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Donations Update: FoGT vs FoS


gals & older gents donate here

Like many ‘denier’ and ‘believer’ organizations, the Friends of Science (FoS) and FoGT feature a ‘Donate’ button on their front page. The differences between the two groups are mainly defined by age: age of the members and age of the supporters - which is reflected by the donation practices. While the younger, idealistic, more virile FoGT members/supporters rely less on monetary donations, the more conservative, much older, retired engineers of and around FoS with their theoretically shorter remaining life expectancies prefer cash donations. Clicking on the ‘Donate’ buttons above gives you an idea of the current progress of their efforts - and why cash becomes more attractive with age.

Warning: You are approaching FoGT’s donation area. EXPLICIT MATERIAL! Discretion is advised! Don’t enter without a condom!