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GeoCanada 2010 Abstractgate: Update

We had asked whether Norm Kalmanovitch had plagiarised from others in his GeoCanada 2010 abstract.

"No, he attributed me. Sometimes people write things out to explain them in their own mind, without breaking new ground. This may be one of those instances".
David Archibald, greenhouse denier

"Thanks for your interest in what Norm is going to say. I have had several exchanges with him and he still gets 'the wrong end of the stick'! He has based his work on some of mine, but essentially does not understand the physics".
-- Jack Barrett, greenhouse denier

FoGT says: While we feel that Jack Barrett was at least honest in our exchange, he does not appear to understand the physics either.

On Norm's temperature trend:

"This [T-t] plot is a joke, chosen only because it gives you the result you want. There's absolutely no reason to begin a line-fit in 2002, instead of 1992 or 1982 or 1972. Scientifically literate and honest people see right through your deception". -- David Appell, Oregon

"Norm declares that the IPCC' s 'model predicted' temperature for the satellite data from 1979 to 1999 is plausible but after that it diverges. The problem with this assertion is that the linear trend for the averaged satellite data for 1979-1999 is 0.12 C per decade and for 1979 to 2009 it is 0.14 C per decade. It is a strange type of cooling that Norm has discovered for the last decade"! -- LM, Calgary