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Mp3: Lord Monckton wins Debate but Earth still warming

Retired weatherman Anthony Watts reports a brilliant victory by Lord Monckton in the battlefield of propaganda climatology, fought at Oxford Union against Lord Half-Whitty, a brilliant climatologist. Because of this brilliant victory, the laws of physics need to be changed, global warming is unreal, and the large body of science that proves the opposite must be burnt. Once again, world history has been made by a bunch of British wankers aristocrats. IPCC observers cried fraud as the referee of the debate was no one else but Lord Monckton’s personal child psychologist himself.

In summary, the large body of science and the principal laws of physics rely heavily on debates between amateurs. Beer-table consensus of opinion weighs more than scientific consensus (which Lord Half-Whitty clumsily attempted to refer to) based on multiple disparate lines of evidence. Evidence, who needs that? What we need is more debate - because it is the only public exposure we deniers get. Ask any creationist.

Here the transcript of the essential part of the debate between Lord Monckton and Lord Half-Whitty:

“Lord Monckton repeatedly interrupted Lord Half-Whitty to ask him to give a reference in the scientific literature for his suggestion that 95% of scientists believed our influence on the climate was catastrophic. Lord Half-Whitty was unable to provide the source for his figure, but said that everyone knew it was true. Under further pressure from Lord Monckton, Lord Half-Whitty conceded that the figure should perhaps be 92%. Lord Monckton asked: “And your reference is?” Lord Half-Whitty was unable to reply. Hon. Members began to join in, jeering “Your reference? Your reference?” Lord Half-Whitty sat down looking baffled.”

Nevertheless do we have reasonable doubt that the blocking of radiation by CO2 in the atmosphere was not stopped by Lord Monckton’s brilliant victory.

FoGT, famous for its crisp audio recordings of crucial debates [e.g. here, here], claims to have recorded this one, too [Audio: mp3; 2 mins; 1 MB].