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Is Climate Change Caused by Solar Inertial Motion?


From our Friends the Friends of Science - and as endorsed by Barry Cooper:

Solar Inertial Motion refers to the movement (predictable “wobble” of the sun about the centre of gravity of the solar system under the influence of the orbits of the giant planets (mainly Jupiter and Saturn). It forms the basis for a hypothesis by Czech geophysicist Ivanka Charvátová that correlates cycles of solar activity (and thus Earth’s climate) to SIM patterns. She discovered that every 179 years the Sun’s motion returns to a regular “trefoil” pattern (lasting about 50 years) interspersed with 62-90 year periods when the motion is chaotic. During the trefoils sunspot activity (and Earth’s temperature) are maximized, while the reverse is true during the chaotic periods (e.g., Wolf, Spörer, Maunder and Dalton Minima). According to SIM researchers, solar activity and temperatures in the first half of the 21st century should decrease.

Convince yourself and download Dr. Charvátová’s 2010 presentation.

Schweinsgruber says: The Friends of Gin and Tonic are somewhat certain that chaotic wobbles of the sun must be the reason for the orderly increase in the earth’s temperature. And since it is always a single forcing that causes global warming according to the denialsphere, all other forcings can be conveniently excluded. But what happened to the other forcings hailed to be the single one(s)? ENSO? Tropical Heat? Cosmic rays? Lord Monckton’s respiration?