; The Furious Summer The Enraged Summer

A more creative approach would be to follow the Aktion Wetterpate (Adopt-a-Vortex)” approach of naming weather systems after people, so that we could have:
The "Tony Abbott punching the wall" Summer The "Kevin Rudd Abusing a Flight Attendant" Summer or, for extreme conditions"
The "Belinda Neal in Iguana Joe's Restaurant" Summer.

However, given the mood of the Australian electorate, a more contemporary label would be:
The "I'm so pissed off with the major parties that I'm going to fill the senate with one-issue cranks" Summer


Since the Abbott government abolished the Climate Commission, it has re-invented itself as the Climate Council, funded by donations. The funding came from a persuasive campaign urging donations which would support the provision of independent information about climate and piss off Tony Abbott and Andrew Bolt.

Prof Dr Moritz Lorenz.
Sarah Palin School of Geography, Economics and Quantum Computing,
University of Narbethong,
West Island Campus, NZ