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Friends of Science Annual Luncheon once again Small-Scale

’Small-Scale for Small Minds’ was the motto of this year’s luncheon of the 'Friends of Science' (FoS), who followed FoGT one day behind. 27 FoS and their relatives filled three tables of 9 at the Metropolitan Centre in Calgary. Once again, it was a chili cookoff sponsored by the wives and granddaughters of FoS. “$7 for such a tasty lunch is quite reasonable for Calgary”, added guest-speaker Dr. John Christy when boarding the airport shuttle bus again.

The best-chili award, like every year, went to Mrs. Douglas Leahey. FoGT reveals that her recipe was not as genuine as claimed.

Exxon Mobile had generously provided the dessert: two buckets of Ben & Jerry’s ice cream. It was rather soft as it had been incorrectly delivered to Dr. Barry Cooper at the Climatology Political Science Dpt. of the University of Calgary. “It tasted like laundry soap” complained Mrs. Leahey.